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Prologue: Teachers On Strike!!

The principle of Orange Star High School sat in his office, feet on the desk, while playing his Game Boy Advance. The beeping of the hand held game ruled out any excess noise…especially the chanting coming from outside his window.

The door of his office burst open and in came his secretary, looking extremely hassled.

"Mr. Principle (AN: I am sooo creative..)!!" she screamed. "All the teachers!! They're on strike!!"

Mr. Principle dropped his game boy. "What?! Why didn't you stop them?!"

The secretary gave him an exasperated look. "I'm not the principle, Mr. Principle!! You are!!"


"You're supposed to control your staff!!"

"Oh…Go see what they want," Mr. Principle replied and his secretary fell over. "I need to defeat Bowzer…"

The secretary 'humphed', turned around, and walked outside. About five minutes later she came back and said, "They're not going to teach any more, Mr. Principle. They said they can't handle these students and that you're a lazy bum."

"That's nice," Mr. Principle exclaimed, brightly. "When are the students coming?"

"In an hour, sir. I suggest that you call in some substitutes that can handle our students."

"Yes, yes…I will. After I get to the next level."

The secretary sighed and slammed the door. She walked to her desk and plopped down. Maybe SHE should have been the one to go on strike.

She grabbed some files labeled 'Possible Subs' and began flipping through them. When she reached the last file that was labeled 'Last Resort…ONLY!!', she took it out, opened in up and grinned. These people were prefect. Just perfect.

She picked up the phone and dialed the first number on the list.


Gohan arrived at school fifty-five minutes later. From the rooftop, he noticed the rioting teachers. A gleeful thought struck him and he grinned. Maybe there WOULDN'T be any school today and he could go home and spar with his father and Goten.

He continued to grin as he was walking down the stairs. Some rocks from the rioters crashed through the windows and hit him on the head, but he didn't even notice through his glee.

Walking into his classroom, he noticed that the other students had similar looks to his on their faces. He joined Sharpner, Erasa, and Videl up in their row and they began talking about the spectacle of the rioting teachers.

Five minutes later, Mr. Principal came onto the intercom.

"Good moring, boys and girls!! NO!! DODGE!!" Mr. Principal yelled. "As you may have noticed, your teachers are on strike." Cheers went up from the students. "But, I regret to inform you that Ms. Secretary has gotten some substitutes for you." Groans from the student body. "I expect you to be on your best behavior towards them…NO!!! I DIED!!!!" Sounds of sobbing came from the intercom. "H-have...*sob*…a good d-day…"

"That was strange…" Gohan observed, sweatdropping.

"Mr. Principal is ALWAYS strange." Sharpener replied, getting up. "Let's go. I wanna see who our Home Ec. teacher is."

"Good idea." Videl said, picking up her books. "Let's hope it's someone who can actually cook this time."

"Maybe they called in a world class chef!!" Erasa suggested, as the walked into the hallway.

'Or maybe they called in my Mom,' Gohan thought in amusement.

If Gohan hadn't been distracted by the rocks coming in through the windows or other students leaping through the halls in joy about having substitutes, he might have felt the many strong kis around him. Or he might have been able to piece together who his substitute teachers were, but sadly, our young hero failed in that department.


Kioko: Awesome!! I got done with this in ONE day!!

Mirai Trunks: That's because it's a prologue, baka.

Kioko: OK!! I'm sorry!! I'm sorry that I said that you didn't give a damn about your timeline!! Will you lighten up now?!

Mirai Trunks: I'll think about.

Next Chapter: Gohan and friends venture into the horrors of Home Economics…And Gym Class!! Will Gohan go nuts before the day is over with? And will Mr. Principal EVER defeated Bowzer?!