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The shrill of a bell announced that Thriller Bark Elementary School was now in session. To the side of the school a small building stood, where a blonde slim woman waited. The building was the pre-school section and the woman was the teacher. She stood by the door of the classroom, smiling at each child who ran in and returned their morning greetings. When she thought that the last student had came in she started to close the door, but a high squeal of protest made her stop.

"Hold that door" A small figure exclaimed from a parked car. A man held the door car open for her and waited patiently while she grabbed her things. When she finally came out of the car she grabbed the man's hand and the duo walked to the door. The duo was an odd pair and they were quite amusing to watch.

The little girl had a light step to her walk where it almost looked like she was floating while her father's steps were heavy and seemed to cause a tremor in the ground with each step. The man's hair was black while his daughter's hair was a beautiful blonde color. The hair was in a loose and sloppy ponytail and the teacher noted that the child's hair looked like it had been done by someone unskilled. No doubt that it was done by her father. Even the child's clothes looked like she had picked them herself. She was wearing rain boots with tights along with a skirt and a shirt that was pink.

When the two finally reached the door, the little girl embraced her father tightly. The man didn't embrace her back but instead patted her head. With a nod from her father the child ran into the classroom where her fellow classmates were waiting.

Ms. Cindry turned to the father and tried to meet eye-contact but she looked down in defeat. Though the man looked exhausted and dead, she was still unable to stare directly at him. Staring at the ground she bowed her head "My condolences for your lost, Mr. Mihawk"

The man said nothing but gave a slight nod. Seeing as she wasn't going to get a reply, she continued "I have a packet of work that Perona should complete by the end of this week." She waited for a reaction. Nothing. "This is just to be sure that she doesn't fall behind in the class"

Another nod from the man and then he turned and left.

Once the man returned to his car and sped off, Ms. Cindry returned to her class. The sound of Perona's unusual high voice filled the classroom as she told her classmates some exciting news.

"My baby brother is finally coming home today!"

Some of the nicer kids congratulated her, but of course one of the children had to voice their opinions.

"Don't get too excited, all babies do is sleep, poop, and get you into trouble." Nojiko warned.

Perona turned sharply to the classmate and placing her hands on her hips got ready for battle. "And how would you know."

"I have a little sister and that's all she ever does." Nojiko made sure to strain the word ever.

"It's true my little brother just came home too and that's all he does." Ace joined in. With a mischievous glint in his eye he added "And they drool all over dolls, especially bear dolls."

Perona gasped in horror. Her Kumashi was still at home, unprotected from baby drool. She turned to her backpack where her cell phone was located. She could just call her Father and tell her to protect Kumashi. She looked at Ms. Cindry who shook her head; this wasn't the first time Perona wanted to call her father. Sighing in defeat she sat on the carpet with the other kids but tried to keep close to Ace. Throughout the entire day she listened on his conversations to try to see what an older sibling was supposed to do.

Her first day back at pre-school was going without a hitch, until drawing time came. Ms. Cindry gave each child a paper and a basket of crayons and let the children's imagination run wild. They were allowed to draw whatever they wanted and some did just that. She peered down at Iceburg's drawing and saw that he was once again drawing ships in fine detail. She was about to comment on the drawing when someone yelled at another table.

"What the hell is that?" Ace exclaimed. He was peering down at Perona's drawing in confusion.

"That's my little brother, you meanie." Perona yelled back.

Ms. Cindry walked over to the two and gently corrected the boy "Ace everyone has a right to their imagination, now leave Perona's drawing alone"

"Why is there grass on his head?" Nojiko asked in confusion.

"That's his hair." Perona sharply corrected her.

"You're lying your brother can't have green hair."

"Children that's enough, if Perona wants her little brother to have green hair in her picture than she can." Ms. Cindry looked at Nokijo and Ace making sure they understood that she was serious about her rules.

"But Ms. Cindry he really does have green hair!" Perona cried out in frustration.

Ms. Cindry sighed and not really knowing how to handle the situation, decided that art time was over. The rest of the day was concentrated on numbers and how to handle scissors. Before she was going to release the class she announced the two children who were to do show and tell tomorrow.

"Iceburg and Perona please bring something that you would like to show the class."

"Ah but Perona is just going to bring her old doll again." Ace complained loudly.

Ms. Cindry shushed him and had to correct Perona when she stuck her tongue at him.

Ms. Cindry's routine started once again the next day by opening the door as the bell rang. Greeting the children she waited as usual for her late student.

After a couple minutes, the car came and Perona jumped out. This time though without the assistance of her father. The man watched her from the driver seat as she grabbed her usual things. This time though she brought with her a duffel bag. She waved her father goodbye and started to walk to the building. Ms. Cindry noticed how careful she was being with the duffel bag and was sure that her precious Kumashi doll was in there. She let Perona in and watched as she placed her things in her cubby and made sure her duffel bag was carefully on the ground. She made sure to unzip the main pocket and she peeked inside the bag with a smile on her face.

The day went by slowly and uneventful, until a knock on the door disrupted nap time. When Ms. Cindry opened the door she was faced with a large cloud of smoke. She quickly stepped outside so the smoke wouldn't reach the children. She was alarmed when she was face to face with an officer. Officer Smoker, what a fitting name, asked a series of questions concerning Perona and her arrival to school. She answered each one honestly and at the end asked what was going on.

The officer revealed that the son of Mihawk was missing since this morning. He gave her strict orders that Perona would be picked up at the end of the day by her father and no one else. He said no more and left the school grounds. Ms. Cindry dumbstruck at the news returned to the class and forgot what the rest of the day's activities were. Remembering only one activity, she announced it was show and tell.

Iceburg went first and announced to the class that he brought in a Tyrannosaurus with him today. The class when hearing this went crazy at the idea. Everyone knew that Iceburg rarely lied. When he went to his cubby the class stretched their necks to see the first look of this Tyrannosaurus. The boy placed something inside his hand and cupped it safely with the other. When he returned he proudly showed them what was inside his hand.

"A MOUSE!" The entire class exclaimed.

Iceburg ignored their shocked faces and continued his show and tell. "This is Tyrannosaurus, I found him and he's my friend. We are going to build ships together one day." With that said he sat back down and showed his nearby classmates his mouse.

"That's a lovely mouse, thank you for that lovely show and tell." Ms. Cindry said with a small smile. Before she could say another word Perona was up and running to her cubby.

"I'm next, I'm next!" She exclaimed.

"Oh great here comes her dumb dol.l" Ace muttered to himself. Ms. Cindry gave him a warning look and watched as the child grabbed something from her duffel bag.

"Perona what do you have to show us today."

"I brought to show all you guys my….." She waited for anticipation. "Baby brother!" She proudly turned around to the class to reveal an infant wrapped in a blanket in her arms. He was a little bit flushed, no doubt from being in the duffel bag this entire time, but the color that really stood out was his hair.

"You brought a baby to school!"

"Look at his hair!"

"It's really green?"

"Oh my." Ms. Cindy said numbly. She was already on the school's phone calling the police and Perona's father. While she waited for someone to pick up the childrens excited talk distracted her from going hysterical at the spot.

"Why is his hair green?"

"Did your dad let you take him to school?"

"I don't know and no." Perona answered simply.

"Are you going to get into trouble?" Nojiko asked.

At that moment the door swung open and the children and Ms. Cindry sensed a deadly aura filling the room. Well everyone except Perona who the aura meant to her that her father was upset. The man walked to his daughter, who was now standing isolated since her classmates had all fled from her.

Sharp golden eyes stared down at her and the infant and with a weak laugh she meekly said "Everyone now believes me that Zoro has green hair." When she didn't get a reply she said sadly "I'm not getting that new cute umbrella am I"

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