I tried for weeks to come up with an idea for a satisfying second chapter for childhood friends, but truth be told I had never intended to make a second chapter. I knew that I had to do something to satisfy the readers waiting for a second chapter, so I made this: an alternate version of childhood friends. Here it is: Childhood Friends: Redux! Also, as a side note: I do not read the manga online. As such, I have not yet reached the part where you apparently find out that Akashiya is not Moka's real name. Hence, I am going to leave it as I know so far.


The van drove through the night at a brisk pace, yet not fast enough that the engine would make too much noise. It was pitch black, which helped the van blend in unseen. Even though the headlights were off, the driver had no trouble seeing where he was going; his vampirific eyes were designed for night hunting. He is not important to our story, however; the important ones are his passengers: a young silver-haired girl who couldn't have been older than six that was sitting across from her father, Count Akashiya, a respected noble in the vampire world. He was taking his daughter out for her first time feeding from a live human, and he was currently reviewing the basics.

"Now tell me again Moka; what do you do if the human wakes up?" He questioned, already knowing that she knew the answer.

"Hit them hard enough that they fall unconscious, but not hard enough to kill them." His daughter responded matter-of-factly.

"And why don't we kill them?"

"Because a human dying out of the blue would attract more attention than a human waking up feeling drained." Count Akashiya nodded, impressed by his daughters vigilance.

"Good, now one last time: you cannot take more than…"

"Two pints of blood."

"Alright; you're ready." Count Akashiya turned to the driver. "Stop here." He ordered. The driver complied. Moka looked out of the window at the house they had stopped at. It was an ordinary cookie-cutter house, no different from the ones around it. It wasn't a very big house, barely two stories, but it looked as if it was well-cared for. The lawn was freshly-cut and there was a pathway leading from the curb to the front door. Parked to the left of the path was a quaint little blue car, one that was typical to the family of a working man. Moka turned towards her father.

"I will be right back." She declared, already knowing what her father was going to say. She gripped the door handle and pulled it, stepping out into the humidity of the late-May night. She closed the door behind her and strolled over to the cement path. She arrived at the door a mere moment later, and then proceeded to pick the lock, just the way she had been told ("There can't be any signs of a forced entry," Her father had said), and the door swung open silently, with a slight push when she was done. Moka entered the house and closed the door behind her, then turned and observed her surroundings in case she needed to make a quick getaway.

She was in what she would refer to as the main hall; it was a narrow hallway that had a staircase against the left wall behind an open doorway that led into a room with a couch, a TV, and a small table. To her right as another open doorway, which led into what appeared to be the kitchen, due to the refrigerator and oven in plain sight. Down the hallway, past the stairs, was what appeared to be the bathroom, a porcelain throne visible through the cracked-open door. Happy with her analysis, Moka closed her eyes and attempted to sniff out any people in the house. She found three: Upstairs to her left, there were two full-grown adults. She assumed they were the parents of the much smaller person that she to her upper right. She opened her eyes and decided to go for the adults; she could afford to take a little bit more from them, as opposed to the child. She ascended the stairs and turned left, but she froze in her tracks at the sound of a tiny voice.

"Who are you?" The voice was small, and seemed to belong to someone harmless, but Moka inwardly cursed at the fact that she let her guard down as she twirled around and brought her hands up in a fighting position. Sure, Moka might have been only six, but she was a vampire, and she would certainly put up an amazing fight. However, her anger quickly turned into confusion when she saw that it was the small kid that she had sensed earlier. He couldn't have been that much older than she was. Still, Moka didn't relax her guard. She couldn't accept the fact that he had managed to sneak up on her. She blatantly ignored his question and instead followed up with one of her own.

"Um…Who are you?" Yep, real original Moka. Real original.

"I'm Tsukune Aono. Nice to meet you!" The boy said, smiling as he stuck out his hand. Moka tensed, but she once again became confused when his hand remained in the air. He was just holding it there.

"Um… what are you doing?" Moka asked. Tsukune's eyes widened.

"Don't you know what a handshake is?" He asked. Moka shook her head no, and Tsukune frowned, but he quickly resumed his smile.

"Don't worry; it's really easy!" He said, and then stepped forward towards Moka, who immediately reacted by taking a step back, raising her hands into a fighting position and hissing. Tsukune recoiled, scared by the sudden aggressive attitude.

"What do you think you're doing?" Moka hissed out. Tsukune was startled by the reaction of the strange girl, so his response took a few seconds to form.

"I-I'm showing you how to shake hands." He managed to stutter out. Moka thought about this.

He was reaching for my hand… She reasoned. And I doubt that 'shaking hands' is some kind of misnomer… Deducing that the boy was telling the truth, Moka slowly rose one of the hands hanging at her side. Tsukune tensed, wondering if she was going to hit him, but realized what was going on when the hand hung in midair. He once again stuck his hand out, and this time he found purchase as their hands met. They shook, and Moka hoped that it didn't show when she realized that she was disappointed when they let go.

"So, um, what are you doing in my house?" Tsukune asked once the handshake was over.

Ack. Moka thought, her brain floundering about for an answer. She figured that he was going to ask that question eventually, but she had neglected to think of a proper excuse. Tsukune's eyes widened when he received no answer, his young brain already assuming the worst. He stepped back and started trembling before he asked his next question.

"Are you a monster?" Moka felt her face grow hot as Tsukune hit dead-on with his assumption. "Are gonna eat me?" Tsukune asked.

Moka felt a flood of indignation at the question, and before she could stop herself she was snapping back a response. "Of course not!" She said, ashamed that someone would even think that. "The noble vampire is above eating humans whole! What do you think we are, barbarians?" Tsukune blinked once, twice, startled at the outburst, and he slowly processed what Moka had said.

"So…you're not gonna eat me?" He asked timidly. Moka rolled her eyes.

"Isn't that what I just said?" She sighed. Humans. Tsukune was still a little slow on the uptake, however.

"But, vampires drink blood, right?" He asked. Moka nodded, and Tsukune gasped. "You're going to drink my blood!" He exclaimed.

"Shhhh!" Moka, said, motioning Tsukune to keep quiet while she frantically glanced back at his parents' bedroom door. She stayed like that for a few seconds, and only relaxed when she realized that Tsukune's parents were still asleep. She glared at her companion in the house. "I'm not going to drink your blood." She said, seeing him visibly relax. "I'm going to drink your parents' blood."

"No!" Tsukune shouted quietly, remembering how Moka wanted him to keep quiet. Moka's sharp glare that was suddenly directed in his direction made Tsukune shrink slightly, but he wasn't finished talking. "Please don't hurt mommy and daddy…"

Moka stared at Tsukune, then threw her hands in the air, exasperated. "Well, I have to drink blood from someone!" Tsukune said something, but Moka didn't hear it. "What did you say?" She asked. Tsukune fidgeted a little before answering.

"…You can have some of my blood." Moka stared at the boy in front of her, dumbfounded.

"Um, what?"

"You can have some of my blood." Tsukune repeated. "I don't want mommy and daddy to get hurt…" Moka continued to stare at the boy. Was he really offering himself in someone else's place? She had never met anyone who would do that before. Before she knew what she was doing, Moka had spoken again.

"Stay still alright? This might hurt a little bit." Tsukune nodded, and Moka realized just what she had gotten herself into. She was about to take blood. From someone who was awake. And if she took too much blood, this little boy, whom she was starting to like, would die. How the heck did it come to this? But she had no choice now. She had already broken who-knows how many rules, and she really needed this blood fix. So, Moka carefully leaned closer and closer to the boy's neck, her eyes fixated on the veins in his neck. Carefully, she opened her mouth and exposed her fangs, then bit. She could feel Tsukune shutter somewhat under her powerful jaws, and Moka felt slightly guilty about hurting him. But she needed to focus: she had to make sure that she didn't drink too much blood. She counted her intake carefully, until finally…

Now! Moka thought, extracting her fangs. She looked at Tsukune and was struck with a sudden sense of panic as he started wobbling around. Did I drink too much by accident? Moka thought. However, she relaxed when Tsukune stopped wobbling and started rubbing the bite mark.

"Owwww…" Tsukune moaned. "That hurt..." Moka snickered at the boys' discomfort.

"Hey!" Tsukune protested. "It did!" He said, trying to defend himself.

"I'm sure it did." Moka replied. Tsukune averted his gaze for a moment, then asked a question.

"Did…did you get enough blood?" Moka stopped snickering. She amazed; this kid actually cared that she was satisfied. She had never met anyone like him before.

"Yes…yes I did. Thank you." Moka turned to leave. "I'm sorry, but I have to go now." Even though it was true, Moka found herself regretting the fact that she had to cut the night short. She wondered why as she descended the stairs. She was so lost in thought that she almost didn't hear Tsukune calling to her. As it was, she was already at the front door when Tsukune's calls finally reached her ears. She turned and saw that Tsukune had followed her halfway down the stairs.

"Wait!" Tsukune said again, not realizing that he had Moka's attention.

"Yes?" Moka asked.

"What…What's your name?" Tsukune asked. Moka smiled.

"It's Moka. Moka Akashiya." And with that, the young vampire exited the house and walking back into the night.


Part 2 will be up around Monday.