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She couldn't help it. There was just something about the way his brow scrunched in concentration, how his eyes danced across the page in attempt to understand the material. Whatever it was that she saw in such a simple expression of deep focus, she liked it… admired it. She ducked her head down, a blush burning on her cheeks at almost being caught. Her heart hammered in her chest as she dared herself to lift her eyes up from her text. Blue met with sharp amber.

"Something wrong?" His voice, though he attempted to sound unamused, the curiosity rang through clearly.

"I-I uhm… I need help with question seven…" she stammered. Her eyes darted back down to the question she hadn't even bothered to look at. To her relief, it was one she wasn't so clear about. He sighed and got up to move over towards where she sat at the table. He pulled her book closer towards him and skimmed the question.

"You really don't understand this one?" He questioned, looking her in the eye. She only managed a quick shake of her head. "Alright…" She listened as he pretended to explain in an annoyed mannered. A smile spread on her lips, causing him to pause. Once more, their eyes met. Her smile faded.

"What's wrong?" Her head cocked to the side in the cute, concerning way. It was his turn to look at her. It was now his turn to blush at the simple thought of capturing her lips in a quick kiss. He shoved the idea out of his head.

"Uh, nothing. Do you understand the problem now?" He didn't exactly wait for a response as he quickly moved back to his original seat.

"I think so… Sorry for bothering you." He just shrugged. Silence fell over the two as they went back to their own studies.

He couldn't focus; his concentration had truly been broken by her. It wasn't such a bad thing, he decided. He glanced over at her, trying to be as discrete as possible. She, the girl who could tame the beast within him, who always tried her damndest to understand every little thing about him, was his first real love.


What a strange concept that was. But the sudden realization of the name for the emotion that caused his heart to beat quickly whenever she was near, or just the thought really, made him excited. He punched the floor.

Her head snapped up, eyes wide with obvious curiosity and concern.

"Kyo…?" Her voice was soft and he nearly blushed at how smoothly his name glided of her lips.

"I love you." His cheeks burned as he avoided her gaze. "I love you, Tohru." It was barely above a whisper, but he knew that she heard it, could feel her body suddenly tense as her mind absorbed the words and tried its hardest to decide if what she heard was correct or if it was her ears playing a trick on her. But she knew. She knew what was spoken. Her body relaxed and that smile, the one that always caught his breath and always wished to see fell into place.

"I love you too." His heart swelled at her words and his own smile couldn't stay off his face. The two glanced at one another before their attention turned back to their text books. Neither could focus as thoughts swarmed in their mind and a weight lifted off their shoulders.

One last smiled was shared.