Chapter 34

I finished all my school work and graduated by the end of February. I was really surprised 'cause even though Jasper had told me I could and even though I'd gone schoolwork crazy pretty much all through January I still thought it would take me at least until April. But no, by February 25th all my work was handed in, I'd taken my tests and technically graduated. I was so happy that I could relax I let Esme and Rose throw me a little graduation party at theirs. We all had a good time but my belly had gotten a little bigger and Baby's kicks were starting to get painfull so I was sat down throughout most of it.

Me and Jasper had sorted through everything and we were better now, we were talking more and sharing our feelings and concerns more and we had kindly asked the Cullen's, the Wolves and my dad to back off a little since I realised that one of my problems was that everyone was trying to decide what was best for me and Baby, even though almost none of them, aside from Esme and even that was a long time ago, had ever been pregnant before and none of them had been in my situation before. They did as we asked and even apologised for being overbearing and I've been snapping a hell of a lot less at everyone since then.

What I was starting to worry about though was my dad. I'd been getting so big so fast and as the police chief he wasn't a stupid man and he'd noticed, a few times he'd mentioned that my pregnancy seemed awfully fast and he'd even pulled me aside once and asked me if the baby was definitely Jasper's, saying he wouldn't judge if it wasn't. I ended up having to tell him that I'd only ever had any kind of sexual contact with Jasper and that all I'd ever done with anyone before him was kiss. Safe to say my dad went beet red and didn't bring it up again but we got Carlisle to do a 'check' on the baby and he said in front of my dad that we'd have a big baby if I go full term; "Possibly a nine to ten pounder," were his words.

At the beginning of March Peter started to get a more accurate feel of when the Baby would be here.

"End of April definitely." He told us as we sat in the livingroom watching reruns of Friends.

"Are you sure?" Jasper asked, he was sat next to me with one arm over my shoulder and the other over my bump, rubbing soothing circled around my slightly protruding belly button. That's how big my bump had gotten, my belly button used to be an inny, now it was poking out a little, I'm just glad I can't get stretch marks, Jasper had told me he'd seen a few coming once but my skin healed so quickly it didn't matter.

"Yeah, probably between the twentieth and the thirtieth, I definitely wouldn't say any later than last day of April." Peter was grinning as he spoke and his eyes flashed down to my stomach for a second. Surprisingly Peter had become really excited at the prospect of becoming an Uncle, he was constantly going out to hunt and coming back with still black eyes but tons of baby clothes and toys and blankets. It was sweet, but with him, Esme, Rose, my Dad and some of the wolves we already had more stuff for this baby than we'll use and we were already half way through filling the spare room. This Baby will have a different outfit for every hour of the day for at least a year.

"Awesome, we now know when to get ready for, it's so exciting." Jasper says to me, grinning his head off, I start to smile back but a sharp kick to my ribs from the Baby wipes the smile off my face. I feel my rib crack but I know that's not the only damage. My hands fly to the top of my bump and I start gasping for breath, I know there's something seriously wrong, I can't breathe properly and my rib isn't healing. I start to get dizzy and my vision starts to go black around the edges, I feel like I'm suffocating.

"Get Carlisle." I manage to wheeze out but thankfully Peter is already on the phone.

"What's wrong, Darlin', what happened?" Jasper asks me but I'm finding it difficult to focus as the baby starts thrashing inside me, clearly panicked.

"Rib, can't, breathe." I tell him although I'm not really sure how I get the words out. I lose focus completely and the last thing I see is Jasper's scared face hanging over me.

The pain brings me back into focus, I don't know how long I was out but it can't have been long because it seems Carlisle just got here and he's jabbing his fingers at my ribs.

"One of her ribs has cracked and punctured her lung, I'm going to need to go in there and pull it out so she can heal." Carlisle tells Jasper but I can barely focus as I start coughing and bringing blood up with every cough.

"Then do it, you'll be okay Bella, I promise." Jasper tells me but he looks absolutely terrified.

"Bella I'm going to need you to be as still as possible." Carlisle tells me and I try to stop coughing but I can't get any air into my lungs through the blood that's coming up which is just making me cough more. "Jasper, Peter I'm going to need you to hold her down." Jasper grabs my shoulders and forces me to stay still as Peter grabs the tops of my legs.

"Everything will be okay in a minute Bella, just hold on for a minute." I can't speak past the blood in my throat and my vision is going black again.

Then Carlisle uses something to cut the skin over my ribs and I see red instead of black. I feel power enter my muscles and my whole body feel's stronger and I know it's my vampire side's way of trying to stay alive. It seems to work and the feeling of Carlisle's fingers in my skin and putting my rib back into it's normal place keeps my vampire side with me.

I know exacly when my rib comes out of my lung as almost instantly I can breathe properly again and my whole body relaxes as I take in huge calming breaths, filling my body with the oxygen it was just starved of.

Carlisle takes his fingers out of my side and the cut he created closes. I feel 100% again and the Baby finally stops thrashing.

"Thank you." I say as I get up and hug Carlisle not even bothered that he still has blood on his fingers; it is my blood after all.

"Just doing my job." He says and goes to clean his hands. I turn around to Jasper and he hugs me tightly.

"I was so worried." He whispers to me so I hold him tighter.

"Me too, but I'm okay now." I tell him but he doesn't let go of me.

"The Baby was worried." He says and I pull back.

"What?" I ask him and he nods still looking scared but also perplexed.

"I could feel the Baby while you were in pain, it was so weird like an echo right at the edge of my ability, so small and pure I wasn't sure it was even there but now that I can focus I can feel relief, guilt and love, so much love Bella, it's coming from our Baby, it's faint but it's there and it's directed at you." I feel tears prick at my eyes and start to fall down my cheeks.

"Baby loves me?" I ask because I can't think of anything to say.

"Of course Bella, you're already the most wonderful mother in the world and Baby's not even here yet, I don't know how anyone couldn't love you." I grin and hug Jasper again, a small laugh bubbling up in my throat. My Baby loves me already.

"Well I love you too." I tell my bump when we pull away from each other.

"Something terrifying followed by something wonderful, why does that not surprise me with you Jasper?" Peter says and I laugh along with the others but my mind is still on the Baby. When we're done laughing Carlisle sits me and Jasper down with a serious look on his face.

"Bella, you're going to have to be careful now. The Baby is getting stronger and although your body can heal, as we just saw it can also be harmed, you're going to have to rest more, try not to be too active or get the Baby too excited or stressed, you're also going to have to avoid stress, we're going to have to do everything we can to make sure something like this doesn't happen again, alright?" I nod and promise him I'll stay relaxed and rested and then go to take a shower.

While I'm in the shower I can't help but be a little disappointed, with my school work finished I was hoping to get out more, get a little more active and have some more fun before the Baby comes and we have to start a routine for the Baby, but now I'm practically stuck on bedrest.

These next two months are probably gonna suck but then the thought of knowing how the Baby is feeling cheers me up and I tell myself that if it's good for me and my Baby then I'll happily be stuck on bedrest for the next two months.

I smile as I wash the blood off my side. Two months and I'll be meeting my child.

Sorry about the month wait, Christmas time was crazy and I've recently become my mum's carer so I've been really busy, but I really will try to get more chapters out because there isn't many left until the end of the story.

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