Archivist's note: This journal was found tucked away in the back of the Royal Academy's library, by a graduate student several months back. It was already old then, but some of the older faculty here at the academy were able to remember, from the time they were students, it's author; a Unicorn Stallion named Midnight Hooves, with a dusk coat-colored coat, and white mane. From what I understand, he was a very dedicated student, and was somewhat popular with the mares- though he rarely ever returned that affection. They told me he never let anything get in the way of his research... not even morality... that is, until the day he met a cross-eyed mare in Ponyville.

This Journal was written over the course of five years, and starts seven years before Twilight Sparkle, the Heroine who saved Equestria- and needs no introduction here- arrived in Ponyville. Midnight was long gone before Twilight Sparkle got there, though Ponyville was not much different than it would be when she arrived. Considering everything that's happened since, I thought the publication of this journal might be of interest to some parties.

Midnight's Journal:

1st year, 13th Day:

Arrived in Ponyville today... my newest assignment. Princess Celestia thinks my magical studies will benefit from me being out here in this one-mule town... in what way, I do not know. I graduated at the top of my class at the Academy of Magic, and I expected great things to be in my future. But apparently my more... unorthodox experiments I attempted during my Junior and Senior years, seemed to have disturbed sensibilities of the faculty, and even the sensibilities of the Princess herself. So here I am, at a dead-end career in a dead-end town.

Got my things moved into the library, which will be serving as my domicile for the time being. It's an oversized tree with a door and several windows- nothing like my old quarters back in Canterlot, but still nothing to sneeze at. Two stallions, named Big Macintosh and Breezy, helped me to move in. BiG Mac is a local apple farmer, and Breezy a local fan merchant/repairman. I met them when I first arrived here by Pegasus Chariot, and they insisted on making friends. I believe we shall get along well enough.

The town itself is a decent enough place. It has a dessert bakery shop, called Sugarcube Corners, run by The Cakes...a polite couple. It also boasts a school, headed by it's new teacher, Miss Cheerilee. She was part of the welcoming party that a strange young Pink filly- one of her older students, I believe- organized for me. Cheerilee is a bit too perky and energetic for my tastes, but she and a few other of the mares at the party spent a great deal of time talking to me.

Also at that party I met Daisy, a young mare who runs an herbal shop in town. I have a feeling I will be a frequent customer of hers, as she sells several of the herbs and plants I plan to use in my magical potions. She seems eager to have me as a customer... but for a very different reason. Also paying a bit too much attention to me was an orange-maned mare named Golden Harvest, whom I hear has a habit of dying her mane green. All three promised to stop by and see me often... a distraction which I am sure will keep me from my work.

All in all, there are far worse places the Princess could have sent me- I could be freezing my flank off in the extreme cold of Stalliongrad, for example. But I have a roof over my head, a stipend of bits from the University, and the quiet to do my research in. While I will miss my old friend Sky Runner and the others from the Academy, I will persevere in this new set of circumstances I find myself in. Things can only get better from here on out.

1st year, 33rd day

Have adjusted to life in ponyville. Meet Breezy and Big Mac every morning for coffee and hay sandwiches at the local restaurant, and spend my afternoons evading my three stalkers. While Big Mac isn't much of a talker, he's certainly a good listener, responding to my long rants with an affirmative 'eeyup'. Breezy, on the other hand, is much more vocal, and can tell me nearly everything that goes on in Ponyville. My friendship with these two, has turned out to be a very valuable asset.

My research has brought up an interesting new discovery about this region; the neighboring everfree forest, a non-pony region, was home to the palace of the Two Sisters, where Princess Celestia and Princess Luna once ruled this land from. Most ponies aren't even aware of the fact that Luna once existed, but as I always go that extra mile in my research. I am hoping for my investigations at the castle ruins will prove to be very fruitful.

Also of note today was my meeting with Ponyville's strange, cross-eyed mail-mare- An odd, grey-colored creature with a yellow mane, named Ditzy Doo. I ran into her while taking a pleasant trot outside of town. She happed to be flying a few feet above the ground, and neither of us was watching where we were going. The collision sent my bag and notebooks flying, and sent her mail flying , as well. She scattered frantically, searching for her letters and packages, and kept looking up at me as if she expected me to start scolding her for her clumsiness... something, judging from her expression, the ponies of this town do frequently.

Sighing, I helped the grey Pegasus gather her letters and packages up, and get them back in her bag. She gave me a puzzled expression, as if she was shocked somepony had actually bothered to help her instead of yelling at her for being clumsy. She then helped me gather up my belongings, and out of gratitude I gave her a Muffin I had bought at Sugarcube Corners. She just stared at it, transfixed, as I thanked her, and went quickly on my way. The next morning, I found a muffin tucked in with my mail, and groaned. Just what I need, another admirer!

1st year, 65th day

Cherilee asked me to talk to her class about magic... that did not go well. The pink one snuck up and dumped sugar into one of the potions I was mixing up, and it exploded, turning my coat and mane plaid. Did not come out of the library for a week until the spell wore off. The following week, I had a visit from Rose, who put a vase full of flowers on my windowsill to 'freshen up the place'. The flowers caused my allergies to go berserk, and put me in bed for three days, until I threw the flowers out. Breezy just laughs whenever I tell him about my mare troubles, saying those three act like that every time a new stallion comes to town. I hope they lose interest soon.

My investigation into the ruins take me deeper and deeper into Equestria's past. I am digging down past the archeological craziness that is discord's rule, and may have actually found a civilization older than ours... from before ponies even settled in this land. I have found their pottery, traces of their buildings, and even clay tablets with their writing on them. I have discovered very little about what kind of creatures these pre-ponies may be, but I am hopeful my dig will shed more light onto their identity. A thesis on this pre-pony civilization may just be what I need to get me back into the academy's good graces.

Ditzy Doo has been spending a great deal of her free time following me around. I really do not mind, as she is usually quiet, and does not bother me at my work. She still slips muffins into my mail, and it's gotten to the point I can't stand the things. She seems to have become fascinated by them since our first encounter. Every time I look up from my work, I see those golden crossed eyes, staring at me in wonder. I will admit it is pleasant to not always be alone out on my digs.

I learned from Big Mac that Ditzy's been made fun of since she was a Filly because of those eyes, and I was worried the other mares who are after me may start treating her poorly. But they never did... I suspect they can't see her as serious competition. That is good for her... and for me. as well. I need to cut these distractions out of my life, and get back to work.