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Being a police officer had been a dream of mine since I was a little boy. As a fourth generation cop, it was been my life's work to serve and protect. Though, it all came second to the love of my life, Bella.

Bella and I met five years ago while I was on the job. She was the victim of a mugging and I had answered the call since I was close by. Usually, while on the job I tried to remain professional, but as I stood before this brown hair, brown eyed beauty, I was completely mesmerized.

Fortunately, the mugger was caught later that day and after personally returning her belongings, I asked her out. Things went smoothly between us while we dated. We hardly fought, and the dates were great. Being with her had me on cloud nine and I planned to feel this way for a long time to come.

However, things have changed since I got a partner to work with, Tanya. Suddenly, my schedule was too long and I was been accused of messing around. During one of our arguments after I had come home late again, Bella outright accused me of sleeping with the women in my division. It shocked the hell of me and I denied it, knowing that it wasn't true.

Tonight, we were heading out to a birthday party being held for one of the guys in my division, Alec, and I hoped that by the end of the night, I would be able to ask Bella the one question, I've been meaning to.

After rushing through getting dress, I sat on the bed and watched her walk over to the dresser in her panties, stockings and bra. While putting on her earrings and then her lavender mini dress and heels, I fought the urge to just throw her down and have my way with her.

After holding restraint, we headed out to the bar and got there in no time. The night was going well until Tanya showed up. Walking right up to me, she pulled me into a tight hug and kissed my cheek before letting go.

Knowing that Tanya was pretty hands-on I took it as nothing but looking over at Bella, I could only read one expression on her face, anger. Bella walked away without a word and I noticed a satisfying smile on Tanya's face. I asked Tanya what that was about, and then warned her never to do it again before going in search of Bella. Where I found her made me see red and it took all I had not to rip him apart.

Bella stood at the bar with James, a detective from the homicide division. When she reached over to retrieve her beer, he placed his hand on the small of her back. I walked right up to them and decked him shocking everyone and dragging her out of there without a word to anyone.

Wordlessly, I opened the car door and allowed her to get in before slamming it. We remained silent all the way home, and as soon as we stepped through the front door, Bella exploded. "What the fuck was that?"

"What?" I was deadly calm as I took a seat and watched her pace the room.

"You! Why did you punch him?" she exclaimed.

I ignored her question and asked my own. "Were you trying to make me jealous Bella?"

"Oh, and you and Tanya, what's that?" she asked as she came to stand over me.

Jumping up from my seat, I towered over her and answered. "That was nothing and will stay that way because I only have eyes for one woman and she's standing in front of me!"

I knew my girl and what she needed as she eyed me under a lustful gaze. Without another word, she grabbed me and crashed her lips to mine. Grabbing her ass, I lifted her in the air and backed her into wall while our tongues sucked and our moans grew loud.

This was going to be fast and rough, there would be no making love tonight.

I ripped her dress off after she tore my shirt open and took a step back, eyeing the lacy set and thigh high stockings she had on. I cupped her breasts and squeezed her ass, delighting in the throaty moans that left her as I devoured her mouth. Knowing we wouldn't make it to the bedroom, we knelt down to the floor with me between her spread legs. Tracing my hand up her legs and slowly gliding it along her body, I took a hold of her neck. While gently caressing it, I lowered my body on hers, bringing her lips to mine as the heat built.

No words were spoken. They weren't needed as she pushed me off her, spun around and got on her hands and knees. Pulling her back by her hair, I enjoyed the grunt that escaped her as I brought my mouth to her ear, whispering. "What do you want Bella?"

"I want you to fuck me, Jasper" she groaned out.

"Is that what you want baby?" I asked, grounding my clothed erection into her ass while unbuttoning my pants.

"Yes! Fuck me, Jasper!"

Keeping her on her knees, I grabbed her panties and roughly pulled them down. Running my aching cock along her slit before pushing into her, I delighted in her mewling for it.

"Does it feel good baby?" I asked, filling her to the hilt.


"Want it hard, darlin'?"

"Uhhh! Yes, Jasper!" she hollered. "Yes, baby!"

Giving her exactly what she wanted, I answered only in grunts as I fucked her. The feel of her wet pussy sliding along my cock was heaven and I couldn't get enough. Keeping a firm grip on her thighs, I pushed myself deeper and deeper into her depths. Our cries of pleasure sounded throughout the apartment and I didn't give a fuck if the entire block heard us.

Feeling myself approach the edge, I pulled her back against my chest and rubbed her clit, urging her to come for me. Not long after, she screamed her release with me not far behind.

We collapsed together to the floor and rested. Later that night, I proposed to Bella, naked.

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