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Fanged Rabbit

Misaki's oval eyes darted back and forth from his hands to the large clock at the far end of the room. He carefully dried another dish and added it to the finished stack of fine white china, looping his dishtowel into a hook on a nearby drawer. He carried the tower to the cupboard and stood up on his tiptoes, carefully putting the plates into a high cupboard. He breathed sigh of relief as the dishes slid in effortlessly, then put his heels back on the floor. But he only achieved relaxation for a brief moment before his anxiety kicked back in and his head darted back to the two hands that held time.

Five more minutes. Five more minutes…

Misaki quickly glanced around the sparkling clean living room, making sure he hadn't forgotten anything. Seeing no correction for his hands to make, Misaki stood awkwardly in the center of the room, his hands nervously kneading the bottom of his green pullover hoodie. Suddenly a small ray of light drifted across his eyes. The teen gasped, and put an arm up protectively to shield his face. Oh shit, the curtain…

The teen carefully lifted his eyes away from the cotton fabric and located the spot where sunlight was leaking through the dark blackout curtains. He quickly padded over and pulled the separated edges of the fabric together, blocking the impending glow from entering the room. Misaki couldn't help but wrinkle his nose at the feeling of the sun's heat. It was uncomfortable and it made his skin itch and tingle. He glanced at the clock again. The TV had said that sundown would be at exactly 7:03, but it looked like they were off by a couple minutes as it was still fairly bright out.

Misaki lips scrunched up in defiance. Why couldn't the bloody sun go down faster? Sure, it was great for humans, but it was just downright annoying to other…species.

Misaki swallowed and looked at the clock again. Five minutes had passed, but Usagi must've noticed the sun lingering longer too so he hadn't come down yet.

Misaki raised an eyebrow. How the hell did the guy do it? Well yeah sure, he'd been a full-blooded vampire for decades, but when did he develop the ability to become a human—er vampire sundial? Heck, Misaki could barely deal with the sun with the lovely weatherman on TV giving him a precise time every day. What he would do without TV, the teen didn't know, but he supposed he should probably figure the sundial thing out sooner or later.

He was half-blooded himself.

Akihiko had been the one to start the process of change, but the older man (way older man…) had decided to make Misaki's transformation almost painstakingly slow. Every full moon a couple more drops, a couple more changes. Technically right now, Misaki was a half-blood, also called a dhampir. Misaki was growing paler, his incisors were lengthening (but right now they were still so small that he looked even more like an adorable puppy dog), and he was starting to realize that the sun was a HUGE bitch. He still went outside most days, but under the protection of long sleeves, jeans, and a hood. He and Usagi still ate regular food, but even Misaki was starting to take his meat a bit rarer, which Usagi rather liked himself. The teen could feel his body change and adapt, but he still wouldn't become undead until Usagi drained him almost completely. And as… sadistic as the man had the tendency to be, he was still taking the utmost care to see that Misaki's journey to the underworld was as painless as possible (a novel idea for a man who was a raging pervert and considered all sex to be consensual when it concerned him and Misaki…)

While Misaki appreciated Usagi's (uncharacteristic) consideration, the eternal wait, in truth, made him more on edge and anxious than he could ever remember being. Half of him wished that Usagi would just drink him bone dry already, and the other half was nervous about the couple's choice in the first place. But, they both knew that if Misaki stayed human, intentionally or not, Usagi would kill him. And (based on Usagi's god awful personality) it would definitely not be quick and painless.

Misaki shook his head. No, it was better this way. The wait was just a catastrophic pain in the ass…

The teen heard a slam coming from upstairs and to the right of the hall. Looks like Akihiko was finally up and coming out of his blacked-out, teddy bear filled room.

"Mi-sa-kiii…" A soft, sensuous growl called from up the stairs.

The teen nervously ran his tongue over his semi-pointed fangs, thanking his lucky stars that he'd decided to take a nap this afternoon. (The day/night thing was also a killer bitch as the teen didn't know what was up and what was down.) Usagi on the other hand (unfortunately), was out all day and up all night seven bloody days a week.

Near silent footsteps padded down the hall and to the top of the stairs, revealing the tall, pale, muscular demigod that was the vampyric Akihiko.

The man was still half-dressed, as mornings—er twilights, had never (EVER) been a strongpoint of his. His black slacks smoothed down his long, sleek legs all the way to his bare feet, and he'd "forgotten" to button half of the buttons on his long sleeved black collard shirt.

Akihiko sauntered down the steps, his blood red irises fixed on the half-changed teen.

"Gud evening Misakiiii," He purred in a mock Dracula voice.

Misaki was not amused.

"Can you get any cheesier?"

"Yes." Usagi smiled back, licking his lips as he looked Misaki up and down. The teen noticed and tried not to shiver.

"Well Misakiki," The older man cooed, taking a few steps forward. "Aren't you going to ask me if I want dinner?"

Misaki's red-rimmed green eyes narrowed in disgust. How the fucking hell did this man managed to use such obvious lines and still make his spine tingle in excitement?

"How stupid do you think I am Usagi-san?" The teen muttered back, making sure to keep the author in his sights.

Akihiko raised an amused eyebrow and smiled. Hmmm, a certain little halfblood had lost some of his naivety. That would make him a little less fun to play with, but he found the image of a maturing Misaki helplessly alluring…

The full blood licked his lips again with a subtle smack, making Misaki visibly flinch. But instead of racing forward and forcibly taking his cute lover, Akihiko decided on a move that made Misaki's dhampir blood run cold. He planted his feet together, spread his arms out, and looked Misaki right in the eye.

"Come here Mi-sa-sa-ki." Came his growling purr that vibrated even as it rang in the teen's ears.

Misaki shifted nervously, his red and green eyes darting to the floor. Damn that Usagi and his goddamn wiliness! Misaki had seen through his (painfully) obvious ploy, so now he was going to make Misaki walk right into his waiting arms! Misaki began to bristle as he tried to avoid the man's smile, but he knew he only had one option.

Slowly, the boy took a step forward. He was about to take another when he stopped, clenching his hands to stop them from shaking.

"Mi-saki-saki-saki," Usagi hummed, his pale lips parting to reveal gleaming white fangs, the sight of which made Misaki's insides twist even when he had seen them so many times. But, tired of his shaking fear, the teen gathered a burst of courage and bridged the gap between them. The boy stood in front of his older lover, painfully aware of their obvious size difference. Misaki's eyes drifted up towards Usagi's but they shot back down when man let out a growling chuckle.

"That's a good boy…" Akihiko murmured as he wrapped his arms around the shivering boy. "Shhhhhh…." He breathed, resting his cold cheek against Misaki's lukewarm skin. "The night is young, and we're both going to enjoy this…"

"Usagi-san—AAAHH! USAGI-SAN!" The boy screamed as Akihiko pulled the hood of Misaki's sweatshirt away from his neck. One large hand took the teen's shoulder, while the other snaked around to hold his head out of the way of Akihiko's fanged mouth. Misaki desperately clutched Usagi's elbow, shaking uncontrollably as he felt ice cold breath, then the needle sharp fangs prick and sink into his thin neck. Akihiko widened his mouth and bit down on a thickening vein, causing Misaki to cry out. The older man held the boy's head and began to drink the warm, red liquid that flowed onto his tongue. He sucked harder at the boy's neck, encouraging the vein to give faster.

"Ack!..Uh! Augh!…" Misaki gasped as the pain took over his mind. He tried not to squirm against the man's bite, knowing that it could cause him more pain, but he whimpered and shifted anyway, Akihiko's arms holding him tightly in place. Usagi kept licking up the boy's blood, aware of Misaki's distress. Even though he'd been fed from before, it wasn't really something one could get used to. Things would be easier when Misaki became a full blood. They could feed off each other and feel pleasure in the act instead of pain.

The boy started to slump down as Akihiko took a few more mouthfuls, his knees shaking and his cries growing into quiet gurgles. Usagi detached his mouth from the boy's neck, a string of red saliva breaking as Misaki's head lolled back. The boy shuddered as Akihiko gave his neck a final lick and breathed right into his ear.

"You're sweet Misaki…so very sweet."

Misaki let out a small moan, the blood loss beginning to dampen his mind and body like a drug. Akihiko caught Misaki's knees just as they gave out and swept the limp boy up into his muscular arms, carrying him up the stairs to his dark bedroom.