Title: Deliver Us
Fandom: The Prince of Egypt (1998)
Characters: Adiv, Alma (both OCs)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 457

Adiv looked up in to the eyes of the man looming above him. There was not much he could do to stave away this inevitability; that soon the whip would descend mercilessly upon his back and he'd be left in a helpless pile of bones and trembling skin. He could see it coming, as sure as he knew the Roman was gathering up spit in his mouth to cast upon him.

He was old. There was not much left for him in this world, and he would not still be here except murder of oneself was still murder, and he refused to commit such a heinous crime. Even considering that any who might have mourned him were already dead, Adiv still could not bring himself to commit suicide—not for the lack of trying.

He knew this from previous experience, that there comes a point in the midst of a whipping where pain ceases to exist and all that's left is a dull throb and fogginess and a surreal sense of calm. The other time he had felt like that was just four years ago, when he'd slipped and dropped a sack of sand. Alma, his wife, was near mad with worry when he woke up—apparently he'd been delirious for two days. He had no idea he had rested for that long, all he knew was that there was fog and comfort and he'd felt at ease there—something that was not possible under the rule of the Pharaoh. Adiv was sure, so sure, that if he'd had just taken that leap, this would all fade away and perhaps he'd be in a better place.

But the pain seemed like it was dimming. Was it that his body's tolerance for abuse had increased, or that this Roman boy was too young for this task? Perhaps, he was young enough to hesitate in hitting an old man who was already down and defenceless. No, Adiv decided. This would not do.

It was time.

"I forgive you, boy." Adiv forced himself to say. He saw the boy's brow furrow.

"I forgive you, for the pain you have caused me, and I bless you, that you may see the truth behind your actions. I bless you with the compassion and empathy to bear no more of the suffering you see around you. I bless you with the bravery to speak out against the oppression of these people. I—" Adiv's eye caught the Roman's, and he knew he'd said the right thing. Any hint of hesitation was now completely erased from his hard, hard face, and as the whip bore down towards him, Adiv shut his eyes, suffered the torment, and inched his way slowly, gladly, towards the blissful fog.