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My darling readers, welcome to Hearts In Sync (fondly referred to in my mind as HIS). I am going to be attempting something rather different than my usual style of work, trying to broaden my writing skills. As a result, I will be taking longer with each chapter, making sure everything is as I want it to be. Bear with me and I'm sure it will be well worth it.

Now, let's air a few things out. I am the, slightly embarrassed but, proud owner of The

Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide. I have done a fair amount of research on each of the characters, and will continue to do so as this story is formed, using said book. That being said, I am changing some of the information given within that lovely, not-so-little book. I have this thing, anti-feminist as it may be, about men being older, stronger, taller than women. So, even though Paul is technically three years younger than Bella in Stephanie Meyer's world, he will not be in my rendition of Stephanie Meyer's world. Actually, I will be changing quite a bit about the Twilight world as we know it. Not to worry, the most vital information will be the same. I'm just… tweeking some things.

We open the curtain, my darlings, at the lowest point in Bella's life. However, you will notice with these first chapters that there is a resounding lack of Bella's POV. And that, my dears, is because Bella's POV will be severely lacking until much later in this story.

I think that's enough talk. For now, enjoy the first chapter of Hearts In Sync.

Disclaimer: I am not Stephanie Meyer. I do not own Twilight.

Chapter One

Sam's POV

"See ya tomorrow, Sam!"

I waved over my shoulder, not even bothering to turn around to see who had called out to me. My body ached, exhausted after a night of patrols followed by a day of hard manual labor at the construction site. I threw my hard-hat into the opened window of the cab of my red '78 F150 and sighed in relief as I opened the door and slid behind the wheel. The old girl fired up with a soft roar, the rebuilt engine practically purring as I headed back towards La Push and Emily.

As I passed through the western part of Forks, I grimly took in the decorations outside the homes. Ghosts hung from trees, witches cackled under purple lights, and pumpkins sat on every stoop. I growled as I passed one house that had a vampire lying in a coffin, arms crossed over his chest, fangs protruding. Just the thought of those disgusting blood suckers reminded me of one more stop I had to make before going home.

I briefly considered stopping by the next day instead, but decided against it. Emily would be furious if she knew I skipped out, so I turned my truck towards Chief Swan's house.

Unwarranted images flashed through my mind as I drove, forcing me back to that September night when I found Isabella Swan lying in the middle of the woods. She had been so still, if not for my enhanced hearing, I wouldn't have thought she was alive. In my mind, I saw her prone body, lying across the damp forest floor. Her wide brown eyes flickered across a horrific image only she could see, her lips moving rapidly in a silent plea for her dead lover to return, the usual glow that highlighted her cheeks stolen by the cold rain pelting her from above.

The whole pack knew Bella through the Blacks, myself having met her at First Beach with Jacob. She was a shy girl, exceptionally clumsy, and pale as a vampire. From that first meeting I had liked her. She had exuded an innocence that was rare for someone her age. The night I discovered her in the woods by her house, I knew that innocence was no longer in place. Life had completely faded from her eyes, leaving a dull shadow of her former self behind.

I parked my truck in front of the Swans' house, noting that Charlie had left the front porch light on, expecting me. I walked up the front steps and knocked lightly on the door, my ears listening for the two heartbeats inside.

I heard Charlie grunt as he hefted himself from his chair and made his way to the door. The sound of Sports Center played from the TV, talking about some football player that was killing his team's chance at making it to the Super Bowl.

"Sam," Charlie greeted after opening the door.

"Hey, Charlie. She still up?" I asked, noting how tired the man looked.

"Think so. Hasn't started screaming yet," Charlie sighed, stepping back to let me in.

"No change, then?" I questioned, glancing up the stairs.

"I don't know what to do about her. I called Renee, but she wants me to send Bella to live with her. I… I think we might lose her if we moved her away from what's familiar," Charlie confessed, wearily rubbing his face.

Unable to offer reassurances, I simply clapped his shoulder on my way to the stairs. He shuffled his way back to his chair, groaning as he sank into it.

The upstairs was dark as I made my way to Bella's door. Not bothering to knock, I opened the door an inch.

"Bella? It's Sam. Are you still awake?" I asked softly.

Of course, there was no answer. She hadn't spoken since the night I found her. Listening to her breathing, I knew from the light, easy breaths that she was still awake and opened the door further.

Her bedside lamp was on, thanks to Charlie no doubt. She was sitting up in bed, staring straight ahead out the window. Everything was just as spotless as usual, even the covers around her. I could tell she had lost some weight since last week, weight she really couldn't afford to lose. Her hair was tied back, as usual, but it looked like Charlie had managed to get her to shower earlier today. I hid a wince as I glanced into her still lifeless eyes.

"Hey, kiddo," I greeted, pulling up the rocking chair.

She didn't so much as blink.

"Sorry I took so long getting here. The job ran a little late today. We're working on renovating a home from the early forties, updating all the fixtures and such. The woman who owns it reminds me a lot of you," I told her.

Still nothing.

"Em wanted me to invite you to the rez for dinner sometime. She's real eager to meet you," I continued.

As she continued to sit there, completely stoic, I rocked and told her everything I could remember from my week. I had no idea whether she heard me or not, but Charlie said she slept better after my visits. So, to help save this fragile little girl, I babbled on about the rain, my work, and Emily.

I heard Charlie coming up the stairs over an hour later, his footfalls hesitant, hopeful. He took a deep breath before opening the door, his expression wary. His shoulders fell slightly when he saw Bella hadn't so much as changed positions while I was here.

"Time for bed, Bells," Charlie announced, walking in to turn off the lamp.

As if that were her cue, she sank beneath the covers and closed her eyes. Charlie bent over and kissed her forehead before leaving the room. I walked over, kissed her cheek, and followed him out onto the landing.

"So, nothing?" Charlie asked, though he already knew the answer.

"Sorry, Chief," I sighed, clapping his shoulder.

"S'alright. Didn't really expect it, anyway," Charlie admitted, shaking his head.

"I'll come by next Friday," I said as we walked down the stairs.

"Actually, Sam, I wanted to talk to you about something," Charlie started slowly.

I waited for him to continue, frowning slightly as he crossed and uncrossed his arms.

"Look, I wouldn't ask if I had another option, but… I'm going out of town for a couple weeks starting Monday. There's a trial in Seattle that I'm being called to testify in. It's that serial killer from a few months ago. He took that Marshall girl, Katie. Anyway, I can't leave Bella here alone. She might… I just can't do it. I would ask Billy, but he's not exactly capable of helping Bella in her state. I know you have that extra guest room and Emily doesn't work… Is there any chance she could stay with you and Emily? I can pay for whatever she would need while staying. I just need someone to make sure nothing happens to her," Charlie explained painfully.

I nodded slowly, understanding exactly what he wasn't saying. If left on her own, Bella might do something drastic to end the pain she was experiencing. And there was no doubt in anyone's mind, she was going through a mother-load of emotional trauma. The problem was nobody could figure out a reason why except for that the leech had left town.

"I'll have to talk to Emily, but I'm sure she'll agree. What time do you need to leave Monday?" I asked.

"If you two can take her, I'd actually like to leave late Sunday afternoon to get settled in. I could drop her off before I leave town," Charlie offered.

"I'll call you tomorrow and let you know for sure, but that should work out just fine," I agreed.

"Thank you, Sam. Tell Emily I said hello," Charlie smiled weakly as I made my way outside.

"Will do," I called over my shoulder as I made my way to my truck.

The twenty minute ride home to Emily was spent going over patrol routes, finding a way to help Bella come back from the black hole she put herself in, finishing this construction job, guiding Jared and Kim through the imprinting process, and helping Paul keep his temper in check around humans.

But the minute I walked through the front door, everything else took a backseat to my Emily.

"Hi, sweetie. How was your day?" Emily asked with a kiss as soon as I walked in.

"Long. I missed you," I rumbled, breathing in her scent.

"Did you stop by and see Bella?" Emily asked, cuddling into my chest.

I nodded against her hair, closing my eyes as a peace only she could bring settled over me. All the worries fell off my shoulders and I felt light as she led me to the kitchen.

"Paul and Jared came by today after work and stayed for a while. Jared wanted me to tell you he was going to patrol after checking in on Kim. Paul said he was going to come over to watch the game Sunday and Jared's planning on bringing Kim," Emily said, setting down a plate for me.

As I ate, she continued on about her day, mindless chatter that eased all the lingering troubled emotions until I was practically purring with contentment. I grabbed hold of her as she came to collect my plate, pulling her into my lap and nuzzling her neck, kissing her scars on my way. Shudders wracked my body as her slim fingers threaded through my hair and I groaned at the simple pleasure. With a contented sound, she laid her forehead against mine, rubbing our noses together. We sat that way for some time, just sharing breaths.

"Come on," Emily whispered after a while, taking my hand in hers and leading me into the bedroom.

I slowly began to undress her, my touch reverent upon her smooth skin. Her cool touch sizzled against my skin as she returned the favor. Despite my exhaustion, I laid her down on the bed and showed her just how much I needed her, how much I loved her.

After, we laid wrapped in each other's arms, her head resting on my shoulder. My fingers combed through her hair, spreading the silken strands across the pillow. She murmured softly against my skin, snuggling closer.

"Em?" I questioned softly.


"Charlie Swan asked me if Bella could spend a few weeks here with us," I told her.

She shifted so her chin rested on my chest, her brows drawn together.


"He has to go to Seattle for a trial and he doesn't want to leave her home alone. He's worried she might… try something," I explained.

"Try something? As in hurt herself?" Emily frowned deeper.

I nodded, watching her carefully.

"Of course she should come stay. The poor girl," Emily clucked.

"You sure you'd be okay with it? She's not good, Em. She doesn't respond to anyone, not even Charlie. She just stays in bed and stares at the wall. I don't think she's really even eating," I said.

"Then this could be a good thing for her. A change of scenery, getting her away from where it happened. Sam, we have to help," Emily insisted.

"You are an amazing woman, Emily Young," I smiled, kissing her.

"Not half as amazing as you," Emily grinned back.

"Way more than me," I argued, moving to hover over her.

"Not even close," Emily breathed as she spread her legs for me.

As I slid inside her warmth, I made it my mission to show her just how amazing she truly was.

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