Amalthea: ok here's a new version of a gender bender I wrote a while ago called a Switch of lives! This one will be a little slower paced but it will be a harry potter/bleach crossover. But it's not Aizen who gets Gender-bent, it's Gin!

Gin: Wait what?

Amalthea: Trust me this will be funny!

Gin: Funny I can do!

Amalthea: Kon hit it!

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Ch.1 Prologue

Gin groaned as he rolled over in bed, he blinked his ruby eyes as he slowly sat up and yawned as his lover carried a plate in for him filled with his favourite breakfast foods. He smiled at Aizen as the older man sat down and kissed him gently, Gin then dug in and was amazed at how hungry he was then remembered what happened last night. Aizen saw the confused look on Gin's face as the younger man asked, "Sousuke… did something happen with the Hougyoku last night while we were… well you know."

Aizen blinked and thought back as his eyes went wide in remembrance and what Gin had said when it happened, "Gin, what exactly did you say when the Hougyoku flashed?"

Gin blinked and paled as he remembered and said, "We were talking about children of our own and I said it was too bad I wasn't a female…You don't think…?"

Aizen had a worried look as he suggested they get Szayel to look at Gin just in case, Gin agreed as he stood and got dressed quickly and then they headed to the eighth Espada's lab. Szayel looked surprised at seeing his two leaders come in with slightly worried looks, he asked what was wrong and they told him what happened with the Hougyoku the night before and that they wanted to make sure nothing had really happened when the powerful jewel flashed. Szayel blinked then got what he needed and proceeded to test Gin for any changes, it was a few hours later that Szayel came in with a grim look and told them that it hadn't been their imagination what the jewel had done.

Gin paled as he sat down on a chair hard and Aizen squeezed his shoulder comfortingly as the sliver haired man asked how long he had before the changes were done to his body, Szayel sighed and softly told them that it was too soon to tell with his DNA sample that he had at the moment. Gin stood as Aizen thanked the Espada and gently led his lover to their rooms where Aizen began kissing Gin to comfort him and then pinned him to the bed as he began to have fun with his lover for the next three hours, Gin moaned in pain as he cuddled up to his lover with his stomach in pain causing Aizen to look a bit worried and he asked, "Gin what's wrong?"

Gin whimpered as he told Aizen, "My stomach is feeling like it's on fire and feels like my organs are being shifted around for some reason."

Aizen paled as he asked just where in his stomach the pain was and Gin blinked and paled as he said, "Oh god, my LOWER stomach!"

It was an hour later that the pain ended and Gin was rubbing his flat stomach as he was getting blood drawn by Szayel so they could find out what had just happened, Aizen just sighed as he held Gin and asked Szayel to get the results as soon as possible causing the Espada to nod and leave the room.

The next morning…

Gin rolled as he felt the sun shining on him and felt a slight tugging on his…hair? He sat up, looked in a mirror and noticed his hair had grown to just below his shoulder blades in a very feminine hairstyle causing him to gasp in shock. Aizen walked in at that moment with grim look that changed to one of surprise as he said, "Gin? Is that you?"

Gin turned to his lover and nodded as he said in a few higher octaves of his voice that it was him as the fear showed in his eyes, Aizen walked over then sat down and hugged his lover sadly as he whispered that they had found out was wrong from last night. Gin looked at him in shock as he whispered in disbelief, "I-I-I-I'm pregnant? But…"

Aizen then told him that was just the beginning and for some reason Gin's body was shifting to a hybrid form between an animal and human to withstand the pregnancy better, Gin was pale as he listened and felt a sharp pain on his back side as he shifted closer to Aizen. He quickly stood as Aizen asked what was wrong and Gin told Aizen that he could feel a pressure on his tail bone that hurt when he shifted on the bed; he turned to the mirror as he turned unashamed of his nakedness and gasped at what he saw from looking over his shoulder.

Aizen quickly stood and held his lover as Gin sunk to the floor in shock at seeing the beginning of a tail on his backside; he looked up at Aizen and asked if they found out how long the change would take, Aizen sighed and told that he would be changed completely by tomorrow morning causing Gin's eye to water as he rested his head against his lover's chest. Aizen just held his lover tight as Gin suddenly whimpered in pain as the tail started to grow at an alarming pace and took the form of a fluffy fox tail that was the same color as his hair and a black tip, Gin then grabbed the tail and yanked as he yelped in pain which told him he really had a tail.

Aizen gently calmed his lover down who was close to losing his cool over his changing body when Aizen softly kissed Gin and felt something on HIS backside twitch; he twisted as he pulled his pants down and found the start of a tail on his own body! His eyes went wide as he touched the small stumpy tail as Gin looked worried, he gasped as the stump erupted in pain and grew into a chocolate brown cat tail with a white tip. Aizen looked at his lover in shock as he tried to figure out why he had a tail too when Gin started to whimper in shock as he whispered, "Aizen! Your ears!"

Aizen blinked as he quickly felt his furry ears that had gained the form of Cat ears causing his eyes to go wide as Gin had turned at the same time to face the mirror, the shocked scream as Gin realized his ears were also like Sousuke's, had Aizen covering them in pain. Gin was in total shock as Aizen pulled him into his arms and cuddled his lover as their tails twined around each other, Gin couldn't help but whisper "This… This is wrong! I'm not supposed to be female!"

Aizen just rocked the distressed silver haired man as he cried and Aizen gently stroked his Lover's ears which calmed Gin down a bit, Gin had to Admit that the petting of his ears felt REALLY good and was slowly lulling him back to sleep. Aizen smiled softly at Gin who had passed out in his arms with a soft rumbling purr, he lifted his lover and placed him back in bed and kissed Gin's lips before he walked out to talk to Szayel about why he had ears and a tail too.

6:00 pm

Gin groaned as he writhed on the bed as his nether regions burned but the pain soon ended as he sat up whimpering in a voice that was a few octaves higher again and threw the covers back to see he now had the lower half of a female as he whimpered in distress and made to stand up only to fall to the ground as her balance was lower on her body then it was as a male's and that threw her off, Gin tried to stand again and managed to stay standing as Aizen walked in and stopped in shock at seeing his lover. He hurried over and help Gin back on the bed her he actually sat on his hair, Gin squeaked as he pulled his thigh length hair in front of him and stared at the silver strands as his hands shook.

Aizen just hugged his lover and pulled her into his arms so her head was against his chest near his heart, Gin slowly calmed down as she listened to Aizen's heart beat and then pulled away as she was now calmer. The former male looked at her cat eared lover and gave a sad smile as Aizen kissed her forehead and told her they would get through this together. He then yawned, showing small fangs where his canines were before; Aizen then kissed Gin and laid down on the bed like a cat as he fell asleep, she yawned also and wondered why she was so tired as she curled up next to him and went back to sleep.

The next morning…

A shocked yelp woke Aizen up as he sat up and noticed Gin was missing, he quickly figured out where she was and hurried to her side as she turned at hearing him come into the bathroom. Aizen blushed at the doll like figure his lover had with Porcelain like coloured skin, thigh length moonbeam silver hair, large ruby red eyes, tiny waist, c cup breasts and bell-shaped hips, she looked at him with sad disbelieving eyes as she softly said, "I-I-I-I didn't expect me to look like this…"

Aizen shivered at the seductive voice coming from his lover's throat and quickly crossed the room as he pulled her into a heated kiss and told her, "You look amazing…my silver vixen."

Gin blushed at the new nickname as she laid her head on his shoulder and let him stroke her hair gently, she felt so content in his arms when she remembered something "Sousuke, what are we going to tell the Espada about our changes?"

Aizen smiled as he told her that he already took care of that and the Espada KNEW better than to make fun of them, Gin chuckled softly at that as she kissed his cheek then realized she had a small problem "Umm, Sousuke? Do we have anything that would fit me?"

5 months later…

Gin groaned as she was kicked in the ribs by the "baby" and then a few seconds later in a totally different place, Aizen was beside her as he kissed her neck while waiting for Szayel to set up the ultra sound so they could see the baby for the first time. Gin was laying down on the bed as she shivered from the cold gel on her stomach and waited quietly as she held Aizen's hand, Szayel's eyes went wide at what he was seeing and asked Aizen to look over his shoulder at the screen to confirm what he was seeing. Aizen looked and gasped as a wide smile made its way on to his face, He looked at his lover who had a worried look on her face and asked Szayel to show her the screen.

Gin blinked at the monitor as she saw three heads all near each other, her eyes went wide as she realized what that meant and placed a hand on her tummy as tears filled her eyes and she whispered, "Triplets? We're having triplets?"

Aizen nodded as he kissed her and then they told her that there were two boys and a girl, Gin smiled happily as she cuddled up to her lover and he rubbed her tummy gently. She whispered to him softly, "I can't wait for them to be born…"