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Gohan: Yes! Yes! Yes!

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Three months had passed since that horrible day at Orange Star High. And things were slowly returning to normal for Son Gohan and his family.

During that time period, GT Trunks, GT Goten, Bra, and Pan had all gone back to their original timelines, but not before Chi-Chi got a few hugs in and GT Trunks and GT Goten got the tar beaten out of them by Gohan and Vegeta.

King Vegeta, Bardock, and Mirai Trunks were planning on going back to their timelines as well, but somehow the time machine blew up in the lab and the blue prints for it were burned in the fire before they could go through. So, until Bulma could build another time machine (to Mirai Trunks' horror, it had taken her years to build the first) they were stuck in this timeline.

Gohan and Dende were back on good terms, until the time machine incident. Gohan knew that it was all Dende's doing and paid the little green god a visit later that afternoon. That night, Dende was seen being admitted to the Satan City Hospital Emergency Room. Since that traumatizing day, Dende has been sure not to meddle around too much in Gohan's life.

Videl and Gohan were trying to keep their promise to Pan, but so far, their romantic interest in each other wasn't rising. So, they decided to wait a couple more months to sort out their feelings and try to make a relationship work after that. After all, this 'Majin Buu' thing still hadn't come along yet and Pan had said that was when they really started feeling attracted to one another.

Orange Star High School was back to normal as well. Everyone did forget about the horrible substitutes (Piccolo's skills hadn't gotten too rusty over the years) and to Gohan's relief (and the rest of the school's horror) the teacher's stopped rioting the day afterwards and classes resumed.

Mr. Principal eventually defeated Bowser and the day after that he stopped playing his GameBoy and began running the school for once. But that didn't last to long, much to the staff's horror. A week after the defeat of Bowser, Mr. Principal bought a new game.
It was called, 'The Legacy of Goku'.

Mr. Principal often called Son Gohan and Mirai Trunks(Bulma had forced him to attend Orange Star High as well) away from his classes and into the office, so they could give him pointers on how to defeat the villains of the game. So far, Mr. Principal would die every time he faced off against Frieza.

Upon hearing that 'the damned Kakarrot' had a video game made in his likeness, Vegeta went out and bought a 'Legacy of Goku' for Gameboy Advanced. With the help of Chibi and Mirai Trunks, he turned the 'Legacy of Goku', into the 'Legacy of Vegeta'.

In the 'Legacy of Vegeta', the main player is Almighty Saiya-jin no Ouji Vegeta and you get to fight Third Class Weakling Kakarrot, Lizard Zarbon, Baka Ginyu Force, and Bastard Frieza. Vegeta programmed the game so that Almighty Saiya-jin no Ouji Vegeta always won and that Third-Class-Weakling-Kakarrot bowed to him at the end of the game. Both Trunks found in very humorous.

And so, another day begins at Orange Star High School. Let's take a look and see what's going on.

"Attention, class, attention!!" the teacher exclaimed, taping her ruler on the desk impatiently. The class quieted down and the teacher calmly took on the paper airplanes out of her hair. "Now, as you all know, our annual trip to Camp Orange Star will be taking place in a few weeks. And to add a little twist to the experience, you will be taking along-if you have any-your younger siblings."

"Um...Ms. Whitewater?" Videl asked, raising her hand. "Why would we want to do such a horrible thing like that?"

"Well, the school board decided that you teenagers aren't spending enough time with your younger siblings these days, so this is kind of a...sibling bonding experience for you all. There's going to be a tons of activities in which you'll have to work with your sibling(s) to get it right. You'll sleep in the same cabins and everything! For two whole weeks! Imagine that!"

Gohan and Mirai Trunks looked at each other in horror. Two whole weeks with Chibi Trunks and Goten?! Was the school board trying to get some innocent teenagers killed??

"You know, they really, really should rename that camp," Mirai Trunks muttered, slouching lower in his chair.

" about 'Camp Let's Ruin Gohan's Life'?? That sounds fun, doesn't it?"


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