OK hi! Sorry I am posting another AN but I just discovered some interesting information that I think some of you will find beneficial and this is the best and faster way to spread the word.

First things first, I went to Color Me Mine for my birthday and painted a vase. Why is this relevant? Just look at the story's new cover art. I think I just might have a problem.

Anyways, the information: If you happen to own a nook or kindle the companies who manage the ebooks updates their program at midnight eastern time. That means if you live in the Pacific Time zone (Like me) then you will be able to start reading Mark of Athena at 9:00pm. Squee! Since the first five chapters are already posted that means I am going to get a really good head start. All nighter? Maybe, we will see how much Reyna there is.

I am currently 29 reviews away from posting the super secret surprise, but if I don't get there I will update Children Grace first then post it anyways. Don't review (Well you can if you want to) but I am going to delete this eventually.

Thanks all,

Happy readying.