Mina worked at her chemistry set, trying to see if she could discover what those vapors were. She was lucky enough to find a small amount stuck inside the Nautilus' air tanks before Nemo had them refilled.

Nemo had been very anxious in observing his lady's repairs. The idea of being boarded was unnerving for the captain. He immediately sent telegrams out to whomever could be thought of to try to track the perpetrators down.

A knock came from her door as she jotted down the conclusions of her latest experiment. After some quick tiding, Mina calmly opened the door.

"Hey, Mina." Tom stood in the doorway, obviously relieved to see vampire.

"Good evening." Mina opened the door wider. "Is there something I can help you with?"

"Actually," Tom started as he glanced at his injured hand, "I remembered how you took care of Nemo's men before and I was wondering…"

"Certainly." The door was opened fully to allow her guest to come in. Luckily, some ice had been needed for her experiments. Placing some in a cloth, Mina had Tom keep his hand cold. Her patient quietly sat down on the bed and waited for Mina to get other supplies.

"I'm surprised you didn't go to Jekyll," Mina commented. She set down everything she had gathered on the covers before sitting down herself and getting to work.

"And give up on an excuse to see you?" They both smirked at his coy charm. "Besides, he's too busy with other stuff."

"Is he still taking care of Skinner?"

"No." Tom winced slightly as Mina checked his hand for any unseen injuries. "Skinner's doing better but some of Nemo's men have been complaining about headaches and strange hallucinations."

"Curious, I wonder if the gas had something to do with it." Mina barely looked up, concentrating on wrapping the bandage around the hand.

"I don't know. We were affected by that stuff and we didn't have those problems."

"Well, at least your hand doesn't look too bad," Mina said as she finished fastening the cloth, "Though I would give it some rest for a week or so."

"No more punching walls then, huh?" The joke brightened up the serious mood that had been filling the air.

There was a tap at the door followed by a polite cough.

"Excuse me." They both turned to see Jekyll standing in the doorway. "Nemo would like to see everyone to decide on what to do next."

"Thank you Jekyll. We'll be right there."

"Well then…" Clicking was heard as Jekyll started to fiddle with his pocket watch. "… I'll go let him know."

The doctor left, leave the couple worrying if something was wrong.