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If there was one thing that Sam knew about football, it'd be that it sucked. She didn't hate the sport itself, she actually liked it, but then her brothers Gabriel and Joshua ruined it. They took up football in middle school and continued it to high school. Ever since they made the team, her parents always made her come with them to their games, which Sam thought was pointless since she never did anything. They'd cheer and she's wish she was anywhere but there. She didn't know why they bring her, once her brothers stepped out onto the field, her parents would forget she was sitting right next to them atop of the bleachers and watch them with such intensity. She'd usually take that to her advantage and sneak away to the park near by then come back right before the game would end, which would be now.

Tonight, her parents dragged her to yet another game and she spent it in the park, carving her name into poles and using sharpie to tag the swings. Seeing the game was almost over, she started to head back. Once again her brothers' team won thanks to Gabe the running back and Josh the quarter back. Her parents, Pam and Jeremey, were already down by them, congratulating them. Sam came up from behind them and put her hands in her sweatshirt pockets. Josh pointed at her with his helmet.

"Where the hell were you all game?" He asked. Sam mentally scoffed, like he cared. Him and Gabe would do and say anything to get her in trouble.

"I was sitting there the whole time. You probably got hit in the head too many times." Sam said. She started to head back to the car, if she was the last to get there, Pam and Jeremey would probably drive off without her, to busy soaking in the glory of their sons to realize. She got in the back of the van and Josh and Gabe took their usual spots in the middle. They headed home, Jeremey and the boys talking about their favorite parts of the game all the while.

"Hey Sam, what was you're part of the game?" Jeremey asked her suddenly.

"When it was over." She answered bluntly.

"Oh come on, aren't you proud of your brothers?" Josh and Gabe turned around to look at her, their expressions saying 'You better be.' She sent them a glare before looking out the window.

"Proud of what? Proud that they can tackle guys, catch a ball and run across a field? Like any monkey can't do that..." Josh and Gabe frowned at her answer. Josh took his helmet and cracked her on the side of her head with it. Sam rubbed her now sore head and didn't want to sleep, afraid she'd have a concussion.

"You're just jealous." Gabe said.

"Oh yeah. Really jealous of all the twisted ankles and groin pulls you get after the game is over," Josh unbuckled himself.

"Let me at her," He said. It wasn't fair that Sam could only attack them words and her brothers could attack her with whatever was handy. It's not like they'd ever hurt her seriously, just enough to show her who was really in charge. And she couldn't even fight back. Pam and Jeremey didn't want them to get hurt for football, since football was the ticket to a college scholarship.

"Leave her alone guys," Jeremey said from the driver's seat. Josh huffed and crossed his arms.

"But she doesn't even care," He said.

"Welcome to my world." Sam said, lying down in the backseat and turning her iPod on. By the times they got home, she managed to fall asleep.

"Aww, she fell asleep." Pam cooed. "Josh, go carry her up to her room." He picked her up bridal style and kicked open the front door. He went upstairs and went into her room, throwing her onto her bed instead of placing her on gently, waking her up in the process.

"Nighty night sis," He said before closing the door behind him. She rubbed her eyes as she got off her bed and went over to her closet. She changed into a T- shirt and shorts before hopping into bed again. She'd get Josh back in the morning.

It seemed to her that every moment was sibling rivalry and it was always Gabe and Josh against Sam to see who could gain more attention from their parents. There was rarely a moment when her brothers would be nice or would have a sweet moment with her, but that's how teenagers are she guessed. It was like they were in some sick sibling war, but to her, she was loosing.

After waking up, throwing on a black sleeved shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans and eating, Sam headed out the door and decided to walk to school instead of Josh and Gabe driving her. She just wanted to enjoy walking to school alone without them, she already saw them in school and at home. She just couldn't get away from them.

She got to Casper early, but was in no rush to get there. All her teachers' did was compare her to her brothers, which is just what she wanted, to finally get away from them but have the teacher talking about them. She got to her locker and swung it open, only to have it shut again.

"What, you come here early to try to avoid us?" Josh said, leaning against her locker.

"To be honest, yes. And I have no idea why you don't do the same to me," Sam replied, opening her locker again.

"Because we love our sister." Gabe said amusingly, shutting her locker once more. Sam rubbed her eyes with her fists before turning to him.

"Back up away from me or you're going to be loving the feeling of my knee crushing your balls." He put his hands up in front of him defensively, but still had an amused smirk on his face.

"Jeeze, what set you off?"

"You two idiots! Just go ahead and prance off to class, tardies are bad for football," Gabe started to leave, but Josh pulled him back by his hoodie.

"Well, we came here for a reason. Me and Gabe have a bet whether you can fit in your locker or not, so it's time to find out." He said.

"You better not," Josh and Gabe grabbed her and was just about to lift her up until they heard someone go by in the hallway.

"Huh, I wonder what your coach would do after they found out this little stunt happened," They put Sam down and turned to the owner of the voice, who happened to be Danny Fenton. He stood there with an amused smile on his face, knowing what their coach would do. Gabe picked up his backpack and huffed before following Josh down the hallway.

"I didn't need that." Sam said, putting books in her locker. She's always been able to take care of herself, and she did not like the feeling of someone she barely knew saving her from her own brothers.

"Looks like you did." He said, leaning on the locker next to hers.

"Well, I'm fine. It's nothing I can't handle. So just leave it to me next time." He put his hands up defensively.

"Just trying to help." He said before walking down the hall. But for some reason, the little voice in the back of her head that rarely showed up was telling her otherwise. She shrugged it off, like she usually did. ...But yet again, no one else had ever stuck up for her, when she ever needed it, which was extremely rare. She put the debate aside, she'll make up her mind... eventually.

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