I saw this movie a few months ago and have had this idea in my head since. I'm not really sure where this will go. Enjoy.

A lab factory works late into a clear night. The murmurs of people and the rumble of machinery are the only noises heard from the building. Birds rest quietly in trees around the building. An owl's hoot is heard. The sky above is twinkled with hundreds of stars, all seen clearly in the new moon sky. Everything's peaceful.

Suddenly sirens begin to screech. Animals flee in a panic. The lights in the building flash as the power begins to fail. Shouts of concern are heard everywhere as people try to get a handle on the situation. Five figures run out the building. They don't seem in a panic as much as nervous. The shadows casted by the lights make them hard to make each other out.

"That all?" says one in a deep voice. They're the only one who can be picked out from the rest, being the biggest and tallest of the five. They are carrying two suitcases, the only bags the group have near them.

"I think so," another responds, clutching something closely beneath a dark coat. It is a container made of strong glass, which is held with much care.

"It better be," a third adds as they press a button on a control. There is a large blast as a portion of the lab is blown off, some of the debris almost hitting the group. Flames erupt from the building from every angle. Screams of fear and dismay are heard from inside as many are engulfed by the fire. The figures watch in awe as the shadows of the area grow darker as another voice grows silent. The remote is casually fed to a fire seen in one of the nearby windows.

"I-I think it would be a good idea to get out of here," stutters a nervous voice, looking around. There were no other living creatures around since all the animals fled, leaving the trees around them in a frightening state of darkness and quiet.

"Leave dat to may," the fifth responds with a mischievous smile. The group runs off into the shadows as the flames glow brightly against the darkness of the cold night.