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So, therefore, I write this story. My mom helped me with the initial idea, because I wasn't sure how to get an Ironhide one started. So, I, uh, I guess I have to thank her for that. And she helped me decide on the name. It was between this name, or Jessica. And I think Jessica sounds just a little too... generic.

Well! I hope you guys enjoy!

"Come on, baby. Just a few more steps, I got a real surprise for you."

Autumn sighed as she allowed her boyfriend Jared to pull her outside, her eyes closed and forced to trust him to guide her. She didn't really trust him all that much anymore, to be honest. What had she seen in him? He came home drunk a lot, he smoked a lot, he treated her like a servant, told her what she could and couldn't do.

Did he think some kind of present was going to postpone her kicking him to the curb any day now?

"Okay! Okay, babe, open up your pretty little eyes and let those thirsty little suckers drink this in."

She blew out a breath and opened her eyes. She wasn't sure what she was expecting to see, but what she saw was definitely not it.

In front of her, in the driveway, was what looked like a brand-new, shiny black GMC Topkick truck. It was huge, bigger than any car she'd ever seen in her life except in magazines or online. "Shit," she muttered, walking toward it. "Should you really be spending this much on a car? I thought your crappy car worked just fine."

"Well, yeah, but hey. This one's for a backup, ya know? If one of us has the car and the other one needs to do somethin'. Say I'm at work, with my crappy clunker, and you need to go to the store. Besides, babe, I got it for an insanely low price. Come on, I'm good, right?" He dangled the keys in front of her. "Huh? How about you take it for a test run? See how it feels, baby."

Autumn bit her lip and shook her head, snatching the keys. "Alright. Fine. Let's just see how good it works."

She went around to the driver's side and jumped up into the seat. "Geez, it sure is a climb, isn't it?" She gripped the steering wheel and noticed the symbol on the horn, something she hadn't seen before. Hmm, maybe it was a Topkick thing or a GMC thing. "I guess it's cool."

"Take it for a drive, baby. You know you wanna."

She rolled her eyes and put the key in the ignition, then turned it. The engine roared to life, revving up and making her bounce in the seat a little. She thought she heard what sounded like a groan, but it was probably just the engine kicking in, right? "Nice." She rolled down the window and stuck her head out. "I'll take it around the block, be back in a minute."

"Alright, babe, you hurry back."

"Right." Yeah, okay. Like he didn't trust her with a simple drive around the block. She pressed the gas and left a dust cloud as she drove off.

She made the turn around the corner and looked up in the mirror to see if anything was on her butt. Nope, free and clear. "Huh," she mumbled, slowing down just a little. "This is nice. Smooth ride."

Suddenly the radio jolted on.

"Ohhhh, I

I just died in your arms tonight!

It must have been

Something you said

Ohh, I

I just died in your arms tonight!..."

Autumn scoffed and looked at the radio, pressing the button to turn it off. And of course, it didn't turn off. "Well, looks like the radio's glitchy. Oh well, who cares? Rest of the thing is fine."

She eased her foot off the gas and pulled back into the driveway. Not that she was surprised, Jared had lit up a cigarette and was smoking. She blew out a breath and patted the seat beside her, smiling. "Yeah, you're a good car. Maybe keep you a while."

Last. Straw.

Autumn managed to push herself up from the floor, supporting herself with the wall. She could barely think with the pounding against her temple, probably along with a forming black-and-blue mark. She was dizzy, and it took a few blinks to clear the water from her eyes.

The one thing her mind could come up with, though, was to ask her why she was going out with Jared in the first place. Why are you still with him? You said you were gonna kick his ass out two months ago when you found out about the weed.

She took a breath, watching him leave. Why was she still with him?

Why haven't you dumped him?

Well... why hadn't she?

She gulped in a few more breaths, grabbed a baseball bat from its leaning spot against the dresser, and ran shakily after him. After a moment her outstretched free arm collided with his back, making him stumble but not fall.

"Get the fuck out!" she shouted. "Get the fuck outta my house!"

He whirled around and got right in her face. "You bitch, you're telling me what to do?"

She held up the bat and smacked him one, right across the chest. "Get the hell out, Jared! YOU GET OUT RIGHT NOW!"

That had obviously put him in pain, and he was currently racing for the door. His hand flung out and groped the wall for the keys to the Topkick, but she was faster. She dug her nails into his fingers, successfully making him yelp and yank his hand back, and grabbed the keys herself.

By the time she turned around, he was already stumbling out the door and down the stairs. Still carrying the bat, she slammed the door against the side of the house and glared at him. "What are you waiting for, LEAVE!"

He looked frustrated and angry. "Gimme my keys, babe! C'mon, I need my truck!"

"I don't fucking think so!" She jumped down each step and chased him with the bat, swinging it at every chance. "Get outta my house, stay off my lawn, and you ain't gonna frickin' come back unless you want me to tear you a new one and then some! Now get the hell out or I'm gonna call the fucking cops!"

He was off running, down the street, down the block, out of her life.

Autumn dropped the baseball bat and blew out a breath, pressing her back against the Topkick. Again there was a kind of groan, but this time it was probably just from her hitting it. She gulped in some air and let out a few shuddery breaths, the hand with the keys reaching up to her head again. "God... fuck him..."

She pushed herself away and crossed around the front of the car over to the driver's side. She hopped up and shoved the key in, gripping the steering wheel. She buckled herself in and took the wheel with both hands, staring straight ahead. She just wanted to get as far away from here, from these memories, as possible... to leave Jared behind for a while, then come back and destroy every memory of his presence.

She looked down at the tank meter, then ran her thumb over the symbol in the middle of the steering wheel. The needle pointed to F. She wondered how far you could get with a full tank on a Topkick. She then looked up and slammed her foot on the gas pedal.

"How many miles do you get to the gallon, buddy?"

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