Fanged Rabbit part II

Bloody Lemony Goodness

Misaki had closed his eyes when he felt his lover pick him up, and when he opened them again, he found that the only light he could see was coming from the ajar door of Usagi's room. Misaki adjusted his heavy head, feeling the comfort of the black silk pillows and sheets arranged around him. He felt the bed creak underneath him and he could just make out the dark silhouette of his lover crawling in his direction. Cold hands took the edge of Misaki's hoodie and pulled it up till it came completely off. After doing the same with Misaki's shirt, Akihiko lay down next to his little halfblood, tracing his pointer finger around Misaki's cheek.

"Thank you Misakiki," He breathed quietly into the boy's ear. "You always give me such good blood, sweet and delicious…"

Misaki let out a long exhale, his eyes fixed on his lover and his lips parted.

"Usa—gi…" He murmured as Akihiko pressed his lips to the boy's cheek.

"You made me feel so good Misaki… so now, it's your turn."

Misaki let out half a protest before Akihiko's lips took his in an embrace of mouths and slick tongues. Misaki felt the vampire's tongue weave and rub against every inch of his mouth, his lover's oral muscle lashing out with power and dominance. The boy was still so lightheaded that all he could do was grip the fabric of Akihiko's ebony shirt and moan muffled sounds of pleasure. Akihiko broke the probing kiss to give Misaki some air, and let his lips brush along the teen's ear, jaw line, and bite-marked neck. He smoothed his cold tongue along the two clotting holes he'd created, helping the wound to seal itself. Misaki panted and squirmed dazedly as Usagi licked down his pulsing neck and collarbone, while a set of cold fingers laced around his chest, fondling his erect nipples and brushing along the buckle of his belt. His mouth soon followed, taking a hard pink bud between his lips and teasing it, his other hand smoothing along Misaki's undulating torso.

"U-Usagi-san…" Misaki said, his voice barely a hair above a whisper.

Akihiko hummed as his small love called his name, sending rippling vibrations into Misaki's sensitive buds. The uke moaned again, and spread his arms out above him. His limbs twitched as Usagi kept mouthing and caressing his body, his small fingers curling into relaxed arcs. Akihiko watched in delight as Misaki's thighs spread apart as he relaxed under his touch. Ready to eat more Misaki himself, the vampire slid his hand down and undid the buckle of Misaki's belt, making quick work of it and the boy's jeans.

Misaki sucked in a lungful of air as he felt himself suddenly exposed, and his chest began to heave in anticipation and fear as Akihiko slid in between his legs, pushing his hands down on Misaki's inner thighs to spread them wider.

"Ahhh…Ah!" Misaki tensed as the older man swept his tongue from Misaki's knee all the way to his hardening member. Akihiko's red irises peered between Misaki's legs hungrily and he leaned his head down and engulfed the boy's erection all at once.

Misaki arched his back and made rasping sounds as he felt Akihiko's cold, wet mouth bob and tease his sensitive cock, the wet, smacking sounds echoing in his ears. His trembling hands slowly reached down and gripped handfuls of silver hair, making Usagi's tongue moved even faster as he grew excited at the boy's touch.

Misaki's entire body bucked as he felt the thick, rough tongue rub along his slit. He let out a moan, his head rolling back and forth against the pillow. He always marveled that Usagi could blow him so skillfully and never once draw blood with his sharp fangs.

The teen's multicolored eyes widened as he felt unbelievable pressure in his lower body. He drew panting breaths as Akihiko sucked harder and faster, sending him into a whirling climax.

"A—AAUUUGH!" Misaki screamed as he came, filling Akihiko's mouth with an equally delicious liquid (or so the vampire thought so). Usagi sucked the limp teen dry, then slipped his mouth away with a light pop. He stretched his streamlined body over his small lover, placing his face right in front of Misaki's doe eyes. His garnet irises glinted and he chuckled as Misaki breathed shallowly against his face. He slipped his tongue in between the teen's parted lips, letting Misaki faintly taste himself as the man's tongue swept around his mouth. Akihiko weaved his long fingers into Misaki's warm chocolate locks, running his nails along the boy's scalp. The vampire broke the kiss and pressed his open mouth into Misaki's hair, inhaling deeply through his nose.

"Mmmmm," He breathed. "You smell just like your blood, Misaki. So sweet… You intoxicate me."

The teen shivered at his lover's purring praise. He could already feel himself becoming aroused again as Akihiko ran the tip of his nose down Misaki's neck and chest. He stopped briefly at a nipple and Misaki cried out in horror as Akihiko bit down on it with his fangs. The boy shoved him away in fright, his eyes wide and terribly afraid.

"Y-You BIT ME!"

"Misaki, I bite you all the time."


Akihiko smiled, clucking his tongue.

"Sorry, I lost control for a second. Besides, we save that particular privilege for when you change completely."

Misaki's mouth gapped.


Akihiko chuckled.

"It's more fun than it sounds."

The aghast teen couldn't even reply to that one. But he didn't have the chance anyway, because Usagi took his mouth in another deep kiss, dominating Misaki in every way. The teen felt cold fingers trace teasingly down his chest, between his legs, all the way to his entrance. Akihiko circled his thumb around the sensitive spot, sending little bolts of lightning shooting up inside the boy's head.

Misaki sighed as Akihiko's tongue slipped back out of his mouth, but it was quickly replaced by three of Usagi's fingers. Misaki recoiled at first, but the feeling of Akihiko's fingertips dancing lightly along his tongue weakened the boy's resolve. He sucked on them for a few seconds, coating the digits with his saliva.

Akihiko removed his fingers and moved them south, planting kisses all along Misaki's face as he slid the first one in. Misaki tensed as he was entered. Akihiko massaged the boy's milky white hip, helping him to relax as he added another slick finger and scissored the tight hole.

Misaki's chin inched towards the ceiling as his older love fingered him, and he unexpectedly gasped as Usagi's probing digits hunted out his sweet spot.

Feeling that Misaki was properly prepared, Akihiko unsheathed his fingers and began slipping off his shirt. Misaki's half closed eyelids shot up as he heard the zipper of his lover's fly go south. Misaki shifted his hips around as Usagi spread his legs again and cupped his large hands underneath the boy's knees, preparing to take him at a deep angle. Misaki's breath grew faster as he felt the rock-hard prick ease itself into his insides. His dangling feet squirmed and twitched and his fingers dug so hard into the sheets they were shaking.

"GRAAHH!" Akihiko looked up in surprise as Misaki let out an animalistic growl deep from within his chest. Misaki stretched his jaw, his lips folding back as he arched his tiny fangs. After a second, the boy closed his mouth, looking both awed and embarrassed.

Akihiko's own lips stretched back as he bared his own teeth in a pointy grin. What a simply adorable little vampire Misaki would make. The very thought had Akihiko's brain buzzing and he quickly jumped to take the reigns.

Misaki yelped in surprise when Akihiko buried his entire member in the boy with one final thrust, hitting his prostate head on. The older man held Misaki's legs up higher, muffling the boy's mewls with a sensuous kiss. Misaki blinked a couple times, moisture that had welled up spilling down his cheeks. When Usagi felt Misaki relax, he began moving in slow, deep strokes, still licking the inside of the teen's mouth.

Misaki felt pleasure spill in his drugged, lethargic mind as his body was rocked back and forth. He moaned louder into the vampire's fanged mouth, moving his hips in time with Usagi's thrusts to increase the delicious friction. Akihiko set the pace higher, jerking the smaller body even more as he dove into the warm, wet, soft crevice of Misaki. The boy's lingering human heat exhilarated the undead man like nothing else. The way the boy smelled when sweat dripped down his body and that wonderful raw perfume drove him absolutely insane, and his moans were so delicate and wanton Usagi wanted to hear him scream them out.

Misaki cried out again as Akihiko started thrusting so fast the boy was tossing his head in pain and sensation. Akihiko gripped the boy's thighs intensely as he felt himself near a climax. Letting one of Misaki's legs drop, he reached down and stroked the boy's weeping cock in time with the thrusts, making Misaki's moans reach a whole new volume.

"Usa—Usagi!…AAHH! USAGI!" Misaki screamed as he came, spilling cum all over his stomach and lover's hand. The boy went completely limp as the orgasm washed a gray wave over his mind, making him even more lightheaded than before.

Usagi continued to ride the teen until he came as well, letting out a deep guttural growl as he filled the teen with his warm cum. He glanced musingly at the exhausted, panting creature in front of him as he withdrew and zipped up his black pants. Misaki winced as he felt a cold, rough tongue begin to stroke at his cum-covered stomach, licking him clean.

"Usa—gi… that's…you shouldn't…"

Akihiko chuckled at the teen's slurred words.

"Misakiki, you should never let good food go to waste." He made his point by lapping up a thick puddle and swallowing it hungrily. Misaki's eyelids drooped downward as he felt the blood feeding and the sex drain his body energy's completely.

"Hmm, I might've taken too much…" He heard Usagi muse. Large familiar hands slid underneath his back and propped him up, and when he felt Akihiko's breath touch his mouth, the boy opened his eyes.

"You should eat tonight too Misaki-saki." Akihiko murmured. In one deft movement, he brought a pale wrist to his mouth and ripped a small opening in a vein, causing the liquid rubies to pool up above the surface of his skin. Without spilling a drop, he brought his wrist to Misaki's mouth. The teen, far too tired to disagree, wordlessly cupped his lips around the cut and began to suck, Akihiko's rich, musky blood dripping down onto his tongue. He was somewhat relieved that this act didn't bother him anymore. The first time he'd taken blood he'd gagged and nearly thrown up, but the more the boy changed, the more he actually began to acquire a taste for it.

After the boy had had enough to help boost his energy, Akihiko withdrew his wrist and replaced it with his mouth, tasting a wine of both himself and the subtle sweetness of his Misaki.

Akihiko grinned into the kiss. He might have to make the change go a bit faster. Misaki was going to be a delectable undead.

Plus he couldn't wait to introduce Misaki to nipple biting. It really was fun.


Dear Vampire Usagi,

Please kill Edward Cullen. Thank you.

Lol sorry, personal vendetta. I shouldn't be dragging all of you into this.

(But seriously. Stake him Usagi. Vampires don't sparkle and they aren't nice and full of rainbows)

But on another note, be sure to check out the sequels to the "Fanged" series: Fanged Egoist and Fanged Uke.

Bloody kisses to you all!