Toadette Visits A Soapland

By Yoshziilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I really need better use of my time. Then again, so does everyone.

Toadette was in her cozy little pink house, sighing away as she looked at the white puffy clouds slowly move.

"Gosh, it sure is boring around here..." Toadette murmured as she blinked several times, a look of boredom clearly written all over her. She was completely bored with everything she had, and craved something new? Why?

Because little girls do that. You know how children are.

So anyway, it was all peace and quiet, when something barged through the front door. Toadette yelped as she jumped, hitting her head on the ceiling as she fell on her head. Groaning, Toadette walked to the hallway as she rubbed her injured head with her right hand, to see a golden bar of soap, shining in front of her. Toadette gasped, clasping her hands together.

"My gosh, it's so pretty!" Toadette exclaimed as she grabbed the bar of soap and rubbed it all over her face, cooing as she felt the pureness of the bar of soap. Suddenly, Toadette's stomach growled, prompting Toadette to notice as she moved the bar of soap away from her face, glancing down at her growling stomach. "Kinda hungry." She looked at the bar of soap, and shrugged. "It's just soap, what could go wrong?"

Toadette ate the entire bar of soap without any hesitation, abd burped several yellow bubbles, that smelled minty fresh. Toadette burped more bubbles, giggling as she popped them, feeling the fun in living again. However, the entire house shook as thunder clouds appeared in the clear blue sky, making the sky dark as thunder boomed. White flashes of lightning illuminated the sky as hundreds of yellow bars of soap came soaring down, surrounding and landing on Toadette's house.

Toadette gasped as she ran outside and looked up, to notice all this. A bar of soap landing on her right hand, Toadette shrugged as a broad smile came across her face. "What can I say, it's soap!" She gleefully picked up all the fallen bars of soap, eating them up as she giggled. Oh, that young, crazy Toadette, making life more fun.