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4 months later…

Gin whimpered in pain as she squeezed her lover's hand and pushed their last child out of her body, the baby was soon out and crying loudly as she was placed in her mother's arms. Gin felt so warm to be holding her little ones as did Aizen who was holding their sons, Aizen smiled as he asked what they would name their little ones. Gin blinked as she thought about it, she looked at her daughter who had the same hair color as her and softly said "What about an English name for our little girl?"

Aizen blinked as he thought of a name he had liked from a fantasy novel he had read out of boredom and suggested it to her, Gin thought about it and smiled as she said, "it's perfect for her, our little Amalthea…our little unicorn princess."

Aizen chuckled and looked at his sons and softly asked Gin what she thought about the names Hikaru and Yami for them, Gin thought about it and smiled as she said "Light and Darkness huh? Somehow that fits for some reason…"

3 days later…

Aizen ran to his and Gin's chambers with a panicked look where she was feeding the children, he told her that the others found out that Yamamoto knew about the children somehow and he was heading towards Los Noches with his personal guard. Gin's eyes went wide as she realized that they would have to go with the plan they made with some friends who they met on a mission in England, tears filled her eyes as she quickly but gently packed her children up in a warm blanketed basket and her and Aizen quickly opened a portal and escaped to the human world to hide their children.

Lily potter was woken by the frantic ringing of the doorbell and hurried downstairs to answer it as she prayed it didn't have to do with the plan they made with Sousuke and Gin. Her hopes were dashed as she opened the door and saw the distraught couple holding a basket, Lily quickly ushered them inside and gently took the babies up to their new room with Aizen and Gin following so they could say a final good bye to their children. All three were fast asleep as they were paced in the cribs and Gin and Aizen gently kissed their children goodbye, they thanked Lily and James who had just joined them and then quickly left to join in the protection of their home.

1 year later…

Amalthea was softly crying as her brothers were taken away and she was left on a doorstep of people she didn't know, Hikaru was dumped on L2 and Yami was placed on the doorstep of an older couple by Dumbledore who wanted his pawn to be utterly alone and broken. The small toddlers grew up to be saviours in their own way, Amalthea was hailed as the Girl-who-Lived, Hikaru was now known as Duo Maxwell aka Shingami and their eldest brother was now known as Train Heartnet the 13th assassin of Chronos known as the Black Cat. Separately their legends would grow but the day was soon coming when Dumbledore's plans would go to hell in a hand basket during Amalthea's summer before Sixth year.

The Preventers headquarters…

The Gundam Pilots were all waiting in one of the meeting rooms when Une came in with Sally Po, they all stood and were told to sit down for the news they were about to receive. Duo looked nervous as hell as Une turned to him and Trowa and then said the words that caused a round of shock among the pilots, "Congratulations you two, we found your families. Trowa, your sister Catharine Bloom will be here tomorrow to see you and Mr. Maxwell… we didn't find your parents but we did find your siblings. A Train Heartnet and one Amalthea Potter are your siblings and it seems that the three of you are Triplets."

Duo blinked in shock at hearing that and then softly asked when he would get to meet them, Une smiled and told him that they were being picked up at that moment from their homes and being brought to headquarters in the morning.

Meanwhile at the Dursleys…

Amalthea sighed as she did the gardening in her Aunt's flower garden; she then heard the doorbell ring from where she was in the backyard and was called inside in rude tone by her aunt, she walked inside only to see a Preventer officer standing there. The man smiled at her and asked if she was Amalthea Potter causing her to nod as she kept an eye on her aunt, the officer noticed and smoothly asked for her to pack her clothes and belongings so they could go to the main Preventers headquarters to meet her brothers.

Amalthea stiffened as Severus, Remus and Sirius had told her about her brothers and how they had been adopted by the potters when they were just three days old, she then looked at her aunt who had pursed lips and then walked out of the room to pack her stuff as she had a feeling she wouldn't be returning. She was soon done and brought her trunk down where the officer helped her carry it out to the car then he opened the door for her so she could slip inside, he then piled into the driver side and pulled out of the driveway as he head to the airport so they catch their plane.


Train blinked as the preventer officer told him what he had come to get Train for which had Sven and Eve looking at him in shock, he looked at his makeshift family then at the officer as he asked if they could come with him to meet his siblings. The officer chuckled and nodded as he told him that they better get moving if they wanted to catch their plane, Train nodded and prayed that Creed stayed away from his siblings and the rest of his small makeshift family.

The next morning…

Amalthea was nervous as hell as she stood next to a handsome chocolate brown haired man with golden cat like eyes, a small young blonde girl and a green haired man wearing a gray suit in the elevator, the brown haired man introduced himself as Train Heartnet and she smiled and returned the gesture when she noticed his bell around his neck and remarked on how cute it looked on him which had Train laughing as she blushed.

The doors soon opened and they stepped out as Une stood in front of them and asked which of them was Amalthea Potter and Train Heartnet, they blinked at each other then stepped away from the others causing the stern woman to smile and tell them that their sibling was waiting in the room behind her causing them to look at each other as Amalthea started to softly sniffle. Tears were slipping down her cheeks as Train pulled her into a hug and made a comforting purring like noise that he had always been able to make, Amalthea just stayed there with her head against his chest as she calmed herself by listening to his heartbeat.

Train smiled as he hugged her tighter and told her that their other sibling was probably getting nervous by the second and they should get on with meeting him, she giggled at the carefree tone he used and nodded as she slipped her hand into his and then walked into the room. Amalthea was nervous as hell when she saw all the boys in the room and pressed closer to Train who squeezed her hand comfortingly, Une noticed and then said, "02 stand up and greet your siblings Train Heartnet and Amalthea Potter."

Amalthea watched nervously as she looked at the boys when she recognized one she had meet before when she had been dragged to one of her uncle's dinner party meetings because Ms. Figg was very sick that day, she smiled at the blued-eyed blonde Arab and winked as he snickered and waved while a young man with Amethyst eyes and a lighter chocolate brown hair then Train's hair stood up. Duo looked at his siblings and gave a carefree grin that had Train returning it; Amalthea looked back and forth between them and laughed as she said "You guys are definitely brothers! You even grin the same!"

Train chuckled as he said, "A Black cat and a brown kitsune as brothers? I guess it fits but hmmm, what to call you for your animal persona?"

Amalthea giggled as they looked at her then both went "I got it! You shall be known as Kitten and Kit!"

Quatre laughed at the first friend he had made as she blushed up a storm at the nicknames and stood, he walked over and smiled as he asked where his hug was causing even lady Une to look at them in surprise as she laughed and hugged the Winner heir. Duo raised an eyebrow and asked how the hell they knew each other as Quatre chuckled and explained about the day they met and how that he tried to keep in touch with her the best he could, Duo raised an eyebrow and jokingly said "So you have an adoptive brother who is also my brother in everything but blood, huh? You guys are definitely going to fit in just fine!"

Train laughed at the look on his little sister's face as she stuck her tongue out at Duo who laughed, Quatre then ruffled her hair as Une told them that she wanted to talk to Train and his group alone for a moment about a job offer and asked the rest of them to wait outside. Amalthea blinked as Duo scooped her up and raced out the door to the lobby chairs, the others followed with knowing glances as Duo jumped around after he set her down in an extremely comfy chair and asked for info on this mysterious school she attend that they couldn't find.

She blinked and realized she could tell them because they were her family and she wouldn't be breaking the status of Secrecy of the wizarding world, she smiled and told them everything about her life form the way she had been treated by her aunt and uncle to the years at Hogwarts and how the headmaster kept testing her. Duo was furious at her story and tried to figure out a way to get into the school when she told him that she was thinking of leaving anyways for Japan to find their real parents.

Duo blinked at that and then told her that she was not going alone and that him, Train and the others wouldn't let her go without them, Amalthea blinked and smiled as she snuggled up to her brother as her long black hair fell like a curtain around her face. Duo blinked at the cuddling up to him then smiled and just rubbed her back soothingly when Train came out with a shell-shocked look on his face with the others who came with him, Amalthea blinked at Train and asked what happened and he told her that Une had offered him and Sven a job working at the Preventers, Duo grinned as he and Amalthea congratulated him and Amalthea asked if he would take the job, Train then looked at her and asked "Do you think I should, little kitten?"

Amalthea nodded and said "How many sisters can say that her brothers are personally scouted by the head of the Preventers?"

Train and Duo both laughed as they hugged her and Train said "Well, it's a good thing I said yes!"

Amalthea grinned but then stiffened as she paused with a worried look while Duo asked what was wrong and she told him that she could sense her headmaster in the building and he was coming towards them fast, Duo growled very convincingly and quickly ran to get Une who told them to hid Amalthea best they could while she talked to Dumbledore. Duo nodded and quickly grabbed his little Sister and quickly led her to his and the others office where he used the wandless magic that he had developed and hid his little sister safely, just in time too as Dumbledore and Une came in.

Amalthea held her breath as she watched Dumbledore for any signs of sensing her as he looked around the room then he told Une that he had wasn't able to find his wayward student that ran away from home, he walked out of the room as Une nodded to them and dropped a piece of paper on the floor as she followed the old coot. Duo picked up the paper and grinned as he read it, he told the others that they were being given a year's leave to go on vacation. The others grinned and Amalthea smiled happily as she then called Hedwig to her quietly, the Gundam pilots jumped and pulled their guns as a flash of white fire appeared and faded to reveal a beautiful white Phoenix that flew over to Amalthea and landed on her arm.

Duo and Train blinked at their giggling sister and the bird that seemed to have a smug look in her eyes then asked why the bird was here, Amalthea told them that she needed to get in touch with her godfathers so they could put their plan into action to fool Dumbledore. Amalthea snickered at the expressions on their faces as she explained about her godfathers and that they would meet them in Japan since they knew their real parents, Dou blinked then grinned as he asked what her plan was to make her disappear from under Dumbledore's grasp and Amalthea told him "I have to die at the hands of the people he left me with when Mama Lily and Papa James died."

Duo blinked in shock along with the others at her words and then realized what she was saying as Train asked how she would convince the old man she died at the hands of the Dursleys, she grinned and told them that they had created a blood clone that looked and acted like her but it was nothing but a semi-intelligent golem that would create the illusion of her death. Duo blinked and snickered at the plan now that she explained the plan in detail; Train smiled and asked when the plan would be put into action as Amalthea just finished writing a letter to her godfathers.

She grinned and quickly handed it to Hedwig who flashed away with the letter, the others blinked as she told them that the plan starts…NOW!

The next day…

Police were swarming the Dursley household and found a young 16 year old girl that was beaten to the point of near death due to a tip from someone who called in on it; Duo smirked as he watched the arrest go down and noticed Dumbledore watching in horror at "Losing" his pawn through abuse, the Gundam pilots smirked as they left for the safe place aka Quatre's townhouse where Amalthea and Train were waiting. They entered the house and hurried to the safe-room that Amalthea was and told her that the plan was under way as she grinned at the news, Amalthea then smirked as she told them the next phase would soon be executed by Sirius, Remus and Severus which would be their deaths at the hands of Dumbledore who they were trying to discredit.

Duo grinned as he said, 'This will be the biggest prank anyone has played on the Wizarding world!"