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Kat's POV

Kaoru ran ahead of me and Hikaru as we neared the Host club. Hikaru looked angry, almost annoyed.

"If anyone doesn't believe your story…" he said, while clenching his fist. I put a hand on his shoulder.

"I know. 'S alright. How are… Elouise and Kyoya doing?" I looked down. Hikaru sighed and tucked some of my hair behind my ear in a friendly way.

"You really like him, don't you? Well… Kyoya hasn't been in school since the incident. And Elouise has been latching on to me a lot… oh, I can hear her shouting." He finished as we entered the music room. Everyone turned to look at us.

My heart stopped momentarily, as I saw all the faces I hadn't seen for weeks. My friends. Well, they were supposed to be. At first I thought everyone was angry, but when I looked closer, Faye had tears in her eyes. She looked at me and clamped her hand over her mouth, and started towards me, but I was engulfed by the blonde mountain I call Tamaki. (A/N: that was a quote from Todd Haberkorn, except he used it to describe Vic! I'M ON TEAM HABERKORN! WOOP!)

"Oh, I knew my little girl would never have done anything like that!"

"Tamaki… you're strangling me…" I chocked. He let go, only for Faye to leap on me.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't believe you, I really thought…" she gushed. I shook my head.

"I already said I forgive you, didn't I?" I hugged her back. And suddenly I realized that there was no need to feel sad or sorry for myself. I wasn't in Lobelia anymore, and I was friends with a lovely, huge group of people who just got the wrong end of the stick. And then there was Hikaru and Kaoru, the two that understood me the most. I was starting to worry about Kaoru though, and what happened between us. Hikaru had told me that he understood if I didn't want it, and he said he was only doing it to make me feel better, but still.

Everyone smiled at me profoundly. I grinned back. My world seemed to stop again, though.

"What are you doing? She's obviously lied to those sweet, innocent twins, and besides, me and Kyoya saw everything and will prove she meant exactly what she said!" Elouise puffed, anger filling her eyes. Faye gritted her teeth.

"Oh yeah? Where is he now?" she growled.

"Uh… well you all know he's sick, and-"

"I've known Kyoya for two years now," Tamaki, serious for once, began. "and he has never taken one day off school because he's been 'sick'. We all know it's because he can't stand to look Kat in the eye after what he did. We all know how you blackmailed him."

"W-what are you blathering about? Would I ever do such a thing?" she quickly said. A hint of a smile crept across my face as I realized. I realized just who was 'missing' from the whole beach ordeal. Someone who defiantly should, (and would've wanted to) have been there.

"OHHOHOHOHOHO!" Screeched a high pitched voice from a now ginormous platform. Everyone grinned when Renge laughed. For once, everyone was glad to see her. And I was, boy was I. I had first met Renge… well, I couldn't really remember. It was so short. But I really got used to her. Not like the others, who had complained and whinged whenever she asked them to do stuff. I thought she had great personality. Renge, of course, knew this. And therefore she appointed me her 'assistant'. The reason I haven't mentioned this fact, is, well, because it never meant much to me. Until now.

"As you well may know, everybody, Katsumi Chiyana is my production assistant!" Proves my point. "And I know her very well! OTHERWISE I WOULD NOT HAVE CHOSEN HER! She is a kind, sweet girl who would NEVER do anything wrong! (Apart from getting slightly violent when someone puts down a particular fictional character) But she is shy and reserved when it comes to people she doesn't like or doesn't know, which can be a great downfall in her character!" Renge stopped for breath.

"And how on earth does this lead to me blackmailing my poor Kyoya? Why would I ever do such a thing?" Elouise pouted.

"ONE THING I HAVE REALISED WHILE OBSERVING YOU IS THAT YOU CONTINUOUSLY LIE ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS AND OTHER PEOPLE. For instance, the one time when you burst into school reveling that Kyoya had been 'abusing' you. NO-ONE BELIVED YOU, SWEET CHEEKS!"

How I love this girl.

"OF COURSE, ALL THE GIRLS GO MENTAL WHENEVER YOU PLAY 'GOOEY' WITH KYOYA! I should know, I would be one of them, if it weren't for the Host club, and Katsumi and Faye, being my friends and me knowing them INSIDE OUT! AND I CAN SAFELY SAY THAT YOU ONLY 'LOVE' KYOYA FOR HIS GALLONS OF MONEY! Being the obsessed Okatu I am, I have read countless stories about gold-diggers like you, and I have seen it in France. One thing is for certain, though…

LAIDIES OF THE HOST CLUB!" she shouted through a microphone which had suddenly appeared. The thousands of clients suddenly stood up like soldiers standing to attention.

"WHO HERE REQUESTS KYOYA, HIKARU OR KAORU?" she went on. About fifty percent of the fangirls screamed,

"WE DO!"


"Woo! Renge is beast!" Faye giggled. Of course, by this time, Elouise's face was epic. Oh, how I wish I had a camera.

"I was there, following Kyoya around at the beach when Katsumi was said to be involved with Connor. Now don't get me wrong, I was only following him so I could do my thing with the motor when I got the chance. But what I saw stopped me in my tracks!" She paused, and that's when the door creaked open.

"What on EARTH is going on in here?" said the voice of none other but Kyoya. Honey's eyes grew large.

"Kyo-chan!" he yelled, attempting to jump on him. Kyoya moved out of the way sharply, leaving Honey to land on the floor.

"OH, HI KYOYA! You know exactly what's going on, you were listening at the door all the time Kat was in here!" Renge laughed. Kyoya's glasses flashed. Elouise ran up to him.

"Help, Kyoya darling, they're trying to ban me again! They're trying to prove our words wrong! Kyoya saw it all, he will tell you what really happened!" Elouise clutched onto Kyoya's arm. His head snapped towards her. Elouise didn't look like she had expected this momentary motion. Kyoya looked at her, paused, and… did SOMETHING.

I was not sure entirely what had happened. But the next moment, I saw Elouise not hanging off his arm, but face planted on the floor about five meters away from him. She didn't move.

"And don't even think about trying to touch me again, Elouise, you'll be under arrest if you do. I have granted a restraint order. You will not go at least five feet in contact with any of the Host club, including Faye, Kat and Renge." He finished. I stood agape. Literally. Everyone's mouths were wide open.

"B-but Kyoya, you… I… you must've…" Elouise sat up, shaking. Her eyes narrowed. "Fine, you must've figured out my plan. But it wasn't fair for you to stop me seeing Hikaru. I love him!" she quivered.

"AHAHAHAHA!" both Hikaru and Kaoru chortled. "You played the trick once. Do you really think we'll fall for it again? You probably don't even know which one of us is Hikaru." They both laughed.

"I-uh…. Well…" she started. But suddenly, I heard a faint growling. It sounded like a swarm of bees at first, but I realized what the herd was.

The fangirls had been let loose.

"KILL HER, GIRLS!" one of them cried. Soon enough, they had driven Elouise out of the room. Renge smiled.

"Well folks, my work here is done for today. Bye for now!" her platform shrank into the floor.

"Finally, rid of that troublesome princess!" Tamaki cried. Now, back to business! Which one of you ladies am I seeing next?" of course, all the girls screamed. Me, Faye and Haruhi walked casually up to Kyoya.

"Kyoya… that must've been hard for you. Thank you." I hugged him.

"Actually… it wasn't." he smirked. I leapt off of him.

"What?" the three of us chorused.

"It wasn't hard at all. Do you really think I could marry an airhead like her? And do you really think that a person would 'keep their cool' if they were in love? You see, I really am not that good of an actor. But for some reason, everyone thought I was."

"You were pretending." Haruhi nearly passed out.

"I was, indeed."

"But why? You saw what sadness it brought Kat, and why didn't you just dump her off in the first place?" Faye questioned.

"I knew her game. I wanted her to feel as embarrassed as possible when I sprung the restraining order on her. I wanted to make a complete idiot out of her, just for fun. And besides, I'd squeezed some money out of her, so it wasn't without benefits." He smugly smiled.

Gah, how I hate Kyoya sometimes.

Pretty soon, the host club was back to normal, without Elouise who had supposedly gone back to France. Now all I had to do was wait for another plot line the author would come up with.


I hope you all enjoyed that! I might be stopping some other stories so I can focus on this one, OMFT alternative ending and another, Fireflies, A Harry Potter fanfiction. Which probably no-one will bother reading. :D