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Previously on 'Til the End of Time:

"I was just wondering, who is the most dangerous criminal you have in here today?" I asked him with a lovely smile, compelling him to follow my orders. Before he could answer I held up my hand. "Don't answer that, just bring him to me and I'll escort him to the state prison." The officer nodded and walked to the jail section of the building. I waited by the desk, checking my nails for dirt. Waiting was the next process, especially since it'll take the officer a long while to get the criminal into his custody. But as I stood and waited, I looked around to the people occupying the building. I could hear the heart beats of the humans passing me, the blood rushing through their veins, and the air filling the lungs of each and every person; they made me hungrier. Looking over, the officer finally approached me with a larger male. "What's he in for?" I asked, giving them a nod.

"Murder in the first degree," the officer responded, robotically.

"You can't prove that!" The man pushed the officer and charged at me, but I quickly got out from his path, grabbed his hands and applied so much force, he dropped to his knees.

"There's no need for violence, my dear." Slapping on handcuffs, I lifted the man up from the ground and escorted him outside. Walking with him over to the alley-way, he looked to me confused.

"What's going on?" he asked, slightly scared.

"I'm hungry," I responded as my fangs protruded and my eyes turned blood red, my veins popping out beneath them. The man screamed, but before he could attract any attention, my fangs were in his jugular, draining the red liquid from his body.

As soon as I was done feeding, I dropped the body in a nearby lake. Letting out a sigh of relief, I could feel my body re-energize from the bloody coursing through it. Watching as the water streamed, I was reminded of where I came from; Mystic Falls. My old home before it was even named so. Not far from where we lived was a stream that looked very similar to this; too bad it was destroyed to build a town over. Feeling a vibration in my pocket, I looked to see Sam's number. Answering the phone, I ran to the motel we were staying in.

"Where are you?" Sam inquired on the other line.

"I'm at the motel," I answered as I quickly approached it. Spotting the two brothers entering their car, a small smirk lingered on my lips.

"No you're not; we came back to an empty room. Are you okay?" As he spoke, I approached the dark blue Chevy Impala, knocking on the window with a smile. Sam hung up the phone as they exited the car, both with annoyed glances. "Where were you?" he boomed as Dean walked to his side, leaning against his car. Folding my arms across my chest, a slight feeling of annoyance washed over me. I fully understood that the brothers cared about me, and because of that they were overprotective, but I could damn well take care of myself.

"Finding out where our next location will be," I answered with a sarcastic smile pointed toward the giant.

"And how'd you do that?" Dean asked, almost as if he didn't believe me.

"Made a few phone calls," I lied with a casually shrug.

"So where is this place we're headed to?" Sam grumbled, stuffing his hands in his jacket pockets.

"Mystic Falls, Virginia."

-X- -X-

Dean didn't waste anytime when it came to leaving. He took a quick nap before packing his belongings and threw all of ours in the Impala. Sitting in the back seat, I watched as the trees passed swiftly. The green blurs were soothing to watch as Dean raced. It always amazed me at how fast he'd go without getting in a state troops radar. Then again, I could easily compel the officer to leave us without the Winchesters knowing. For a brief moment, I wondered what the brothers would do if and when they realize they were friends with a creature they hunted. Then again, they did travel with a demon for a couple of months…or was it a year? Eh, who cares? "So who told you the place to go was Mystic Falls?" Dean asked, breaking the silence. Looking into the rearview mirror, I connected eyes with him.

"You're not the only one with connections, Dean," I answered sarcastically. Making a face at me, I witnessed him roll his eyes due to my answer.

"Okay smartass," he whispered, causing me to smile. Turning my head to look back outside, I let out a small sigh. Sitting back, I placed my hands on my lap while Dean turned up the music. Coming from the speakers, I heard the song 'Carry on my Wayward Son' playing. Bobbing my head to the beat, I couldn't help but remember all the great times I had at the Kansas concerts. Sam turned to look at me and raised a brow, surprised I knew the song. Flashing him a bright smile, I began to sing along. Dean joined in, tapping the steering wheel along with the drums. Smiling at this scene, I couldn't help but look at the two men as my friends. As much as they liked to irritate me, these two brothers were like mine.

-X- -X-

It had been a long time since I had visited Mystic Falls – probably centuries. The little town hadn't changed too much since then, but what made me happiest most was that the forest was untouched. The forest had been my previous home before Klaus went rogue and daggered his family. The forest was where I grew and learned to be the monster I was – it was my home.

Driving in, Dean looked around the town and sighed. "Looks like another boring town." What Dean didn't know was how much this town inhabited and attracted supernatural beings. Finding a motel, Dean pulled into the parking lot. Getting out from his car, I stretched and took in the familiar scenery. The air smelled fresh and the Virginia breeze was still very welcoming. "You guys wait here; I'll get us a room." Dean made his way over to the motel office while Sam and I waited by the car. Looking around, I placed my hands in my black leather jacket. I could feel Sam watching me from inside the Impala – I looked back to him.

"Yes?" I asked him, raising a brow.

"What caused you to start hunting?" This question took me back a bit as I continued to stare at him. No one has ever asked me that question before; I thought back.

"My family," I answered softly. "My family was killed by a monster. He actually thought I was dead too, but I managed to escape." Sam nodded, showing me that he was listening.

"Must have been hard growing up without them," he said lightly. I nodded, agreeing with his statement. "Dean and I, we actually lost our mother when we were kids to a demon; learned how to hunt from our father."

"Did you get revenge?" I asked, holding my arms together, leaning against the car.

"Yeah, but not after losing our father too – losing my life then Dean sold his soul to the devil to save me."

"Wait, so that's what you meant by him being in the pit?" I asked, dumbfounded.

"Yeah, we don't know why or how exactly he's out, but I'm just thankful I have my brother again." Smiling down to him, I nodded knowing what he meant. I knew when I see my family again, I'll be the happiest I've been in centuries. Hearing Dean, I grabbed my bag and followed him to our room. Finally reaching it, I raised a brow to Dean.

"This is a suite," I stated, looking to him.

"I made a deal with the girl." Rolling my eyes, I opened the door and was impressed with it.

"I call master!" I yelled, running to the room. Jumping on the bed, I laid myself down, loving the feel of the soft king sized bed underneath me.

"That's not fair!" Dean called out. "I got us this room!"

"I have the vagina, Dean, it's what I say!" Hearing Sam laugh, I pictured Dean rolling his eyes at me. Smiling, I flipped to my stomach and pulled out my phone. Dialing Bonnie's number, I waited.

"Bonnie, its Crystal. Listen, I'm in Mystic Falls right now and I was wondering if you wanted to meet up for lunch or something so we can chat." Bonnie loved the idea and suggested the Mystic Grill. Agreeing, I hunt up the phone and walked to find Sam making himself comfortable on the couch.

"Dean won in rock, paper, scissors so I get the couch." Nodding, I walked to the door. "Where are you going?"

"I know someone personally here; I'm gonna go meet up with them. Don't wait up for me." Waving, I left the room and swiftly left the hotel. Walking the streets of Mystic Falls sent flash backs. It was as if I was literally walking down memory lane. Spotting the Grill, I also saw Bonnie waiting for me. Waving to her, she ran over and threw her arms around my petite body.

"My goodness Chris, it has been a long time." Pulling away to look at her, I smiled.

"I know, you look great. Let's get a bite to eat." Wrapping an arm around her, I escorted the both of us into the building. I had only been to the Mystic Grill once when it first opened, but it has changed quite a bit since the last time I've been here. Sitting at a table, I looked at the menu and decided on a simple garden salad and a water. Looking up to Bonnie, I rested my head on my hands before smiling. "So Bon, talk to me – what do you know about the Salvatore brothers; preferably Stefan?"

"Why?" she asked after taking a quick sip from her drink. "What do the Salvatore's have that you want?"

"It's not what they have; it's what Stefan has done. You know I've turned my life into a life of hunting the very creatures that I am; and I've been doing this for quite a while. I've recently read some newspaper articles that take me back to Chicago in the 1920's – the same place and year when Stefan Salvatore was known as 'the Ripper'." Bonnie's face went from surprise, too shocked, to scared.

"Elena can't know about this," she whispered.

"Who's Elena?" I asked as our food was placed in front of us.

"Stefan's ex-girlfriend. Her name is Elena Gilbert; she's a doppelganger." My eyes widened; wherever there was a doppelganger, her family followed close. "I take it you know what that means?" Nodding to Bonnie, I couldn't bring myself to touch my food.

"Where is the doppelganger?" I asked softly, knowing there could have been other vampires around.

"Her name is Elena, and she should be at her house or at the Salvatore mansion. What significance does she hold?" Bonnie lowered her voice so only I could hear her – but that didn't stop an eavesdropping vampire sitting at the bar. Raising a brow at her, I simply shook my head.

"That answer will come in time my dear friend. But right now, I have people to communicate with." Giving her a farewell smile, I placed a fifty dollar bill on the table to pay for our good. Leaving the table, I pushed my way through the Grill, making my way to the bar. Sitting on a stool, I felt a pair of eyes looking me over. "Great to see you again, Damon."