The beginning:

Crash! Bang! Capow! Dodge left – duck- strike Things were moving five hundred miles a second! These guys did not want me there!

Now I knew why they were now number 14 on the list! These tentacles were coming from the ceiling…the floor the walls! If it weren't for the fact they were easily cut off…I would be the garnish for all the calamari all around me.

"Well no need to get your tentacles in a knot!"

I looked around frantically for an opening….any opening. Then I saw a HUGE mass of the Irish green tenticli….(Trust me I was NOT feeling lucky at the moment…) It lifted to look like some giant mop about to clean up my sweat drenched body.

"So, you're finally going to show me this mysterious face of yours?" Boy, did I regret that. At that moment there was a roar with a blast of fish breath that just about made me puke up my stomach!

"Hey…use a breath mint! That's what their made for…to help with your deadly technique…but I did expect more from you I am disappointed." Aand then it showed its face. There it was- the beak with hundreds of teeth and they were hungry for my flesh. "Well looky there! Is that a cavity I see?"

Again with even more vigor it roared and I choked. "If I had the energy I would form a gasmask! Please, if you want me to die, kill me properly!"

Another roar erupted from the Alien and it was time for the extermination what to use to kill the green-multi-teethed-octopus-giant-alien? Well, after a few seconds of bobbing and weaving I decided to go old school, the good old fashioned harpoon!

Rolling to the side I willed myself to create the familiar structure of wood in my hand. It took a bit and I nearly lost the form a few times, and I grinned when the creation was made.

The thing opened its mouth again and that was my opening.

"Calamari, coming right up!" With a simply flow of the arm I leaned back and let the wood and metal, fly from my hand. It sailed through the air slicing it very nicely, and skewered the humongous beast into the nearby wall-but it wouldn't back down so easily.

With one gesture as it was stabbed, one of its appendages slammed into me unfortunately having me spiral into the opposite wall. There wasn't enough time to make a cushion for the impact so my head made solid contact with the stone, causing stars to appear before my eyes.

As the pretty light show faded from my view, I noticed this high pitched screech filling the air and hurting my ears.

"Well….that's ONE way to try and kill me…Oh…wait a second; that's your mating call isn't it?"

Wiggling, the alien spoke the terra firma language, disgustingly it was oozing a purple slime that smelled like a pair of socks long forgotten in the toilet….that hadn't been flushed in a month.

"Number 7 is coming….the Sciclonexs…are coming…." The voice sounded like glass in a blender.

"What?" It tried to speak, there was one final gurgle, and number 14 went limp.

"Number 7? I've dealt with tougher aliens than that!"

That's when I looked around. I then saw my problem….I shish-ka-bobbed the alien in front of my only exit!

Elsewhere in the universe:

How could I be so stupid to let myself get trapped in a room equally as foul as the death chamber to one of Hilters Jewish massacres!

My coughing couldn't even begin to try and get the horrid smell from my nose as I began to slice and dice the creature I had just killed so I could get out and take a freaking bath!

"Want some help Danielle?" Danny stood behind me as he had his hands in his pockets.

"Yeah…that would be great."

Danny chuckled, his shoulders bouncing up and down as he did so, and he took a knife from his pocket and began to cut away the flesh. My heart gave a squeeze on how sweet he was being.

"Where are the others…?" I coughed out as I pulled the harpoon out of the door and pushed and pulled at the beast before me. In a lame attempt to at least stave off the smell, I used the jacket I wore and tied it around my face as a mask, and Danny laughed which made me blush.

"They're on the other side waiting for us both…..Geeze….how bad can this smell get?" He gave me a joking look and went back to alien copping.

Danny brushed some of his blond hair out of his eyes and he continued to work…sweat glistening from his brow from the heavy lifting.

After a few minutes, the door finally decided to show itself. I cried out in joy and kicked it open breathing fresh damp air, tearing off my makeshift mask!

On Terra Firma:

I landed face down on the crisp smelling grass and rolled around in it and Dana laughed from behind me.

"Come on Daniel I smell just as bad as you do, but do you see me rolling in the grass?"

I rolled onto my back to stare up at the stars very content. "Nope…but then again you don't really need to."

Dana crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow. "And why is that?"

Before I could answer Joe just had to intervene. "Man! That alien was sooo weird and LOUD. I mean, I could hear what it was saying through the, walls when it was dying!"

I sighed and shook my head. "We've heard louder things, but it's not how loud it was; it was what it was saying."

Everyone nodded. Willy crossed his arms across his chest. "So these new aliens, the Sciclonexs what exactly are they?"

"That is a good question, a good one indeed."

Elsewhere in the Universe:

I sat at home after a long ride, just staring at the list. These things weren't going to show up they weren't coming to this place. They were going to earth.

"So….this species of alien….helped give life to you." Will sat down next to me. Hair got in her eyes and she pushed away the dark locks. "Well, you have nothing to worry about then."

"It's not that simple."

"How?" Emmet said and sat down beside his older sister. "This place is just a virtual reality all in all. They wouldn't want you to REALLY see them. It's not like them. It would ruin their experiment."

This was getting a little….frustrating. I put my head in my hands my hair now covering my face. "No…. I mean the only reason why they would go to earth is to exterminate a certain…uhmm….person."

No one dared speak a word. They knew perfectly well what I meant and Danny placed a hand on my back to comfort me. "Then let's go stop that from happening."

"How in the heck do we do that?" I stood up and went to the window looking out at the backyard. It brown dead grass showing that winter wasn't far off.

This was the only place not connected to the reality, where the laps of the world of Terra Firma and here didn't exist. The onwe place I could truly be myself. "This place looks as real as the actual thing. How in the name of everything, are we supposed to get to the REAL Terra firma?"

Joey jumped up and down. "I know! I know!" Everyone looked at the bouncing girl. "Yes?"

An evil grin crossed her expression. "We fly."

Terra firma:

It just didn't make any sense. These aliens were only scientist trying to find the Dominant race.

Why would they be a danger to earth? The only thing here was that they took their experiments too far. I decided to go digging a little more, with a little twist here and a little bit of hunting and pecking….nothing. Absolutely Nada.

"Any luck?" Willy sat beside me.

With great difficulty I shook my head, my pride protesting.

"Well…that's certainly interesting. Why is that I wonder?

"Is it possible that there is something that even the list doesn't want to show us?" motioning to said list.

Willy shrugged and took the list into his lap to take a crack at it. "Well maybe it just needs the magic touch."

And so Willy got entranced in looking for information on these Inter-terrestrial intruders. Minutes passed with constant clicks and whirls from the list and Willy for once was frustrated. "This is so weird! It's like something is jamming its system on this alien species. How can they be THAT dangerous? They're only number 7"I shrugged and took the list from him.

"I guess all we CAN do is wait."

Elsewhere in the Universe:

Well…Joey had finally done it. Joey had seem so many movies and eaten so much food….that she had lost her mind.

"Are you insane?" I turned to look and see if Joey would take it back, but no. She simple was jumping all over the place.

Emmet seemed to catch on and stood up agreeing. "Yeah, yeah! I get it. It actually can be quite simple. All you have to do is piece together the puzzle."

Now I know when to quit, and I knew this was a losing battle, might as well end it with dignity. "I may regret this later, but seeing how my options are EXTREMLY limited, there's no harm in trying."

"Now that's what I'm talking about!" Joey cheered jumping up and down.

We gathered round the table and began to make the blueprints for the ship, and we were well into the process of the structure. "Hey…" Said Danny looked at me with a ever so slight confused look on his face. "Yeah?" Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at both me and Danny.

"If we're in a different part of the universe…"


"Why don't we find the exact coordinates of earth….and teleport through space?"

There was a moment of silence.

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