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September 14th 2010

First Exclusive- This Just In!


Today's shock was brought to us in an announcement by Bella Swan's management who issued a statement saying that the singer/actress has eloped to Las Vegas with long-time boyfriend Edward Cullen. Bella Swan who is the Daughter of Actor turned Director Charlie Swan- whose new film (with an appropriate title for this shock) 'The Lost Inhibition' is due out next fall - and former supermodel Renee Dwyer was said to have been in Las Vegas with her close friends Jacob Black (Son of entrepreneur millionaire Billy Black), and the Hale twins- Jasper and Rosalie (the Children of Bank mogul Jackson and Maria Hale) celebrating her twenty-first with a side agenda of getting hitched. Not much is known about her new hubby Edward Cullen other than he is the twenty-seven year old son of Surgeon Carlisle Cullen and interior designer Esme Cullen and has two siblings- Emmett and Alice -who are both younger. He is currently taking after his Father as he graduated Harvard Med. last year and has earned his own rights to be called Dr. Cullen. However, even though Dr. Cullen is a high class citizen he is definitely not of Hollywood blood like Ms. Swan and it makes us think that maybe opposites do attract in this situation.

The couple who have asked for privacy at this time are said to be handling the backlash from not only the media but of family who were saddened by not being told and ultimately not knowing about the couples' one year relationship. They have said that it was their decision after meeting at a 'Saving Children with Cancer' charity function in Chicago- were the pop princess had just the night before the function performed on her American Tour 'A New Me' -just over a year ago to keep it hidden and under wraps to dissuade any outside influences from getting involved as the singer was just getting out of another relationship with former off and on boyfriend James Laurent, star of 'The Hunter's Bite' (which, if you remember, was a huge disappointment to fans whose main source of entertainment was at the premiere with the risqué outfit Bella wore while on her then boyfriend's arm). The gossip on everyone's lips is whether this 'rebound' will effect the new relationship and how long it will take before they call it quits on their marriage.

The first pictures of the couple are yet to be seen but it is very possible that they will not get their moments peace from the papz who are impatiently waiting to shoot the couple wherever they find them and everyone is hoping it is soon- whether the excitement is for a snap of the happy couple or the ring is yet to be determined. But for now all we have to say here from HollyNews is good luck Dr. and Mrs. Cullen, you may need it.

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