Sitting on a chair inside of the principal's office, Zoro couldn't help but feel Déjà vu. He guessed not much had changed over the years. He had really tried to stay out of fights, but what the hell was he supposed to do when an idiot started it. He had no choice but to end it.

He wouldn't have gotten in trouble either, if some blonde curlybrowed idiot didn't interrupt. He could easily destroy the guys who were picking on the weak girl by himself, but the idiot joined in screaming about protecting a lady.

His loudass is the only reason why the principal saw them. He didn't even know why the principal was upset; Whiskey Peak High School was one of the worst schools in the county. When he arrived at the school, he easily dominated the students and now he was one of the elites. Unfortunately this made kids in this school attack him even more in order to get his title. Every day he got to kick weak bastards' asses, he had really like this school.

But now the principal was screaming about expulsion and possible jail time. He couldn't help but scoff at the principal, who honestly looked like a joke. A tall built man but his long blonde hair styled in long massive curls at the ends just killed any intimidation he had.

The principal sneered at him and looked down at him. "Is something you need to say ?" He waited for a response but the student just crossed his arms and closed his eyes. "Well let's see if you have anything to say when your father comes to pick you up. I called your guardian as well, Mr. Blackleg."

The students' responses differed as Sanji groaned loudly while Zoro didn't seem fazed at all. The principal growling in frustration barked at them to wait outside.

Seated outside, Sanji and Zoro waited till their parents came. Zoro had already sent a text to Perona telling her to pick him up at the principal's office. She replied with an angry face. He put his phone away and closed his eyes for a nap, but a constant noise kept him from slumbering. In an annoyed tone he growled out. "Number fifteen, stop sighing."

"Fifteen?" Sanji question.

Zoro opened his eyes to look at the blonde and explained slowly. "You. Beat. Only. Fifteen." When he saw the other had grasped the concept he said. "So your name is now number fifteen."

"What the hell marim-"

"No." Zoro interrupted him and pointed to himself. "Number thirty five."

Sanji raised his foot to slam into Zoro's torso, but stopped when his phone vibrated. Grabbing it, he cursed when he saw it was a text. "That shitty geezer is going to kill me." He groaned.

Zoro glanced at the blonde and scoffed at him. "Your old man is the one that owns the restaurant by the ports right?"

Sanji nodded glumly.

He laughed at him and said with a smirk. "He's not that bad."

Before the blonde could argue a loud voice interrupted him. "What the hell did you do now you idiot!"

The students looked towards were the voice came from, and saw an old strange looking man walking towards them. From the ridiculous length of his cook hat, to his unique braided facial hair and finally to his peg leg all screamed strange and ridiculous. Though his appearance was odd, Zoro felt a familiar vibe coming off of him. The 'I'll kick your ass if I feel like it' kind of vibe.

They obviously both felt the vibe, but Sanji must have been immune to it. Standing up the blonde yelled back at him. "What do you expect when you put me in a school filled with bastards with no manners!"

"You shitty idiot!" The old man exclaimed. Jumping he kicked his apprentice in his side hard enough for him to go flying down the hallway. He turned his back to the body on the ground and looked down at the unfazed green haired student still seated. "I see you're used to this type of behavior."

Zoro nonchalantly shrugged in response.

"Your father must be really something." Zeff commented. Zoro couldn't help the smirk that came on his face. With nothing else to say, the old man went inside the principal's office. Sanji still lying on the floor slowly got up and returned to his seat.

Rubbing his side where Zeff kicked him he muttered. "See, I told you."

"Your dad seems nice." Zoro replied with a mocking smile. The blonde rolled his eyes and looking around he asked. "And where is your father?"

He crossed his legs and placed his arms behind his head and said in a relaxed tone. "My dad is away, my sister is going to pick me up."

"A beautiful maiden is coming here!" The cook exclaimed excitedly. Zoro ignored the love idiot and the hallway was filled with silence. Sadly it only lasted five minutes.

"I'm probably going to be on waiter duty for a month." Sanji sighed. "Well at least I get to see the pretty ladies. Pretty ladies that are going to have to eat Patty's shitty food." He was about to sigh again but an inhale of breath stopped him.

He glanced at the marimo and saw that he was staring intensely at the doors.

"What's wrong with you?" He asked.

"My father is here." Zoro said in a feared tone.

"The big number thirty-five is afraid of his dad?" Sanji teased.

Zoro didn't respond and instead watched the doors with wide fearful eyes. When the door opened and his father walked through, Zoro gulped loudly. "Oh fuck." He whispered.

"Language Roronoa." Mihawk scolded.

"Sorry." He muttered.

Sanji who would have loved to tease the other, felt the air around them change. He looked away from the two and walked away from the tension.

Mihawk watched the other boy walk away, and when he was far enough to not hear or see them he turned towards his son. "Stand by the car." He tossed the keys to him.

"You have to talk to the princip-" Zoro stopped talking when he saw the look on his father's face. Without another word, he stood up and walked towards the parking lot. When he got into the black Lamborghini, he covered his face with his hands and frowned. Frustrated over the situation he punched the dashboard and yelled out. "Fuck!"

He looked at the dashboard he just punched and saw the dent he had made. Just what he needed. "Fucking damn it." He muttered. His phone vibrated and he quickly read the text that Perona sent.

'Make sure you check the mail!' The text read. Zoro sighed and rubbed his temples. With his luck, Perona's application letter would arrive today and he would be forced to hide it.

Turning on the car, he waited in silence till his father returned. When he finally did, Zoro braced himself.

"I would think that I would be able to leave you two while I worked. I thought that my children had grown to reasonable young adults, but I see you are still too simple minded to understand how not to get in a fight!" Mihawk yelled the last part. "Roronoa when will you get your priorities straight?" He obviously didn't expect an answer since he put the car in drive.

But Zoro did answer. "Yeah because you sure have your priorities straight." An answer that made Mihawk brake the car and turn towards him glaring at him.

"What did you say." He growled.

"You were gone for three months and you expect-"

"I expected you and your sister to represent me, and behave yourself while I was gone." He looked at him with piercing eyes. "I am disappointed in you." He said nothing else and Zoro was to hurt to reply. The car drive was silent with Mihawk gaze only straight ahead, and Zoro stared out the window.

When the silent drive finally ended with Mihawk parking into their driveway, Zoro quickly went inside and went straight to the mail. Leafing through, he stopped when he spotted an envelope with the Thriller Bark University logo on it. Taking the letter from the pile, he was going to hide it in his room when a voice stopped him.

"What is that?" Mihawk asked. His voice was laced with anger and his eyes were only on the letter in Zoro's hand.

"A letter from Koshiro ." Zoro tried to lie.

"Roronoa." Zoro tried to step back but his father stepped forward and snatched it out of his hands. He looked at the sender and his eyes grew wide with anger. His grip on the letter tightened and he ripped it open and began to read the letter inside.

"It's for Perona. It doesn't say your name on it." Zoro snarled.

As if hearing her name, the door opened and revealed Perona in her loli Goth outfit and umbrella still opened. Her eyes scanned the room and stopped when they landed on the open letter. She turned to her father and with venom she screamed at him. "WHAT THE HELL!"

"Perona!" He yelled. Turning to her he held the letter away from him and yelled. "I told you anywhere but here!"

There was a flash of pink and Perona was out the door and running to a car waiting in the street. Mihawk ran after her, letter thrown on the floor. Zoro acted quickly and picked up the letter. Running to his room, he moved his dresser to reveal the hole in his wall. His precious three swords were in there, and though he was in a rush, he carefully took them out. He then grabbed his bandanna and tied it to his bicep.

With his swords and letter in hand, he went to his second story window. With no fear and years of practice he jumped out. The moment his feet touched the floor, he was sprinting. He was going to run to his haven but first he had to go see Perona.

After Perona jumped in the car and drove away, Mihawk had memorized the license plate. He stormed inside and yelled for Zoro to get down stairs, he waited two seconds till he stormed upstairs.

"Roronoa!" He yelled out now in anger. Going towards his son's room he slammed open the door and his eyes looked for the green headed teenager. When he saw an empty room, his heartbeat sped up. "Roronoa!" Going towards the open window he leaned forward and looked outside.

With the height advantage, he saw a green headed figure running away. He watched his son a moment longer. He closed the window and he walked out of the room. Going to the kitchen he pulled out one of his strongest alcohols. Leaving the glass in the cupboard he walked to his room.

To a stranger's eye, it would seem it looked bare but Mihawk's greatest treasures were in this room. Walking to his bed, he sat down and pulled out his dressers' drawer. Pulling out the contents he laid them out on the bed. Opening the bottle he took his first gulp, while picking up the first picture.

It had his wife holding a baby Perona. Picking up the next picture he took a larger swallow of the burning alcohol when he saw his pale wife sitting next to Zoro in the NICU. He could only look at one more picture of a young Zoro and Perona both scowling at the camera, before he put away all the pictures.

He spent that night nursing his alcoholic beverage while wondering what the hell happened to him and his kids.

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