Introduction and Warnings

First of all anyone who has read my Unfinished tales will have already have read most of chapter one, I went back and fixed up some spelling errors and changed one or two things here and there but ultimate not much is too different.

Having not written much in a while I fancied going back and trying my hand at one of the unfinished works I have and this one stood out as having the most potential,

For once I actually have something resembling a layout instead of just leaping into this blindfolded so the story does have a beginning and an ending but I haven't decided on everything yet so I may ask you to vote on something or another eventually.

That been said let me let you know what your in for.


This is strictly Harry/Hermione, no other pairings are decided yet but this is going to happen…don't like, don't read.

Manipulative Dumbledore

Asshole/Idiotic Ron Weasley

Asshole James Potter & Sirius Black

Asshole Severus Snape

Also good chance of slash pairings but there won't be anything too descriptive.

Original Character's, I only have two in mind that will play somewhat big roles. I doubt I need to write any others.

Can't think of anything else right now but if there is I'll add it at a later date.