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I just finished another Doctor Who, so i couldn't wait to make this one! Note: Torchwood will not be in here for a long time yet. This WILL be a reunion, but not for a Long LONG time, crossover with the Sarah Jane Adventures however only in the beggining of the first serries so barely anything will need to be known.

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Before the universe- before the light and dark, and before death and life, there were the Immortals, the pure, the heavenly and the roots to the entire universe.

There was the beginning of everything.

Existence and Void were born from nothing, were created by nothing but the will they had to be created. And they smiled and looked down upon the world, Void parting her path and looking at her realm with her ivory skin and white hair with silver eyes. Existence frowned to her, looking at the nothing around him in his own way, waving his hand and allowing the spance of nothing to split into thousands of other areas. Other realms and universes born from his black hand, and the black hole for his eyes.

Void laughed and spun, sweeping forward in her space, filling the nothing around each of the realms with herself. Turning them white and turning them black. Feeling heat and freezing to death, it was nothing yet it was everything.

Existence rolled his eyes, swiping the air with his large talons. His black eyes reflected his glossy black feathers as he darted after Void who easily evaded his attempts to swipe at her as she ran easily as a white doe.

Existence and Void left tracks, and each tracks bled into realms names universes, from their feet the greater three were born to the whole of creation.

Space, his dark skin- not as Existences though, and bright eyes, laughing and lumbering around with snorts and tosses of his head, pawing at the ground and shaking his horns as he thundered past, leaving life and the filling of everything behind.

Dimension, the confusion of everything. A defect or a masterpiece. Moving so often that he or she was not known. She was the movement from the corner of your eye, he was the whisper from your ear or the footprints that vanished into nothing.

She was the phantom of everything.

And Time, her laughing soul and glowing heart as if made from fire herself. The strong and the fearless, the wolf of gold to match her hair and glowing eyes that showed all of existence, the birth, the death and what never could have been.

And Time and Space laughed, and played. Much like their own beginning, everything was born from the song and music they spread. The words parted from Time's lips and the humming and music from Space's heart.

Heart and Soul parted first, emerging as a mist before roaring away as a wind of hope and dreams. Heart the great white stallion pounding away on the life and love born from their existence, and Soul giving will and the power of choice with her shadow as a Dove.

Anger and Hate launched next. Hate, charging with his flickering black tail of the viper, striking and causing wars and mistrust to rival even Heart's ties. And Anger, darting around and infecting him with his curled tail, and gabbing with his long claws, the comrade of a serpent, a Scorpion.

More were born from nothing, Peace and her black hair and grey eyes, feeling the wish to abandon the Immortal world and take form of a swan among the mortals. As did Wisdom, the owl, and Grace the grey panther.

Every Immortal seemed to have a fault, a reason to go or the greatest shame, the reason why they left to live with the mortals.

But a few still survived, like Space and Heart.

But Time was never to be challenged.

I can see the whole of Time and Space

The whispers of Time herself seemed to vibrate through everywhere, everywhen as a blonde girl so far away from home echoed it in sync.

You are Tiny

How true it was, and how sad it was Time agreed. Nodding silently to the tears that the blonde girl shed, her host for mere moments as her children could not speak, only take the Time Lords where they wanted to go, where they needed to go.

But Time was proud as she spun around in nothing less, sending out a song from her heart that not a million instruments could fix.

She stopped suddenly, her voice turning to a different pitch as her song cracked and she looked to the future, as she looked into existence to find the threat, for what was, what could, and what never would harm her host- her single laughing soul for this universe.

A Dalek, the pain and anger of time, of the mistakes her sisters and brothers had made. The mistakes they shunned and turned their great backs on. Heart was gone, deeming these creatures not worthy of such emotions and feelings. Soul diverted her path, allowing her shadow never to touch the filthy creatures. And from there, the darker emotions bled in, Anger with his dark smile, or Hate with his masked face, ever so cold.

But there was another, Space. Space was Time's loyal companion, and together they laughed and sang together, giving life to a new set of worlds and life. They were friends, equals in ways, but Space differed, being busy.

It was later Time found out that Space had been watching a battle, a battle in which the diversion of his gift was needed to propel the ships, or move their children to be slaughtered or saved.

And the two watched in silence as thousands of cries pierced the air more effectively then Heart or Hate could fight.

They had split since then. Not wanting to be close to each other, to mourn what had gone wrong in silence and with distance.

Space had vanished, drifting away into the hidden cascades and changing his song into colors and gasses as he spiraled the Medusa Cascade again and again, leaving life mesmerized by his path.

Heart and Soul were still together, flying through the air in twin forms as their laughter and music turned to the great whispers of the wind. The warm and the breeze moving through the air, leaving smiles in their wake.

Anger and Hate joined, flying to the life themselves, burrowing inside the life's breath as they fought Soul and Heart's songs for emotion and true sin in the universe.

I see every atom of your existence-

But it was such a long time to wait in silence, in solitary and watch the world die and form. Split and send advancements to retract them and turn to simple minded cells, then to soar through the air.

Every once in a while, the pure and the kind felt the need to speak through one to the world they saw far below.

Hate flew with his black tail as he spoke through a man, sometime before now, but after the present. The laughter of hate and the battle's he played. The drumbeats he formed only to scream In the end as Heart took the host for a final rest of kind words and peace.

Since then, the pure had decided to never find a host, for the dangers were too high, and the power for a mortal was too much.

-And I divide them.

Space had frowned on this, traveling out from his colors and swirls to take what was Time's and steal a life from the end of his domain, stopping it's journey to the void.

And Time watched, not amused as the mortal grew a thicker role in her webs, in the fine strands that made up her world. She slashed and snipped the wires in his path, sending him back and forwards, to the end and in the beginning. But the mortal was brave and strong. Kind and well spirited that Soul visited him once, of course in one of her favorite forms of a white dove.

He smiled to her, throwing food to Soul even as she did not require it. Soul and Heart rather liked this man.

And Eventually, over existence, as did Time.

But flaws grew in the web. The strands had to end sometime, they had to finish or end at the end of the compromise of Time and Space, the end of the universe.

So Time worked, re stranding and sending webs in a loop. Allowing Hate's host to meet Space's and more and more webs to cross until they glowed and shimmered like the sun Time saw.

But it wasn't enough.

Time grew ever so fond of the group, of the great travelers of her children, Heart took a liking to a man, as did Anger. They formed a bond, and continually battled inside his mind, twisting his choices and tainting the pure, and curing the tainted.

Heart followed Soul's urging, and took a form for herself. A beautiful white horse with a dark blue saddle and bit in mouth. The deepest eyes that looked into your Soul, or rather she reflected herself back.

And the man rode her into battle, showing Anger deep into the back corners of his mind as he saved a mortal from a horrible death.

And the music flowed faster and faster.

Anger was now winning with the return of the horrid creatures, Daleks. The web would die, but that could not work. For the web to die, the pure would vanish from nothing, and nothing would be the beginning of everything.

Everything must come to dust

Time and Space, together, apart. Forever. For never. It was changing, nothing was the same, and yet, nothing was different.

All things. Everything dies

Everything except the blessed, the blessed pure that was born through the favoritism of Space, but how was Space able to give the immortal the blessed? It was through Time's domain, it would be impossible.

The Time War ends

The battle of pain and suffering. Of the tears shed by the pure. Space and Time's last meeting before moving away in shame, the last gathering before Soul and Heart flew away, and Anger and Hate retreated hissing.

Rose, you've got it, now let go.

Ah, it was the male Heart was so fond of. The battle between Anger and Heart, their constant bickering over what should be done.

Time tilted her head, and watched the man, everything that could be, everything that once was, all that should be.

"How can I let go of this?" Time whispered, smiling ever so softly as her host seemed to press her heart- not Heart but her own. Showing her not the web she weaved, but the fabric of time she had woven with patterns and song like no other.

"I bring life." Time whispered, and her world flashed. The careful fabric was gone, then the male was there. Wait, this was not the male Heart was fond o- ah a Time Lord. It was him, it would be him, and it shall be him.

Time recoiled as if struck, Space had snuck in this moment and chosen his blessed. The other male, who gasped and panted in pain, Time looked back at the male, the short haired Time Lord who was looking frantic.

But this is wrong! You can't control life and death!

"But I can!" Time urged, breathing in quickly as the song grew too much and the sadness and cries filled her ears. The sounds of babies dying, of people crying and screaming, of life ending.

"The sun and the moon." Time whispered as she heard the laughter of Space and her long ago.

"The day, and the night." Time continued on, reaching out to the fabric only to gasp and crane her neck backwards as she suddenly was looking at the male once more. Her mouth was open in a silent scream as pain shot through her mind once more. Pain and pain, such a strange feeling for an immortal

"But why do they hurt?" Time whispered once more and almost flinched, still looking down at the man with another mind gently soothing her own, as their minds burned in fire.

The power's going to kill you and it's my fault!

His fault? The man who risked anything for the girl? No, Time was certain that this man did not deserve death once more.

He deserved life

"I can see everything." Time whispered just as the host whispered those words, in mimic. The man looked up, bright blue eyes filled with surprise.

"All that is." She stated and the host gently tried to stop the burning.

"All that was." And Time herself turned, swatting away the host until she was speaking as Time burned brighter, trying to find any form that would help with the pain of a mortal with her power

"All that ever could be." The female finished and Time collapsed against the searing pain, whispering soothing words as the host panicked ever so slightly.

Then, the fire was being dragged away.

'No!' Time tried to shout as she felt her body being drained and her mind going dull as her eyes slid shut to the male.

The male took her power

The male was killing himself to save the host.

"Rose, I am Rose. Now sleep." A whisper drifted through their minds and Time passed out, letting the two crumple to the floor, drained.

And Time had no power- nothing.

She was asleep, for now, had been, and will be, for a while.