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Camelot rejoiced when their new prince was born. All of Camelot celebrated, especially when Ygraine recovered from the strange illness that nearly took her life. Gaius, by some miracle was able to whip up a remedy for her, though where he obtained it remained a mystery. Uther hardly bothered himself with that; he had a beautiful healthy son, and his wife would recover. What else was there to worry about?

Not to long after that, Uther's old friend Balinor returned, but this time he came with a woman that was apparently his wife: Hunith. Uther instantly named Balinor his court sorcerer and gave both Balinor and his wife a place in the castle. Hunith loved taking care of Arthur, and Arthur loved her. Despite her remarkable recovery, Ygraine fell ill often, and usually was too weak to even get out of bed. Every time Hunith would take it upon herself to care for both Arthur and Ygraine.

Hunith could never truly understand the depths of Uther's gratitude. As much as he'd like to, he simply could not always be there to care for his son and wife. As King, he had to take care of his people as well. When Arthur turned three, Hunith became pregnant, and Uther couldn't have been happier for his friend.

At first Uther worried that Arthur would become jealous or feel ignored. In fact, it was the opposite. Arthur would go on for hours about all the things he and his new 'brother' would do. Hunith would laugh and tell him they didn't know if it was a boy or a girl, but Arthur insisted the baby would be a boy and eventually Hunith even started referring to the baby as 'he' instead of the baby. Then the unthinkable happened: Hunith went into labor two months early.

Balinor was beside himself with worry for his wife and the baby. Most newborns born this early died shortly after birth, more times then not taking the mother with them. A few hours later Gaius burst into the council meeting insisting that Balinor come immediately. Fearing the worst for his friend Uther ran out after Balinor. Uther froze in the doorway of Balinor's chambers, a smile forming on his face. Ygraine was sitting on the bed beside Hunith, gushing over the tiny bundle in Hunith's arms.

"It's a boy!" Ygraine whispered, tears of joy leaking out of the corners of her eyes.

"Told you" A small voice whispered triumphantly. Uther turned to see Arthur peeking in the doorway, grinning,

"What's his name?" Uther asked.

"Merlin," Hunith replied smiling. Ygraine stood and let Balinor sit in her spot. Balinor wrapped an arm around his wife and kissed her forehead. He tentatively reached down and stroked Merlin's thin cheek. That's when Uther really saw how tiny Merlin was; even for a baby he was so small.

"Will he be ok?" Uther whispered to Gaius who'd remained quiet throughout the entire conversation.

"He's not out of the woods yet," Gaius replied slowly, "but for the most part he seems pretty healthy. I have a feeling he will make it." Uther breathed a sigh of relief as Hunith asked in a hushed tone,

"Arthur, would you like to meet Merlin?"

Arthur nodded excitedly and ran over to the bed. Balinor helped pull Arthur up on the bed and set him down on Hunith's other side.

"We're gonna be best friends Merlin," Arthur declared reaching a tiny hand out. Merlin clamped onto it tightly and Arthur laughed,

"He likes me!"

"It would seem so," Hunith whispered. From that moment on Merlin and Arthur where inseparable. He was always asking if he could help take care of Merlin, and when Hunith asked him why he was so sure he and Merlin would be friends Arthur replied,

"A big gold lizard said so!" Ygraine laughed and scooped Arthur up in her arms.

"Of course sweetheart," She replied kindly.

"But it's true!" Arthur whined.

When Merlin was old enough to walk, he started following Arthur like a lost puppy; he looked up to Arthur, and did everything with him. He went to training with Arthur, even though time and again he proved his uselessness with a sword; and he waited faithfully by the door when Arthur sat with his father during dull meetings.

Arthur took it upon himself to look after Merlin like a good older brother would. When some of the older boys made fun of Merlin for being so weak, Arthur took it upon himself to teach them a lesson, resulting in a black eye for Arthur and a hysterical Merlin. Uther might have been angry about Arthur's sudden attachment to Merlin, but Merlin was the son of a good friend. He secretly wondered if one day Merlin would follow in his father's footsteps and become the court sorcerer when Arthur became king. Balinor was sure Merlin was a warlock; he'd seen the small bursts of magic himself, while Merlin remained oblivious to his powers.

All of the residents of the castle, including Uther, very quickly grew to love Merlin: his innocent smile; the way he was so full of life and energy; and the way he could make you smile after a hard day. Ygraine especially loved Merlin; she treated him like a second son. Whenever she got sick and Hunith was busy, Uther often found Merlin curled up on her lap telling story's to make her feel better. To Uther, it seemed life couldn't be better, until one day everything came crashing down. It was a few days after Merlin turned five. Uther was in a meeting with Balinor and the rest of the council discussing border issues when Gaius burst into the council chambers breathlessly.

"What's wrong Gaius?" Uther asked worried.

"Sire, you must come quickly!" Gaius gasped.

"What's happened?" Uther asked standing up.

"It's Ygraine, Sire," Gaius explained, "She'd dying…"

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