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Set after the war.

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Draco and Harry were stood in the meadow that overlooked Godric's Hollow with the minister marrying them both. They didn't want a big wedding ceremony. The only ones there were all of the Weasleys and Lucius along with Blaise, Theo and Pansy.

The rest would be at the party at Malfoy manor that Lucius had let everyone in to make themselves comfy ready for when the grooms returned. Everyone at the wedding apart from Lucius knew of Draco and Harry's plan and they were all getting ready to look at Lucius when he found out.

Harry and Draco were stood facing each other, holding hands. Draco had managed to talk Harry into not putting a charm on him, telling him that even though he was eight months pregnant he was as gorgeous as the day he fell for him. After blushing and a heated kiss which soon turned into sex, they both got dressed and were ready to marry.

"Do you, Draco Malfoy, take Harry James Potter to be your husband, do you bond your mind, body, soul and heart to him."

"I do."

"Do you. Harry James Potter take Draco Malfoy to be your husband, do you bond your mind, body, soul and heart to him."

"I do."

"Then I am most happy to announce you husband and husband. You may kiss." Draco moved forward and held Harry in his arms as best he could and kissed him, thrusting his tongue past Harry's lips and letting it dance with his husbands.

"Ladies and gentleman. I give you all Mr and Mr Potter."


Harry and Draco broke apart and looked at Lucius who was shaking in anger before looking at each other. Harry looked over his shoulder at Ron. "Ron mate. Can you keep the guests entertained at the manor? Me, Draco and Lucius need to talk."

"Course mate. And congratulations."

Back at the manor whilst the guests were talking amongst themselves as Draco had kindly told them all that he and Harry along with his father were to have a few private words and will return to the party as soon as.

Draco and Harry walked into Lucius' study and Draco helped Harry to sit down and turned around to see his father a lot closer to him. "Do you want to start father."

"How dare you do this. How could you even think of changing your last name to Potter and not have Malfoy as well? How could you turn your back on your family, Draco? What about family pride and honour?"

"Family pride and honour? You lost this family's honour when you first bowed down to that scum Voldemort! And the only reason you accepted my marriage to Harry was because of what it would bring to the Malfoy name. Well there is no Malfoy name any more, there will be no heir unless you procreate one."

"You planned all of this. My will and everything. You getting me to sign that will saying that you get everything even though the name Potter will be apart of your name as long as you could prove that you was born Draco Malfoy."

"Of course I did father. Me growing up, you made my life unbearable. Harry from the age eleven and upwards you made his life a misery and you expect us to get the Malfoy name, that you put in the mud by snivelling up to him, back on top again so people will look at you in fear?"

"Draco calm down please."

Draco turned and placed his hand on Harry's face and caressed his cheek with his thumb, giving him a smile before turning back to his father.

"I have started a new life now with my husband and my child. If you want to still be a part of our lives and see your grandchild then you are seriously going to have to change your ways and come to accept the fact that the Malfoy name will die with you."

Draco turned and took hold of Harry's hands and lifted him from the small couch. "We will be downstairs at our reception should you choose to join us father. You can either accept us of how we are and build yourself back up and still get to see what family you have left, or you can stay here and drink yourself stupid. Which I admit wouldn't take much. Your choice father."


Lucius was in his study when an elf popped in. "Master Lucius sir. Master Draco is downstairs in the sitting room wanting to talk to you sir."

"Give him a drink and tell him I will be with him shortly." the elf bowed and popped from the room.

Twenty minutes later, Lucius walked into the sitting room and saw Draco stood in front of the fire with his back to him. "What is the nature of this visit Draco?"

Draco turned and Lucius eyes dropped from Draco's to the small bundle in his arms. "I would like you to meet your granddaughter Summer Lily Potter."

Lucius walked over to Draco and looked down at his arms to see that his granddaughter was fast asleep. "I was going to to write to you tomorrow to see when I could see her. I would have thought that you would have told me when Harry had her four weeks ago."

"Harry had her two weeks ago father. She was two weeks late."

Draco held her out to his father. "Can you hold her father whilst I just nip up to my old room. I have a book there that mother used to read to me all the time." Lucius nodded but said nothing when he took Summer into his arms.

It wasn't until he saw Draco leave the room did he smile down at her. He couldn't believe just how much she looked like Draco, she had his white/blond hair and looked just like him when he was born. Lucius held his little finger against her small hand and smiled again when she grabbed it and closed her hand around it.

"She is always doing that with mine and Harry's little finger."

Lucius looked up to see that Draco had returned. "I can't believe how much she looks like you son."

"I know. Except her eyes. She has Harry's eyes. They are emerald green. I love that they are that colour because whenever I look into her eyes I see Harry."

"With Harry being two weeks late. Did you avoid him at all with his temper?"

"Oh yeah. Poppy told us all things we could try to help Harry go into labour and when Harry said we were to try them all I dare not do no other. I refused one thing and he blew up on me."


Harry and Draco had just got back from a really long walk around the grounds. Harry had asked, Draco had quietly begged, Poppy to see if there was anything they could do to help the pregnancy along as Harry was already a week past his due date he was now fed up and wanted the baby to be born already. Poppy had suggested three things. One was long walks, which they had already done. Another was spicy food, Draco went out and brought the spiciest food he could find. And the third one, that had proven to be most efficient, was sex.

That night after their walk and Harry's dinner which was nothing but spicy food, Draco walked into their room to see Harry standing their naked. "Fuck me Draco."

"Harry, this is one thing I can't do. I know Poppy said that it could help but I will be worrying about hurting you with you being over due." Draco explained, hoping Harry would understand, but Harry didn't understand, Harry took Draco's excuse for another meaning.

"Oh I get it. It's because I am fat isn't it."

"No Harry, you couldn't be further from the truth. I just don't want to hurt you."

"What a load of bollocks. You just don't find me attractive anymore. Well fuck you Draco." Harry said and walked over to the drawers. Draco watched as Harry opened the top one and pulled out a dildo. "I don't need you."

"You said you got rid of that." Draco accused as he followed Harry over to the bathroom.

"I say a lot of things." was all Harry said before slamming the door in Draco's face. Hating the fact that Harry was now mad at him and was probably going to ignore him. Draco stripped off all of his clothes and unlocked the bathroom door with his wand. He walked in to see Harry with his back to him, the dildo cast aside. His shoulders shaking told Draco he was crying.

Draco walked up to Harry and pressed his front firmly against Harry's back. He wrapped his arms around the brunet and shushed him as he started to kiss his neck. "I'm sorry Harry." Draco moved his hands down his husbands front and smiled when he felt that Harry's cock was hard. "Let me make you cum by pounding into you." he whispered huskily in his ear, smirking when Harry shuddered. "Oh yes Draco."

End of Flashback.

After what Draco had said to him on his wedding day, Lucius was going to steer clear of Draco and Harry. But seeing his granddaughter had changed his mind in a way even he didn't think was possible. As the months went on and Summer had started to crawl, she started to get really attached to Lucius and always seemed her happiest when he had come to see her.

Summer was now thirteen months old and was now crawling and starting to learn how to walk and picking anything up within her arms reach to try and put it in her mouth. Lucius of course made himself her shadow when she was like this.

Draco and Harry were currently sitting in the garden at the manor watching as Summer was picking things up and throwing them at her granddad, giggling when they hit him on the head or in the face.

"I hate to think how it will be when her little brother or sister sees her doing this and starts to do the same." Harry said.

Draco chuckled. "Oh I know. They'll be-" Draco stopped in mid sentence and looked at Harry who was smiling. "Harry? Are you pregnant?"

"I am Draco. Eight weeks."

"Conceived on my birthday." Harry smiled. "Yep." Draco stood up and pulled Harry up with him, pulling Harry into a tight hug. "I love you so much Harry."

"I love you too Draco." Harry smiled, hugging Draco back. He had Draco, his daughter and another on the way. He truly was happy.

The end.

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