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Scrolling down, all the headlines I read were about some kind of animal tearing humans apart along the Eastern coast of the United States; from Florida to Tennessee. Shaking my head I knew this was no animal, but the workings of a vampire. From my past experiences, I had a slight idea about who was massacring all these innocent people, but I didn't want to jump to that conclusion right away. My only problem was, with the way these victims were found, and the way they were positioned, there was only one person I could pin this one on. "Find anything?" Without looking to him, I nodded my head as I moved the laptop to his direction. As his eyes skimmed the page, they widened in bewilderment. "That's not an animal." Resisting the urge to roll my eyes from his comment, I turned the laptop back in my direction and began researching on the possible places the next attack might occur. "So we have a vampire killing everyone, an entire werewolf pack murdered, and Dean on our ass about finding our next case." Folding his arms across his chest, Sam leaned back in his chair, in thought. Raising a brow at him, I resisted the urge to smack him upside his head.

"Meaning we've found our case and Dean can get off our ass." Slamming my laptop shut, I rose to my feet and walked over to my bed. As much as I wanted this case to be mine alone, I knew the Winchester boys wouldn't let me go off on this one by myself. This monster wasn't someone that they should be dealing with, let alone around, but it wasn't my place to tell the boys what they can and cannot handle - especially since Dean had just gotten back from the pit and Sam had vowed to stop with his abilities. Both men were capable of handling anything, but these weren't your typical vampires; they've never brawled with this kinds before. Most of the vampires these two have fought before were ones that were blood-thirsty killers that burned in the sun; not these. These vampires were cunning, intelligent, and slick monsters.

"What died and crawled up your ass?" Looking toward the voice, I noticed Dean had entered the room just a little before I slammed the laptop. I should have realized he was there since his scent was so strong, but my mind was preoccupied with these attacks and their suddenness.

"Nothing," I replied, putting my laptop inside its case. Sitting on my bed, I lightly smiled from the warm welcoming feeling it had brought onto me. Although it wasn't my king sized bed in my very own room, it had to do. "Must be that time of month," Dean whispered as he walked over to his brother, lightly hiding his head. Biting my tongue, I watched as Sam playfully hit his brother back as Dean sat in the seat I once inhabited.

"So, any cases yet?" Dean leaned back in the chair, balancing the seat on two legs while he rested his hands behind his head. Sam and I exchanged glances, deciding who should be the one to inform him about the vampire attacks. Nodding to Sam, I wanted to keep quiet for this one.

"Crys did some researching and found a string of animal attacks all over the east coast, from Florida to Tennessee." Dean nodded, impressed by my findings. "But we both know that they aren't animal attacks but vampires causing some trouble."

"Do you think this could be linked to the deaths of the werewolf pack not long ago?" Dean leaned forward, making his seat come down to all fours, and clapped his hands together. He looked my way, wanting my opinion; I simply shrugged although I knew deep down the brothers had no idea how connected they were.

"I think they are." Sam got to his feet and walked over to his bed, moving his bag to the mattress. "Maybe these werewolves were planning on killing the bastards but they got a surprise when the vampires attacked them." I had to admit, it was a good theory that Sam had, but it was highly incorrect.

"Maybe we need to hit the road and find this sucker." I laughed, not being able to contain myself from it. Both brothers raised a brow at my direction after exchanging their own glances. "Mind sharing the joke?" Dean asked, slightly irritated. Just by spending the small amount of time I had with the brothers, I already knew that Dean was a bit on the cocky side; and when his ego was even remotely hurt, he'd get defensive.

"Do you know where this 'sucker' is going to attack next?" I asked, creating air quotes. It highly amazed me when either of the boys would come up with an idea without fully thinking it through.

"Not exactly," he answered back, realizing why I was laughing. He looked to Sam, who shrugged, also not knowing the correct location.

"So how exactly are we going to find this sucker?" I asked, folding my arms across my chest. It was a classic Dean Winchester move; move first, think much later. He began to stutter to find the answer, but I intervened before he could retort a smart-ass remark. "Give me a few hours, I'll find it." Giving me a questionable look, Dean shrugged and walked off to the door.

"I'm gonna grab a bite to eat, you guys wanna come?" Sam jumped on that opportunity while I politely declined, saying I was going to get started on finding the location. I knew sooner or later they were eventually going to ask why they haven't seen me eat anything while they were around, but whenever I would go out to eat, they were sleeping. Sighing, I grabbed my cell phone and dialed the number I had known by heart.

"Hello?" Hearing her voice again was something that made my heart jump; it felt great to finally talk to somebody back home without being traced.

"Bonnie, it's Crystal."