Who Am I

Who Am I?

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Since Treize's death, Lady Une didn't know how to live, as Saint or Colonel Une. Would he have wanted her to live like a soldier or as the ambassador? He loved her both ways, it didn't matter. But it bothered Lady Une. She didn't know who she was anymore. It was Treize whom she fought for. He was the reason why she joined Oz. What was she to do now?

But there was nothing she could do about it, the man she loved was dead. Gone for good and he remains just in her memory. Would Treize want her to be gentle and sweet or tough and mean? Well, she never was mean, she only did her job. But she thought some of the things were mean. There had to be something about her that Treize loved most, but what was it? Was it her eyes, her hair, her smile, the way she saluted him, the way she did everything he told her to do?

Lady Une shook her head and started to undress. She thought a bubble bath might help. She turned on the faucets and poured in some rose scents and then she held the bottle under her nose. It reminded her, yet again, of Treize. So many times he took baths and she would bring rose scents for his next bath. And she sometimes, when she was feeling too stressed or naughty, she wanted to undress right in front of Treize and join him in the tub. But she didn't. It took all her self control. In her mind, she knew, there would be a time where they would take a bath together. That all ended when Treize died.

Lady Une got in the tub and leaned back. She wanted nothing more than to have him back. Why did he have to die? She thought. Well, actually, he didn't. It was partly his fault. He did it for that kid, that gundam pilot. The one who felt so strong about justice, Wufei. Treize could have won easily, but he wanted Wufei to believe in himself, and have him win, to someone stronger than himself. Treize felt it was the only way.

She never kissed Treize, but saluted him ten times a day. She always wanted to kiss him and maybe he felt the same. It was in his eyes. But being in the military, living the way she was, she couldn't. And now she'll never be able to kiss him. Lady never knew who she really was. She wanted to be the best for him. What was the best? She would sacrifice anything so she could be the one who would make him happy.

"Treize," she whispered. She felt his presence. "I know you're out there, somewhere and I'm going to be the best. I will be graceful, I will be strong and I will be perfect, like you."

Someday she will see him again and he'll be waiting for her. He'll be on the other side and he'll open his arms and say "well done, Lady. Welcome home." But not yet. She needed to be better.

She sighed and got up and pulled the plug. She took a towel and wrapped it around her hair and got her robe. When she reached her living room, he remembered she forgot her glasses in the bathroom. She went back to get them and when she looked at the tub, she found a new bottle of rose scents.

"How did this get here?" she asked when she picked it up. Then remember her words: "I will get some rose scents for your next bath." She had said to Treize before leaving him while he was taking his bath. Maybe she'll see him sooner than she thought.

The End