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Chapter 1.

Things changed for me after James attacked. Things changed with me. I wasn't clumsy anymore, my hearing, sight and sense of smell hightened significantly. And once, just once, when I got angry I felt something deep inside me begin to change. I pushed it away, locked it deep not wanting to find it, to feel that way, again.

The school year ended and the summer passed, then the new school year started and my birthday arrived. Now I was hoping that, just like everything else, it would pass harmlessly. But it didn't. My eighteenth birthday changed my life.

The beginning of the day wasn't actually bad. My mum and dad gave me gifts even though I had asked them not to and Edward was kind as not to mention it. No one really knew. Except, of course, the Cullens and Jacob turned up at school to give me a gift,a beautiful dream catcher that I put up as soon as I got home from school. Alice dressed me up and then Edward took me to the Cullens.

I walked into the house to find the front room decorated beautifly.

"Happy bithday, Bella darling." Spoke Esme as she came and hugged me. This was the routine until everyone, except Rosalie and Jasper, had hugged me. Jasper spoke a kind 'happy birthday' with a smile from across the room and Rosalie just glared.

"Thank you for this, but you really didn't have to." I was polite and appreciative but I really didn't want it, with my luck something was bound to go wrong.

"Bella, have you any idea when we last celebrated a real birthday. This is purely selfish." Don't I know it, I thought as I smiled at Alice who picked a carefully wrapped gift off the table. "From Emmett, Jasper and Rose." She handed me the gift and impatiently waited. Everyone was watching me with intrigue, I hated the attention but I knew they weren't going to look away so I shook the box.

It was empty.

I shook it again.

Yep, definitely empty.

I looked up at Alice wondering whether or not vampires could go insane.

"Just open it Bella." So I opened it.

The box showed a car stereo but I could tell that it was empty.

"I already installed it in your car, its time that thing had a decent sound system." He was grinning, he knew my truck was my baby.

"Hey, don't diss the truck."

"But it will be that things only redeeming quality."Spoke Edward, he was smiling but underneath I could tell he meant it and not in a nice way.

"Don't diss the Chevy, its a classic." I was slightly shocked that it was Rosalie who came to my trucks aid but I also knew that she had a passion for cars so I didn't question it. Emmett shut up as soon as Rosalie spoke and without Emmett on his side Edward didn't speak either so Alice picked up my next present.

An envelope.

"From Carlisle and Esme."

She handed me the envelope and I couldn't contain myself. Worried that it might be something ridiculous like a cheque, hoping it would be something mundane like a card, I opened the envelope.

Instanly I was shocked, again. Two airline tickets stared at me from inside. As I looked up I realised my mouth must have been gaping open so I shut it. Carlisle and Esme were grinning at me so I smiled.

"To see your mother, we know you've been missing her." Esme was so gentle about it, so kind with her words that I threw my arms around her and hugged her as tight as I could. Her arms wrapped around me too but she seemed hesitant. I felt the atmosphere change a little so I pulled away.

"Whats wrong?" Esme shared a look with Carlisle and smiled.

"Nothing dear, its just well your strength took me by surprise."

"Strength? What do you mean?" I had never before had anyone, especially not a vampire, tell me that my strength had shocked them. I had no strength.

"You were just stronger than I would have expected of you or, well..." Esme trailed off and I was worried plus curious, where did this come from.

"Well, what?" Again she shared a look with Carlisle but this time he shook his head.

"Its nothing Bella. Alice, why don't we show Bella the next present." Alice grinned and picked up the third and last present on the table.

"This is from Edward." She handed me the gift. I looked from the small parcel in my hand to Edward.

"I didn't spend a penny." Still I rolled my eyes but slipped my finger under the paper and pulled upward. I felt the short, sharp pain in my finger, I saw the thick red liquid appear across the cut. The smell hit my nostrils, stronger than ever before.

I didn't even get the chance to look up when I felt someone shove me. The shock of the hit gave me no time to react and the next thing I knew I was feeling a million pains in my right arm. The smell of copper magnified as the glass from the table I was threw into dug into my arm over and over. I looked up from the blood that was seeping quickly from me to the vampires I knew were hovering around me.

Carlisle was at my side in an instant as everone else stared at the blood, their eyes darkening with the bloodlust. Emmett had hold of Jasper even though Jasper didn't look hungry, just worried.

"Emmett please get Jasper out of here." Edward spoke with a growl in his throat. Emmett did as he asked and even though Jasper didn't seem to want to leave he let Emmett take him. Rosalie and Esme left with Emmett and Jasper, clearly unable to resist the blood much longer.

"I'm sorry Bella." Alice said before leaving with her hand covering her mouth and nostrils.

"Edward, please go to the others, I'm sure they will need some support, I will take care of Bella." Carlisle spoke softly, picking me up.

Just before Carlisle carried me away I saw Edwards face, he looked hungry. Not pained, not scared, not worried, but hungry.

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