Chapter III

The Fallout Year

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"Fear not James, I have a plan", James crossed his arms in annoyance whilst Sirius just stood there trying to comprehend everything that had happened so far,

"Well what's your plan Professor?" James asked unable to believe there was a way out of this,

"Follow me to my office my boy, but tell me what do you think of the title "Vanquisher of Voldemort?"


Albus Dumbledore finally had time to relax and reflect within his office, He enjoyed the looks of admiration upon the faces of the new entrants into the school each year and gave his normal speech, changing a thing here or there to make it appear fresh, he idly wondered how the Sorting Hat managed to keep coming up with new songs each year.

However his mood soon turned sower as his thoughts once again like so many times in the past year led him to the disappearance of one Lily Potter who with her had taken the Child of Prohercy,

Albus had tried tracking down the wayward mother but alas not found anything of much value, He had however spoken with the goblins who had informed him that she was no longer considered a Potter but was once again an Evans,

Albus wondered how his plan could have gone so wrong, the compulsion charm he had placed on young Lily should have made her more accepting of less than appealing traits, Albus was well aware of how arrogant and immature the lad could be but to take away the man's son,

Albus shook his head at this, as much as he wished he could say James was devastated by the loss of his wife and son, he simply wasn't, for a short time Albus had believed it to be true but it had appeared James was more angry at the thought of any women leaving him and he barely gave his son a second thought,

Albus also was aware that he needed to get young Harry back in England eventually, Voldemort was not gone forever no matter what it appeared, he may have joined in the festivities of the 'temporary' defeat of the Dark Lord but at the same time he had to plan a way to get Harry Potter back to England and hopefully under his guidance and watch, there was no other choice and after all it was for the greater good.


James woke up to a very familiar feeling, a pounding in his head and a naked women pressed up against him or in today's case two naked women, James sighed,

"If only this headache would go this would be paradise", he thought to himself, after giving a a half hearted goodbye to his 'bed buddies' and making himself presentable, he made his way to the Black Manor, a couple of months ago Sirius mother had fallen down the stairs whilst yelling at her House Elf, the doctors quickly found she had broken her neck during the fall, this had also lead to the House Elf Kreacher taking his won life for causing his mistresses death, to the surprise of many but none more so than Sirius, Sirius's name hadn't been taken of the Black wall and thus he had never been 'official' disowned by the Black family, it had taken some time, especially with people like Lucius Malfoy trying to stake his claim, but eventually Sirius had been given the title of Lord Black,

James greeted his best friend who also had the look of a rough night on his face, both men had taken to living it up and enjoying their youth and power,

James life was was almost perfect but it wasn't complete, he wanted h8is wife and son back, even to this day he was still angry with the bitch for leaving him, He was a man and had needs and eventually he would be Lord Potter, hadn't she realised that even if he did sleep around he wasn't breaking any laws,

She had also taken his heir, and that was one thing James would make her pay for when he found them, Harry would carry on the Potter line and all would be good, but sadly after a year of searching and no clues of where they could be James was thinking it might be time to consider having another heir,

A few days after Lily and Harry's disappearance, the goblins had requested his presence, finding out that his wife and 'divorced' him had knocked him for six so to speak, James only shying grace was the fact that whilst Lily had denounced his name he and she were still married in the eyes of the ministry, However if he wanted to produce another heir perhaps it was time to make that divorce final,

He knew it wouldn't be much trouble finding a new women, ever since he defeated Voldemort women were throwing themselves at him, it was just a matter of picking the right women, busty and easy to manipulate,

"What are you think about Prongs?" Sirius asked his best friend, James looked at him before giving off his famous Potter grin,

"Oh just this and that Paddy...this and that"


Lily held her new baby daughter close to her as she was currently breast feeding, she couldn't help but look down at the beautiful little bundle held in her arms, she wondered how something so precious could be half made by the toe rag James Potter, however she had already asked that question when she often played with little Harry,

She looked over in the living room of her four bedroomed home and watched as her mother had Harry in her lap whilst join the youngster in watching cartoons, Lily gave a contented sigh, she had her parents with her along with her children, she only wished she didn't have the constant fear of someone finding them looming over her all the time,

The past year had brought about many changes to the young red head, firstly moving to another country had proven rather easy has the magical community of New Zealand was still young, not to say Lily hadn't done some research, sadly it seemed that prejudice was existent even here but it wasn't about blood status, apparently it was all about new magic and the magic of old, new magic was what Lily had been using, wands and mechanics of magic, the old magic users were stubbornly holding onto to the beliefs of the connection with nature,

Lily sighed remembering that France also had prejudice but there it was all about money, Bulgaria was much like England about Blood status whilst the American continents were similar to New Zealand, old and new magic,

She remembered being a young girl and hoping upon entering the magical world that it would be like in the fairy tales but alas it wasn't, people were people and magic or not they were all the same at times, looking down on others and starting wars over things as ridicules as blood status, Lily hated it, she had accepted the fact that the world was not all love and bunnies but she had hoped it would be a better place for her children,

Her parents had been a amazing help, Lily could never thank them enough for leaving their entire lives behind in England for her, both of them had settled in surprisingly well, her dad had been a Geography teacher back in England and had been hired six months by one of the local primary schools, her mother had taken to an early retirement since Lily was working for Gringotts plus she had insisted as she wanted time with her grandchildren, One small issue for her parents however was Petunia, both Lily and her parents had tried reaching out a few times to her, her parents were amazed at how closed minded and cruel their eldest child had become, Petunia wanted nothing to do with them whilst they continued to live with Lily and her freakiness as she would put it.

Lily was also thankful to the goblins, some of them were still weary around her but with a glowing report from Ragnok they had given her a fair chance, sadly she had missed the last couple of months at work but the goblins were understanding as children were deemed very precious and important to their race,

She was also aware of things that will still going on back in England, a part of her wanted to head back there just so she could behead James Potter for taking the credit for something Remus had done, How the man could call Remus one of his closest friends and then do that was terrible, she was also aware that Pettigrew had been named the traitor and although it had taken some time, he had been tracked down and was now in Azkaban prison,

Suddenly her daughter Violet Diane Evans began crying, patting the babies back until she burped and calmed down, Lily wondered what the future might hold for her children and how she was going to handle all the questions they would undoubtedly have when they got older.


Peter Pettigrew shivered as he felt another one of those horrible beasts float past his cell, he had managed to avoid capture for almost six months but eventually they had caught him,

When his master hadn't returned that night Peter instantly knew something was wrong, many of the other Death Eaters were also beginning to get worried, something was wrong and none of them knew what, it also didn't help their nerves that the dark mark had lessened considerably,

Peter had handed the Potter family to his master on a silver platter, Peter also had a back up plan of blaming Sirius since he was the obvious choice of secret keeper,

Two days after his master's disappearance came the report of the Wizard Wireless from Albus Dumbledore himself that Lord Voldemort had indeed been vanquished, Peter had felt his blood run cold at this but then to follow that up with the fact that James had been to one to destroy him and had also survived had almost caused peter to faint from shock,

If James was alive then his back up plan was also no good, the very next day there had been a warrant out for his arrest, staying in his animagus form had helped at first but one of the Marauder's had let it be known that he could transform into a rat, also a nice reward of five thousand galleons had been placed on his head, needless to say, the population of rats soon deteriorate,

Amazingly it hadn't been a person that had been his downfall but a freaking owl, he had been looking for food when he had smelt some place close by, reaching the strangest looking house he had ever seen that could only have been held together with magic, he watched from a distant, he vaguely recognised these people, they were the Weasels or something like that,

He couldn't risk being caught so he waited until the night crept in, sadly he wasn't aware that whilst he was watching the house the family owl had been watching him, coming out from his hiding place, the owl had swooped down and grabbed him in it's talons, it had slashed against his stomach causing him to transform back screaming in pain, the next thing he knew, hew was being hit with a stunning hex and waking up chained to a chair in front of a room full of people glaring at him.

The 'trail' had been a joke as everyone knew he was guilty and he had been thrown into Azkaban for the rest of his life,

Peter started to cry, life was so unfair sometimes and he didn't know how much longer he could cope in this hell, sadly his mind couldn't comprehend that it was all his fault.


The magical community as a whole spent much of the past year in celebrations, many new marriages and babies had come along, moral was at a all time high and things were finally going well for the most part,

Severus Snape had been acquitted of being a death Eater by Albus Dumbledore himself, this had irked both James and Sirius since both had wanted nothing more to do with him, Albus hoped that for the greater good neither man ever found out that Severus was responsible for Voldemort attacking the Potter family in the first place,

Many of the other death eaters were also let free, many of them claimed to be under the imperious curse and with the help of gold changing hands saw to it that they served no prison sentence, Luscious Malfoy had found himself out of a pretty penny or two, but the price of his freedom was anything, he also made sure he was seen giving gold to certain charities to make up for the damage he had caused whilst under the imperio spell, other rich death eaters also did the same and several helped one or two of there less well off friends, after all it never hurt to have someone owe you a favour.

Sadly the end of the war didn't really change much, within months the Pure blood elite were the stone pillars of magical Britain and back in power within the ministry, The only thing they couldn't change was the people's outlook on one James Potter who was hailed as a hero, Many of them thought constantly about taking out the person who had defeated their master but many of them were aware that no amount of gold could keep James Potters killer out of Azkaban,

It seemed that the more things changed, the more they stayed the same.


Deep in the forests of Nottingham a ghostly shade had finally amounted the power to take control of the beast dwelling around him, it forced itself into the body of a rabbit, it could sense that even now it didn't have full power to take complete control of the feeble creatures mind but it was better than being a wandering spirit, for a fleeting second the rabbits eyes turned blood red with the shade taking control with only one thought in it's head,

To find and kill Harry Potter.


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