Count Akashiya considered his daughter, his grip on Tsukune's color never faltering. "I assume you mean to fight me for this human." Moka nodded, tensing her muscles in preparation for what would undoubtedly be one of the toughest fights of her life. But, no matter what, Moka knew that she couldn't lose; not when there was so much at stake. Count Akashyia's mouth formed a hard line. "I had thought you would know better than this Moka." His leg snapped out carelessly, already expecting to get a hit.

But Moka was prepared, and she caught her father's kick. It was powerful, so it took both of Moka's hands and all the strength she could muster, but she blocked the attack. This caught Count Akashiya off-guard, being that he had not expected Moka to be strong enough to do that. His grip around Tsukune's collar still as strong as a vice, Count Akashiya turned to face his daughter with a ponderous look. Moka had positioned herself in a classic fighter's stance: legs spread wide, knees bent for support, and arms up with fists at the ready. A bemused smirk flitted across Count Akashyia's face before he dove forward, Tsukune still in his hand. The young boy let out a yelp as Count Akashiya and Moka collided. Fists and feet flew as the Count kept up a relentless assault that took everything Moka had just to block and dodge. Finally, the Count made a mistake: he put too much force into one of his punches and was thrown-off balance for a moment. It was a small mistake, but Moka intended to capitalize on it and threw a punch. Count Akashiya smirked, expecting the move, and moved his arm to defend.

It was the arm that was still holding Tsukune. Moka stopped her punch, clenching the muscles in her arms so they could go no further. Unfortunately, her balance was thrown off and her momentum carried her forward, wide open. Not pulling any punches, Count Akashiya exploited the opening and delivered a swift blow to his daughter's stomach. Moka lost her breath in a whoosh of air as she flew back, the pain in her gut overwhelming.

Moka recovered enough to catch herself and eyed her father cautiously. She cursed him under her breath for using such and underhanded technique. As long as her father held Tsukune, he would use him as a human shield. Moka's thoughts raced, trying to think of some way around the tactic. But nothing came to mind.

Kurumu rose to her feet, her rage fueling her on. How dare that despicable vampire use her precious Tsukune for his own selfish desires! She wouldn't stand for this! Kurumu unfurled her wings and extended her claws, aching for a fight. Teeth bared, she leapt forward… and promptly fell flat on her face as something grabbed her by the ankle. Kurumu spat out a mouthful of dirt, then sent a death glare behind herself, yanking on her leg for good measure.

Kokoa held fast on the succubus' ankle, a determined look on her face.

"Let go!" Kurumu commanded, tugging on her leg once more. Kokoa frowned and yanked, dragging Kurumu back. "What are you doing!"

"Saving your life." Kokoa grunted, making Kurumu pause. "What do you think you can do to my father, really? Hurt him? You? Please. You couldn't even deal with some run-of-the-mill bodyguards, and now you think you can take on one of the strongest members of our race? You would be killed in an instant."

"Well I have to do something!" Kurumu wailed. "I can't just sit by and let Tsukune get hurt!"

"The best thing for you to do is just sit by and wait. You'll only get in the way." Kokoa said. Kurumu said nothing, knowing she was right, and instead turned to look at the battle. Moka had been re-engaged by her father, and she was in a tight spot. Kurumu bit her lip as she tried desperately to think of some way she could help her friends.

Tsukune hated himself at the present moment. He hated himself for being so useless and having the girl he loved fight his battles for him. He also hated himself because he was being used against Moka in a fight that was already one-sided to begin with. Tsukune could see Moka taking every hit from his prison in Count Akashyia's hand, and his heart sunk a little further with each blow. I have to do something Tsukune resolved. I can't just sit here and let Moka get beat up like this! Tsukune went for the best plan first: he tried to wiggle out of his shirt and drop to the ground, like he saw on TV. Unfortunately, that didn't work; Count Akashyia's grip on Tsukune's shirt was much too tight. Going with plan B, Tsukune grabbed Count Akashyia's arm for support, bringing up both his legs in preparation for what he was about to do. He waited a few moments, praying for just the right time to unleash his plan. He saw it, a brief opening that was just barely there, and Tsukune took it. His legs exploded forward, feet colliding with Count Akashyia's face with as much force as Tsukune could muster.

Although the attack was next-to useless (Tsukune was only human after all, and therefore no match for the Count), it was completely unexpected. This surprise made Count Akashiya loosen his grip on Tsukune's shirt, and Tsukune used it to his advantage and wiggled out of his shirt and thudded onto the ground, leaving Count Akashiya holding nothing but a shirt that was blowing in the wind. He reacted instantly, diving for Tsukune, but the human was pulled away at the last moment by Kurumu, who had been watching the fight closely and had swooped in the second Tsukune was free.

Kurumu took Tsukune back to where Kokoa was, placing his onto the ground while Count Akashiya watched with growing anger. He rounded on his daughter, who was smirking at the small victory. "Your accomplices are quite annoying." He said, dropping the shirt. Moka said nothing. Count Akashiya attacked once more, and the fight was on again. Tsukune watched from a distance as Moka fought, but he still couldn't shake the feeling that he should be doing something more. An idea occurred to him, and Tsukune went over to the rock pile that he had hid behind earlier. Grabbing one of the rocks, Tsukune brought back his arm and let loose. Sadly, baseball had never been Tsukune's strong suit, and the rock missed its mark completely, but Kokoa and Kurumu had caught on and had picked up rocks f their own.

This time, the rocks actually made contact with Count Akashiya, and he turned, giving Moka an opening to deliver a swift kick to her father's stomach in retaliation for his earlier attack. Rage, hot and bitter, rose up in his throat. "All of you, defying me," He started, his voice getting louder with every word. "You will all feel my wrath."

"Leave them alone." A voice demanded from the night. A figure stepped into the moonlight, making everyone pause. Moka felt her breath catch in her throat.

"Mother?" she whispered.