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Twenty one year old Harry Potter was currently sitting on one of the many beds in the hospital wing. Harry potter returned to Hogwarts and took up the position as defence against the arts Professor, six months after becoming a professor he became involved with Draco Malfoy, potions Professor and head of Slytherin house.

They had become friends after the war and got a lot closer as they worked together, late one night one thing led to another and they ended up in bed. They awoke the next morning and expressed their feelings to one another and had been together ever since. Harry had collapsed after class and woke up to find himself in the hospital wing with Draco by his side holding his hand. Draco explained that when he collapsed, a student rushed to get him and he carried Harry to where they were now.

Poppy came walking in and strolled up to Harry. "It's getting to the point now Harry where I wonder why you don't just move in here."

"I got to that point quite a while ago Poppy."

The mediwitch chuckled and waved her wand over Harry. "Well I now know the reason for your collapse. Congratulations Harry, you are pregnant."

Draco let go of Harry's hand. "Pregnant? How?"

"Well Draco, when two people love each other-"

"You know what I mean Poppy. I thought it was extremely rare for a wizard to get pregnant."

"It is Draco. But Harry is a very powerful wizard, he has as much of a chance of getting pregnant than any woman. I'll leave you both alone."

Draco waited until Poppy was out of earshot before he started to talk. "I can make a potion for you if you like."

"What for?"

"To get rid of the baby."

Harry swivelled his legs round and got off the bed. "You're not serious?"

Draco stood up. "Yes. We can't have a child."

"Why not?"

"Harry, there are loads of reasons. We are only twenty one, we are still too young, we are not married, we have only been going six months, we both have full time jobs, we won't be able to raise them properly. I won't be giving up my job over a mistake."

Draco actually stumbled back as the full force of Harry's slap made contact with his cheek. "You bastard. This baby is not a mistake, not to me. I don't care how young I am, I will not get rid of my child because I didn't use protection. It is not the baby's fault. Yes we both have full time jobs, no-one is asking you to give up your precious job. I have no problem giving up mine to raise my child. Right now the only mistake I have made is getting with you in the first place." Harry went to walk away but was stopped when Draco grabbed his arm. "Please Harry. Don't do this."

"I haven't done anything Draco. You have caused this by wanting to kill our child. It's over Draco. All you are to me until I have my child is a colleague, after that you are nothing to me." Harry wrenched his arm back and stormed from the hospital wing.

Harry got back to his office and closed and locked off his room, back against the door, Harry slid all the way down and stretched his legs out, he began to stroke his stomach as the tears flew freely down is face. "Just you and me now baby."

Harry didn't know ho long he stayed on the floor for. It must have been a while when Minerva flooed into his room and stood looking down at him with concern when, informing him that she was worried as he hadn't shown up for the evening meal and Draco wasn't talking to anyone. Spending thirty minutes trying to get Harry to talk and failing, Minerva flooed back to her office and called in for some help.

Harry wasn't all surprised that when not long after Minerva went, Ron and Hermione flooed into his room, only this time he had made his way from the floor to laying on his side on the settee.

"Harry?" Hermione said as she slowly made her way over to her friend. Ron walked alongside his wife and thought he would try when she go no answer. "Harry mate what's wrong?"

When Harry only buried his head further into the cushion Hermione tried a different approach. "This is hopeless Ron, we won't get nothing out of him, lets go and ask Draco."

"No." Harry whispered. Hermione sighed and sat on the arm of the settee and started to rush the bangs from the brunets forehead. "Harry what's happened? Tell us please."

"I will tell you if you both promise to not go after Draco." Hermione promised straight away but Ron was a little apprehensive. "Ron please?"


Ron sighed and slowly nodded his head. "I promise."

Harry turned onto his back and told the everything that had happened from when Poppy told him and Draco that he was pregnant to when his two best friends came. When he had finished, Ron had snarled in anger and headed to the door but stopped in his tracks at Harry's words. "Ron you promised. Please?"

Harry was only thankful that his little breakdown happened at the start of the holidays of Halloween as he took this time to pick himself up and get himself back in order for when the holidays had finished. The first thing he did was tell Minerva the news and all that had happened, making her promise to not treat Draco differently. "I don't want him coming and starting any arguments asking why everyone is turning against him. I just can't be doing with it Minerva." he had told her. He also told her that his baby was due in time for the end of the year and if she would permit it, he would have someone to stay in his quarters whenever he was teaching to look after his baby.

Minerva not wanting to lose Harry, agreed and offered her help for whenever he needed it. Several times Draco had tried to get Harry on one side and talk to him but had failed on all accounts. Hogsmeade visits was a waste of time as where Harry and Draco always did them together, they now did them with other teachers. Whenever it was Draco and another teacher, Harry would stay up in the castle, but whenever it was Harry's turn, Draco would head into hogsmeade in the hopes of talking to Harry but had no luck as each time he would either have Hermione or a Weasley with him.

Blaise had come to visit Draco as Christmas was coming and was shocked to see his friend looking scruffy whilst hugging a bottle of fire whiskey. "Draco mate. Look at the state of you."

"I don't care." he slurred.

"What the fuck has happened to you?"

"He's cut me off Blaise. Harry has cut me off from everything. I can't even speak to him now. The only time I hear his voice is if I catch him talking to someone else. What have I done?"

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