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Cupid Needs Better Aim (prologue): The Ryoka and the Chappy Worshiper

The pumped up crowd cheered and chanted one name, and one name only. Ry-ok-a! Ry-ok-a! Ry-ok-a! Intense screams of pure excitement filled the popular venue in Karakura, the lights shined behind the band members, making them appear as if they were mere silhouettes with instruments. An ominous-looking fog lingered at their ankles. It was an impressive conflagration of red, grey, and orange. At the same moment, the stage literally rocked while the drums kicked in and the flawless, intricate guitar riff captivated everyone within five miles of the venue. The bass guitar entered the arrangement, and soon, the main vocals would follow after.

If anyone presumed that the cheering was boisterous and loud enough, they would be completely incorrect, because once Kurosaki Ichigo's voice gets picked up by the microphone, the crowd's insanity would increase by tenfold. His voice was like over-sweetened coffee. His tone and vocal runs were smooth and impeccable, yet he had a very slight, bitter rasp that would make any girl fall in love. His (and the rest of the band's) alluring good looks were just a golden bonus. Needless to say, The Ryoka was the only unsigned band to gain as much recognition and fame as successful recording artists in Japan. The kicker? Ichigo, Ishida, Chad, and Renji were only in their senior year of high school.

It's pretty strange how the band formed. The band got together towards the end of their sophomore years. Back then, Ichigo and Ishida had a strong dislike for each other, but had the ability to create the best music together. Chad could play the bass exceptionally. He had used to be involved with another band, but left to improve his skills. And Renji? Well... Renji had good rhythm. After being reluctantly tutored by the school music director, it was as if he'd been playing for a while. Everything pretty much stayed the same.

To put things simply, Renji thought being involved in a band would make girls attracted to him, Chad had dreams of being signed, Ishida wanted to expand his ability by playing other genres besides classical, and Ichigo had the best voice and had no summer plans. It took thousands of tries for the band to get things right, and when it did, it was only a matter of time until girls would be throwing their undergarments at them during performances.

Meanwhile, Kuchiki Rukia is the loaded adoptive sister of Kuchiki Byakuya, one of the bosses of some private organization called The Gotei 13. However, unlike most rich girls, she wasn't raised a spoiled brat. Her life was so difficult. Her sister died when she was an infant, and had to stay at the orphanage for a while until Byakuya found her. Ever since that point in her life, she's lived in places from The United States to the most remote part of Japan because of her brother's job. Karakura Town is the only place she's stayed in for more than five years. She thinks her brother would have to stay for a while, and that was totally fine with her. Everything he did was all right with her. Believe it or not, Rukia and Renji were very close friends. She was sure that there were no romantic feelings between them, and she viewed him as a real brother. Nii-sama was more like a protective father.

A few things was clear when it comes to Rukia, though. A) She loves all things Chappy-related. B) She lives to make Byakuya proud. And C) Kurosaki Ichigo is a douchebag. People would think that she'd be friends with him, because Renji and Ichigo were friends, but no. Not even close. Sure, she thinks he's got a voice that impregnates women. Sure, he's extremely attractive. Sure, he's the leader of The Ryoka. But the good things stop there. His relationships are shorter than the time Rukia takes to get ready for school. He breaks hearts like it's nothing to him. It's like he's not even interested at all. He'll go as far as holding hands, and that's it. Everything about Ichigo pissed her off. In her eyes, he was equivalent to a narcissistic sex go- king! She meant narcissistic king! She shook her head with disdain.

"Ichigo-kun! Your performance was breathtaking! I love you!" a fan girl yelled while the band exited the huge Karakura Music Hall. Ichigo waved his hand at the crowd, but his face remained a perpetual scowl.

"You oughta show them more respect, Kurosaki. Our fan base will drop," Ishida scolded as they all entered his car to go home. Ichigo sighed impatiently.

"I could tell them anything and they'd still be fans," Ichigo yawned. They were all tired, and it was a Thursday. At least their profits from the gig were great.

Chad glanced at his watch. 12:02.

"Ishida, you could just drop me off near Ichigo's place. We don't live too far, so you won't have to drive longer." Chad said with his deep voice. Ishida nodded appreciatively. The car was quiet until Renji had a sudden realization.

"SHIT. I forgot my phone at the hall! There's school tomorrow, too!" Renji yelled, half-asleep. Ichigo rolled his eyes.

"It's in your hand, dumbass. And yes, there is school tomorrow." Ichigo spat.

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