Chapter 6: Sciclonexs and Whistling

The alley way, stunk. It stunk to high heaven, but the lure seemed to be working. I sensed the sciclonex following me into the snarrow walkway.

I walked down a few feet to where we both were deep within the shadows. I turned and there it was.

The sight was surprising, because the enitre body was covered in layered metal sheets, it looked like a regular human, except for the fact that the aliens armor was covering where the eyes, mouth, and nose where supposed to go. AND there was no gender to it at all. How the heck was this thing supposed to breath?

But worrying about it's respiratory system wasn't on my agenda at the moment, because it began to swiftly move towards me and he-she, do these things have a gender? - never mind..IT attacked with a swift jab to my side, but I jumped back.

"Realy?" I laughed out, "A JAB? My sister could hit better-" and hit it did, but this was harder. It was a push to my chest so hard it sent me flying back into the garbage. Well, now I stunk as bad as the alley way, but I didn't break anything too important.

If this was a hobo's home I'd be in trouble, but I still had all my limbs so that was a plus.

" mean buisness...time to take the kiddy gloves off." I stood up, and thought hard about an energy blast. Just as it was forming in my hand the Sciclonex, came at me without a sound.

I saw the electrcity before it hit me, so I side stepped the attack, and kicked the Siclonex to where it tripped over a trash can- really? And fell to the ground.

"Not too strong are you, you piece of meatl? How do you even breathe in that thing?" I lunged and kicked it again, and it hit the wall, and the helmet flew off it...and what I saw took me aback, what lay beneath all that metal was a lump of flesh. You couldn't even really call it flesh.

There was no color pigment of a skin tone, stark white. Devoid of color, devoid of life period.

It stood up, and looked? Um...stared in my general direction.

The Sciclonex took out what looked to be a regular pistol, and aimed it at me.

Just as I was about to react, an arrow pierced it's chest, there was a beep, then an explosion of the jelly the Sciclonex was made of, scatter about the alley-way.

Ew. I crinkled my nose at the sight. I've seen worse, but this was nasty.

But- who drew that arrow?

I turned quickly to asses the new enemey- only to find a hard faced Danielle holding a bow.

"Come on, Daniel." Her voice was devoid of emotion, and her eyes were filled with disgust and hatred as she glared towards the creature she had just murdered.

She turned on her heal, and the only thing I could do was dumbly follow.

Just a few minutes ago she had, had a mental breakdown...but now she's become a ruthless Alien hunter? What was up with her!

"Hey, Danielle, what did you-"

"That was a drone. It doesn't 'die' and only gets smarter as you fight it. The only sure way of stopping them is to destroy them. You can burn them, or separate the gel that makes them move. They aren't alive."

"Oh." Right. She's known about these things most of her life. Why wouldn't she know about how to kill- er...destroy them?

"Wait, then what are the real things like?"

"Only ten percent of the Sciclonex society has true free will. I've never seen a Sciclonex Scientist before. I've only seen pictures, and to those who live on earth, they would be considered God's of Beauty. Flawless, all powerful beings."

"That's...strange. They made something so ugly."

Danielle stopped. "I..once looked like that. Before they placed the altered DNA of you inside me."

A gust of wind howled through the alley, and I stopped. " remember what it was be one of those things?"

"No. Drone's have no free will. They only do as told. They don't understand their wrong-doings and have no memory.

"They are only puppets unless given true life. Like I was. In all intensive purposes, I was born the very day you were. Even if I had been a drone for a much longer time." Her hands clenched by her sides. and she glared at the concrete."And yet the Sciclonex's still manipulated me. I only had one safe haven, and those times were limited."

Wow. Danielle had issues. Enough said. So...what did that make all her friends? Drone made people...or simply just illusions? Was she really all alone...?

That made me feel pity. It made me want me want to make those Sciclonex's pay for what they've done to her.

I just wanted to go up to one, and teach them just what Daniel X was made of!

"I'll help. I'll do whatever it takes to make them pay for what they've done to you."

Danielle turned around fully, a worn smile on her face. "Well, I just can't refuse someone who is technically family now can I? Come on. Everyone else is waiting."

I complied and sighed, rubbing the back of my neck. Things just can't go smoothly can they?

The short trip was quiet. It was hard not to want to squirm in the uncomfortable silence that had settled between us, but...Danielle was a bit scary right now. So maybe it was better that there wasn't a conversation happening?

"Daniel..." Murmured Danielle. She didn't turn around, so I answered. "Yeah?"

She shook her head, and smiled. "No. Never mind."

I hesitated for a moment, was this some sort of test? How was he supposed to respond to this?

She continued on without another word, and I hurried after her as she gazed off into the distance.

What was going on inside her head?

We continued onward, and I laced my fingers behind my skull, and looked up at the dull sky. The City had its perks, but it also had its down sides too. You couldn't see the stars.

What to do, what to do...we simply just stay in silence can we?

So being the awesome person I am...I began to whistle. I began to whitsle "Jolly Holiday" You know, from the movie Marry Poppins.

I could tell that Danielle was having a hard time not joining in. So I whistled louder, and began to to a little jig, using wild hand motions. I pranced in front of her, and held my hand out to my fellow Alien.

She smiled her first genuine smile since I saw her, and she laughed.

Danielle shook her head, and took a step back. Well. Now I feel rejected. Can't have that now can we?

I rose an eyebrow, still whistling and grabbed her and began to spin, and- well, I guess you could call it waltzing. If you could call, stumbling around to whistling a 'Waltz'.

It wasn't too far off that a buble of laughter escaped her, and the movements became more fluent.

She also began to whistle along with me, and at some point- I became the girl and she was leading out dance.


It only lasted a couple more minutes, and we collapsed in the street a couple of laughing idiots.

"You really know how to cheer up a girl don't you!" She gasped after her laughing fit ended.

"Nah," I said a grin plastered on my lovely face, "I may be a ladies charmer, but I know that when I'm in a brood mood, I like something to take it off my mind. It's better than sealing up inside. It ain't good for you ya know"

Danielle looked away, frowning, a look a shame washing over her and I sighed. And I went through all that work to make her smile, let's try again- shall we?

"It's okay to file things away for later, need to talk about what's making you down. You're me remember? You and I need to talk about our problems."

Danielle sighed, brushing some of her hair out of her eyes and turned to face me, "My life has never been my own." She murmured, bringing her knee's to her chest, and hooking her arms around her legs.

"I've been observed, monitored, and probably even modified-"

"Modified?" I asked out of true curiosity.

Danielle smiled, and explained it to me like changing memories. If one found out to much, then the Sciclonex's did something to your brain to change your memories.

"They did all that, in order to make sure I could never suspect I wasn't my own person...that I was plunged into situations that mirror yours. Sure, I may have made different out comes, but what bothers me in here," She paced a hand over her heart, "Was something to warrant my death."

Somehow that made sense, as we stood there staring at each other, no matter how cruel it was. She may be...well me, but she's still different. Her life has never been her own, she probably would never of existed if it weren't for me.

"But you can talk about it now." I insisted, placing a hand on her shoulder."There's nothing holding you back." I tried, and it actually got out a chuckle of my female counter-part.

"I suppose old habbits die hard."

In answer to her, I nodded, helped her up, and patted both shoulder's "Then shall we head back to our domain?" I asked in a clearly fake british accent, as I linked my arm through hers; and she grinned, responding in an equally fake accent, "We shall."

In a ship above Terra firma, a man with blood red eyes, and golden hair stared at a screen where Daniel and Danielle were laughing together, and his teeth clentched.

"How did she escape?" He ground out, and a lower being worked hard and fast to do as his master had asked.

Quickly and efficiently he found his answer.

"There was a rift in our system, one where we were unable to monitor her for just the right amount of time, for...her to escape."

The golden haired man's eyes, filled with anger, but the red sea soon became errily calm.

"Sir," Said the lower being, "What are we going to do...?"

With a sigh, the man stood to his full height, and gazed at the screen. "We continue as planned."

Life actually would be so much easier, once the lesser Daniel was out of the picture, and Danielle could make her debut, all Danielle would need was a bit of memory modification, and she would be good to go.

A smile played at his lips. Things were actually looking toward being fun.

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