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As Tom's hand healed, more and more sightings were plotted across Nemo's map. The latest one had sent the League trekking though the forests of Scotland. The other ship had been spotted flying toward one of the country's abandoned castles. The locals told tales of ghosts and other strange occurrences that had happened after the king of the castle, a tyrant, had been overthrown. This still didn't stop the League from trying to get to it.

The tree groaned a bit as Tom moved one of its branches aside and helped Mina, Jekyll, and Skinner. He was surprised at how well Jekyll had kept his suit intact and tidy during the trip. Once Skinner gave mutter of thanks, since it was hard to tell where the invisible man was without his cloths, branch was allowed to snap back into place. Leading the group through the woods, Nemo was working on cutting a branch that was in his way. One of his men held a lantern quietly behind him. There were a total of five sailors who had joined the expedition. Tom walked at the end of the lineup, his rifle ready for anything that would pose a problem for the group.

"There's a mist coming in," he heard Nemo say. "Make sure to stick together."

A fog had already begun to roll in, which was so thick it became difficult for Tom to see the trees as he continued walking. Good thing the lantern was give light up ahead or he'd easily have gotten lost. After a while, Tom realized that source of the light was not moving and the trees were getting bigger more clearly now, for they had gotten bigger.

A few minutes later, Tom found himself in front of a small clearing. The fog in the area seemed to have lifted slightly so that he could make out most of what was in front of him. The clearing was almost circular and free from most vegetation. The only thing that seemed foreign to the area was a small fire in the center.

As he walked forward slightly, Tom began to hear a loud cackling. Looking around, he finally spotted three figures hidden in the mist on the other side of the clearing. He was able to get a better look as they moved closer. They were three old women, the kind that made you think of a dried up corpse.

The women approached slowly, almost sliding along the ground. Once Tom had been creeped out enough, he started to aim his rifle. He shot one bullet into the ground by the fire as a warning not to come any closer. The women all calmly stopped and looked toward Tom. When they finally did speak, their voices were just as cracked and disturbing. The women spoke in a round, so that one started talking as soon as another stopped.

"Look, dear sisters, at what is here."

"A young lad to the brim with fear."

"In the woods rather late."

"Along with others who go towards their fate."

Tom did an unconscious shutter at this remark. The women seemed to take this a good opportunity to get to the center of the clearing. The discussion continued its round as the third woman spoke.

"What should we give to this passerby?"

"We work together for a prophecy," all the women croaked together.

The women started cackling again as they made a triangle around the fire. They then began to do a strange dance around it. Tom had an idea that he should get away as fast as he could but he was filled with so much curiosity and fear that his brain couldn't send any messages to the rest of his body. After they had circled the fire, the women began to continue speaking in a round, the other two chanting in some strange language while the third was talking.

"Two names called in the shell of one,"

"Due to a tragedy that cannot be undone."

"Though a time will come that will lessen the cost,"

"If not ready for the challenge, then their gift will be lost.

"All will occur on this quest for the bold and brave,"

"While you find something that leads to a friend's grave."

"A friend's grave," Tom repeated in horror as the women began to cackle again. "What do you mean by that?"

The fog started to roll back around the women. It became harder to see them but it seemed that the cackling echoed louder.

"WAIT," Tom cried as he ran toward the cackling.

The echoes quickly began to die down. After a few steps he tripped on a root. By the time he stood up, the women and their laughter had been swallowed up by the fog. Tom strained his eyes as he searched. Suddenly, he spotted a gleam of light coming towards him.

Tom didn't move, not sure of what to do. He started to hear a soft cry in the distance as a figure began to take shape in the light. After a while, Tom recognized that it was his own name being called.

"Tom, Tom…There you are."

Mina ran up and hugged Tom, who took a moment to realize who it was before returning the embrace. She looked like she had been worrying. He could feel the warmth of the lantern in her hand against his side.

"We thought you were right behind us when we heard the gun shot. Since I have better vision during these times, the others went on ahead while I came to find you. What happened?"

Tom broke off for a moment to look around. Mina raised the lantern higher so she could do the same. The woods were quiet and nothing but only the trees could be seen in the light.

"I guess it was just my eyes playing tricks on me," Tom finally said. As he took the lantern from Mina, he gave her one of his kiddish smiles. "Would you care to take a walk with me?"

"Certainly," Mina replied.

Tom walked ahead, in the direction Mina had come from. Mina went to follow him when she noticed something about the ground at her feet. She knelt down to examine a small hole and dug out a bullet. It had gone in at a slight angle. When she took a glance to the direction the bullet had come from, she didn't see anything there.

"Everything alright," Tom asked as he turned back when he realized Mina wasn't following.

"I think so," she responded as she pocketed the bullet.

"Good," Tom smiled, "I don't think I could get far without you."

Mina walked over and took his hand. Not even the fog could dampen the moment between them.

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