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[[Space Cowboy's log: November 18th, 2081]]

[[Let's see. It's been about two weeks since I left Earth for the space station near Sector 24 to begin researching a new planet colonization. I should be moving pass Mars by now. Everything is going by schedule. The ship and autopilot seem to be working and stable. I had my last communications call from NASA today. Everything else has been boring. Not much to say here, I'm going to hibernate the rest of the way to the space station. The autopilot should be able to take care of things from here.

Hopefully I won't wake up to some freaky universe where apes rule the world.

Well, good night.

This is Alfred F. Jones, American Space Cowboy signing off. :D ]]

"And there, end report." The astronaut smiled, finishing the last of the space report into the computer. It will be his last for a while.

The sunny-haired blonde floated weightlessly on his back, shifting and reaching for a taped photo on the wall. For a moment, he looked at the picture, before tucking it safely under the collar of his space suit. Turning the gravity back on, the American astronaut made sure to finsh the last of his errands, checking all systems, autopilot switched on. All set.

Now the astronaut clicked open the white pod, crawling inside. The pod closed around him securely. Alfred activated the life support system, placing the oxygen mask over his nose and mouth, before taking a deep breath and lying down.

Alfred took a breath waiting for the gas to take effect, and took out the photo. Sky blue eyes stared longingly at the photo of his life on Earth. He and his twin, Matthew, in the center of the photo next to Kiku, who was smiling sheepishly towards the camera. The American in the picture slung his arm around his best friend Arthur, dragging him out of reach from Francis.

The photo was taken a week before the launch. The American's friends and family planned to party and hang out together. The blonde smiled at the memory with a weak laugh, oh man look at him. He was already becoming homesick.

This space mission will be definitely longer than the rest. A couple years, but soon, people will be able to see the far reaches of space. The universe was amazing, but nothing was better for Alfred than returning back to his home on Earth.

Alfred began to feel his eyelids growing heavy. He yawned to himself, murmuring a good night. Those were his last thoughts as sleep overtook him, the photo in his hands.

Through the daze between hibernation, the American swore he heard voices not his own. His mind was too fogged to even register what was around him.

/Is this what I think it is?/

/I heard the species was recorded to be extinct./

/Nobody touch it. Someone, send a report and the specimen to Professor Ivan's lab, now./

Ugh. Alfred was barely awake, blond hair sticking to his forehead, and still facing up with the breathing tube on him. The photo still in his hand. Everywhere he looked was completely blurred, his entire body felt limp, his blue eyes glazed and squinted. The first thing the American saw was the bright light shining overhead. The sleepy astronaut rolled over to his side. Was he awake? Or was this another one of his dreams? A throbbing headache about the size of Texas said otherwise.

When the young man's vision began to clear up – but still needing his glasses – Alfred shifted again, clutching his hands in and out to get some feeling back in them. The first thing that came into his mind; Is this the space station? By the look of things, it probably was.

"Hey…" he rasped, his voice low and hoarse from lack of speech. Alfred tucked the photo away, rolling to his side, watching someone in a lab coat. The young astronaut knocked the side of glass with his knuckles to get the man's attention.

A pair of dull malachite eyes widened at the quiet tapping – at least, it sounded quiet outside the glass. /Specimen is awake,/ the scientist reported, turning to face two of his coworkers.

Although the green-eyed, dark-haired scientist referred to Alfred as a 'specimen', he didn't look any less human than him. At least, not without closer observation. His slightly pointed ears twitching, the leader of the three scientists gestured over to some nearby claw-armed contraption, not resembling any particular machinery an Earthling would be familiar with.

/This is gonna be difficult…/ the shortest of the scientists sighed, rolling up his sleeves and walking over to the machine. /It's for the boss… it's for the boss…/ The curly-haired boy mumbled to himself, his small frame shuddering as he typed in the coding to start the machine. He was still a rookie in the human body experiment field, but if he didn't do what his higher-ups ordered…

The tallest of the scientists walked over to the pod, seemingly awestruck by the astronaut's curious movements. Should he try saying something to him? /A human…/ he murmured quietly. He never, ever thought he'd ever get the chance to see one so up close, much less experiment on one.

The blonde-haired scientist was one of the most educated of his race, he had studied the behaviors and culture of the now extinct species while he was still in training. Recalling his studies, he remembered the universal language of humans… 'English', was it? Or was it 'American'? It was such a basic language, thankfully, easy enough to remember. He knew their boss, having actually experimented on a few humans before the collapse of their planet, was one of the most fluent in their languages. And not just English. However, it was safe to assume that most lower lifeforms were familiar with that specific language.

But it wasn't like anyone should have meaningful conversations with experiments.

"Hello," the taller scientist spoke, his dark blue eyes staring through his goggles and down at Alfred. Did he hear him clearly? Did he pronounce the humans' greeting wrong? "Hello. Hello."

"Um… hi," Alfred responded back, with an odd stare of his own. The human's voice was laced with a southern accent, and he was obviously confused about the man's behavior. The astronaut pushed himself up to a cross-legged sitting position, and gasped when the back of his head hit the glass with a light 'thump'.

"Ow!" he winced, rubbing the back of his head to soothe the pain. These guys never seen a person before? Maybe that's what happens if you stay in space for too long. The researchers all wore heavy white coats and gloves... "Hey, can you guys let me out? I think I'm fine now," the human asked, removing his mask and giving the goggled-blonde a playful smile. He crossed his arms, as if this was all a joke, and expected to be let out. Completely oblivious to the situation at hand.

/Eh? What kind of language is that and what did the specimen just say?/

/American English, Raivis. He seems to expect us to let him out./

/B-But, that's just stupid. Are you sure the specimen isn't suffering from brain damage?/

The three Zoa researchers looked at each other, then back at the human astronaut as if they were crazy to let someone like him out. Humans in comparison were lesser lifeforms, in terms of intellect and moral.

Biologically superior? The vote had to go to the humans in more ways than one.

Earthlings, the term most commonly used for species originating from Earth, possessed a very rare gene of adaptability, which explained why so many 'breeds' of humans had higher resistance to germ-ridden, hostile environments. Such a dirty airborne atmosphere was considered hazardous among Zoa. The gene was discovered during their first experiments – bunnies.

Further research stated that out of all Earthlings, humans were the most compatible to their race. One theorized both species were distantly related, but everyone imminently shot down the idea.

During the time of social collapse, humans were suffering from a viral outbreak, and weakened by the impact of the Third World War. The risk of contamination was too great to interfere.

The clean human subjects were rescued from a space station, which sent a distress signal after an encounter with a plasma storm damaged it. But none of the remaining test subjects were positive for the rare dominate gene, thus not suitable for breeding, and so were left at Professor Ivan's disposal. The higher-ups were too picky with their subjects at the time.

But the action was a mistake. Months later, there were no more humans on Earth. The combination of social collapse, war, and the virus outbreaks finally picked off the remaining species. So, Earthling research went back to experimenting on bunnies and other creatures. Until today.

The human was in good condition and now awake, but in need of a filter implant. However, the brunette wished that the unlucky subject would stay unconscious for a few more hours. Especially for their boss, the head researcher of the lab.

/Eduard, stand back./

The human subject's face broke when the researchers weren't answering him, and began talking in an unknown language. That's when it dawned on him. "Uh... oh..." Alfred felt an ominous feeling in the pit of his stomach. That something was up, and that it wasn't any good for him. The sound of the mechanical claw clanked, hovering above the pod before he could do anything.

The brunette turned the machine on, and the contraption hummed to life while pulsing a white light above the pod. It instantaneously teleported the specimen to another lab.

The confused human blinked, feeling rather nauseous at the sudden rush of teleportation. Did they just…? "Shit! I've been captured by aliens!" Alfred panicked, gripping the sides of his hair. Dream or not, this was a fucked up space encounter, had this been better circumstances. The American astronaut would have been excited to met real live aliens, but not in this case. Why couldn't he wake up to the planet of the apes? "Fuck, I'm not sitting around being someone's guinea pig!"

The blond scrambled about, trying to find the hidden escape latch. Thankfully the astronaut found it, and tugged it open to allow the pod to depressurize and open itself up.

"Urk!" The moment Alfred took a breath, pain gripped the human's chest, foreign air burning his lungs painfully inside out, gripping it like a vice. The human gaped like a fish, choking and snatching the oxygen mask and cupped it over his mouth for dear life. The blond panted heavily to steady himself... That was a very stupid move on his part. The human was too much in a hurry, and nearly asphyxiated himself in the attempt. This was bad. Fuck, what am I going to do… Alfred thought, he was the hero... he shouldn't panic like this, but the young man couldn't help but feel watched.

He was, in fact, being observed.

/So they found a living human specimen…/ purred a chilling, quiet voice, as the alien it belonged to stepped closer and closer to Alfred's pod. Hm. He didn't look like a smart one.

Letting out an eerie chuckle, the unnervingly tall platinum-blonde reached over to a nearby floating platform. /Hah. But he is cute…/ The humanlike alien giggled to himself as he picked up a box of gloves. An Earthling couldn't make such a comparison, but… the specimen that his sla- er, assistants, managed to find truly resembled a little rabbit.

"Do not be afraid, little one," the scientist cooed in Alfred's native tongue, speaking more fluently than Eduard. "I will make this environment more comfortable for a delicate creature like you, yes?" He gave a 'comforting' tap on the human's life-support pod.

And yet… A part of his mind begged him not to experiment on the precious human. Partly because he was the one remaining survivor of the human race. If he made a single mistake, that was the end of all further research. Of course, there were the results of previous experiments – the half-breeds, but why bother with them? They were infertile, mentally inferior, and weak.

The chief scientist strived to create the ideal Zoa-human hybrid, but… there was a severe lack of humans to experiment with. It wasn't like he could just casually perform tests and changes to a specimen's body – almost all of the humans ended up dying over the course of several experiments.

Secondly… this human was just too cute. Although he looked like he would be among the fittest of his kind; in the scientist's eyes, he was fragile and delicate. Humans were hardier than the Zoa in most aspects, but a different atmosphere combined with stress could easily harm the specimen.

Wait... what did those guys mention in English? Something about… a living human… needing something from him… a biological sample… The blonde gulped at the thought. That didn't sound very pleasant. What the hell were the aliens planning? Fuck. Alfred could feel goosebumps running down his arms when he heard a quiet but chilling voice... The astronaut couldn't understand a single word of it, but it made Alfred very uneasy, like a rabbit thrown into a snake pen. All the human could do was breathe in his oxygen mask and scoot further to one end of the pod, eying the tall chief scientist.

Blue eyes met violet as the two beings just watched each other. The chief scientist was pale, tall, with a freaky smile and eyes – too much contrast with Alfred's light tan skin, and wheat blond hair with an odd strand sticking out.

Eventually, the human looked away with a frown. It would be an awesome idea if he could break out of this pod, smash the alien's smiling face in and kick ass, escape the lab, foil a plot, then hitch a spaceship back to Earth!

Realistically, Alfred couldn't do anything, and he hated it, being helpless in this situation. Whatever the aliens were, they looked rather humanoid. But they wore heavy white clothing as if hiding something. No tail, no claws... not even antennae. The astronaut made an odd face. Do they have freaky Predator bodies or something underneath their… oh... god, that would be nasty. The astronaut lost himself in his thoughts, when the scientist tapped the glass, speaking in English. But that little phrase made the American snap back.

"Little? Who are you calling little!?" Alfred hissed, scooting forward, the glass separating each other. "If I wasn't stuck in here, I would so kick your fat ass!" The human foolishly ranted, if aliens were going to experiment on him or god knows what. Well... if anything, Alfred wasn't going to take this lying down. Although upsetting a large alien person wouldn't be a good idea for starters.

Fortunately for Alfred, the chief scientist wasn't at all angered at his outburst. Just somewhat amused. Ha, humans and their fondness for inventing words solely for the sake of conveying anger… "Please allow me to introduce myself," the alien chuckled softly, his eyes like a pair of sharp amethysts. "My name is… is…" Well… The Zoa language was incomprehensible and untranslatable in any human language. To work around this huge language barrier when communicating with specimens, the scientist had adopted a human name for himself. His assistants had done the same.

"My name is 'Ivan'," the alien spoke, still smiling politely as usual. "Not my actual name, of course. But at least it is something you can pronounce." He let out another high-pitched giggle. But Ivan couldn't help it! He had to admit, he did act like a child, sometimes… Of course, if anyone dared to mention that to his face, poor them. But still, finally discovering a human specimen, after the entire race died out, was like unwrapping a present!

He lightly tapped on the human's pod. "You stay here," he ordered gently. Of course the human wouldn't dare to break out of the pod, not after nearly costing his life on his first escape. Or maybe he would…? He seemed like the type to do something stupid like that. "And I will get you special pills, so you can survive in our environment. Yes?"

Even with his spacesuit on, the human felt exposed to the alien's inhumane stare. But Alfred defiantly put up a brave face, although the way the chief scientist spoke to him like a child gave him a reason to be a creeped out. Ivan probably fit the description of a mad scientist. Then again, the human warmed up to the chief scientist as he introduced his alternate name as Ivan. Maybe it was the fact the astronaut hadn't spoke to anyone face to face in so long… Well, he was going to pretend he didn't hear that part though… "My name's Alfred F. Jones, nice to met ya!" The human replied, simply out of common courtesy. Hopefully, 'Ivan' would actually use Alfred's name, instead of labeling him.

"Hey, stop that!" Alfred pouted in response to another tap. The boy's eyes curiously looked around the lab, searching for a possible exit. There was a sliding door, but it might be locked. No air ducts either, only advanced technology way beyond anything he seen back on Earth. No... Alfred shouldn't trust this guy. He needed to get out of here, before he became a guinea pig... Just play nice, and then jump at the first chance of escape! "You mean to breathe easier with the air?" The astronaut pointed out. How does a set of pills actually work? the human wondered... Well, might as well go for it.

"Yes, exactly," the chief scientist replied, giving an assuring nod. "These pills introduce the chemicals of this planet into your body." He paused, picking up a jar from his floating desk. "You may feel quite a lot of pain, at first… But no need to worry, most of our human specimens survive this process!" Most specimens. Not all. Quite a few humans simply couldn't handle the foreign elements. Of course, the pills were re-developed after every experiment; and the number of humans who had survived this first process far outnumbered the ones who didn't.

Smiling down at his specimen, Ivan decided to alleviate any potential fears in the precious little human. Despite being called eccentric and sadistic by his fellow scientists, he truly didn't perform experiments on foreign creatures just for fun. Most of the time. "Alfred, hm?" the alien purred, removing the cap from the jar. "What a pretty name." It had a nice flow to it. Although humans called each other by names that were much shorter than Zoa titles, they still held somewhat of an exotic air to the alien species.

"Alright. I am going to remove the cover to your life-support system," the scientist explained carefully, placing his free hand on the pod in question. "Hold your breath. I will try not to take too long."

"Okay... just how many do I have to take?" Alfred eyed the pill jar Ivan was holding, listening to whatever the scientist had to say. He did not like the idea of pain coming from that pill. But when the alien mentioned testing on other humans, the astronaut looked up, completely surprised at the fact.

"Most…human specimens?" The blonde repeated. "Wait… a minute! Human specimens?" He jumped again, bumping his head against the glass. The astronaut yelped, holding his head and gritting his teeth. Blue eyes glaring at the idea that this was done before... Did that mean? "Are other people here as well?" Oh shit! People were trapped here? What were these aliens doing to everyone?!

His small trust in the humanoid alien was completely out the window. Now, Alfred was pissed, ignoring Ivan's warning. "You guys have been abducting other people? For how long? Whatever the fuck happened to 'We come in peace?' Urk—!" Alfred's voice was cut short, when the cover of his life support pod was removed. The American barely had time to hold his breath, but held it as best he could.

"Good, good, just keep holding your breath," the scientist nodded, quickly taking one of the pills out of the jar. It didn't look anything like a pill, at least not one from Earth. The pill looked more like a small, slightly-round, blue crystal. And this would, somehow, allow the human's body to adapt to the alien planet.

Using his other hand, Ivan quickly grabbed onto Alfred's jaw, forcing it open. "Do not breathe," he ordered. With that, he dropped the pill into the young man's mouth, before closing it again. "Swallow."

The American astronaut wasn't really paying attention to Ivan. The blonde was starting to feel light-headed, and the chief scientist wasn't really helping. The human resisted trying to pull away, but the alien held a death grip. He could only grasp at Ivan's sleeves, as the alien held his jaw open. Alfred reluctantly swallowed the blue pill as it was dropped into his mouth.

The scientist then set the jar of pills down, and closed the hatch to Alfred's life-support pod. "You may breathe now, and just relax!" Ivan giggled 'comfortingly'.

"Ugh... that was a dick move... Ivan," the blonde muttered, rubbing the neck of his neck. For the first few moments... Nothing happened, only a funny feeling in the pit of his stomach. He was unaware the pill was steadily releasing the alien chemicals into his body.

"GAH!" And that's when pain settled in. It began as a cramp, before it became unbearable and steadily spread to the rest of his body.

"Ngh... ah!" Alfred gritted his teeth. He held his stomach as he closed his eyes, curling into a ball and trying to keep himself from screaming out loud, especially with Ivan watching. He was unaware that the pain was because his body tried to fight off the alien substances merging with his system.

After what seem like forever, finally, the pain began to subside, leaving only a dull ache throughout his body. That was... A terrible experience just from one little pill. Alfred had no idea how long he was in pain. The tired blonde took a few steady breaths, followed by a coughing fit. Alfred rolled onto his back, staring at the ceiling as he brushed away the bangs from his face. He had to get out of there, and fast.

These white coat aliens were crazy, especially Ivan. If one little pill was this painful, then there was bound to be something much worse. The human paled at the thought, that other people were trapped here. Horribly experimented on as they speak. At least... if Ivan was correct, he could breathe outside now. I need to get out of here... Now! Alfred thought, pushing himself up. With this thought in mind, hopefully the man was lucky, and he could find the other humans. "Well... That wasn't so... bad. So what happens now?" The astronaut asked – with a hint of sarcasm – while the back of his hand felt around for the emergency release switch.

"Ha! You actually dealt with the pain better than I expected," Ivan commented. Perhaps the human wouldn't be as weak as he thought… Although, that could prove a problem when it came time to experiment on him, considering his reckless attitude… Ah, well.

Before he ever experimented on a specimen, whether animal or human, he had to gain their trust first. Humans were extremely intelligent, not to mention defiant, compared to most Earthling animals. And yet… the physical features of humans seemed rather similar to the Zoa…

But other than the documented fact that humans could breed half-Zoa young, there wasn't any other support for that… one theory.

The scientist smiled at his human. "But you must be tired after all that, yes?" he asked politely, clasping his gloved hands together. "There are plenty of empty rooms in this laboratory. Humans require plenty of rest." Ivan pulled off one of his gloves, before reaching his hand out to Alfred. "Your body should be used to our atmosphere by now, so you no longer need to stay in that container, yes?"

Alfred gave a weak smile at Ivan's comment. What else would you expect from the hero?

The blonde's smile fell though, as he looked at hand offered to him. Subconsciously, Alfred grasped the handle tighter. He wondered if the alien scientist noticed. A small part of him felt a little bad for doing this to Ivan. The guy was the first person that the astronaut spoke to in a long, long time.

Alfred sighed, shaking his head, narrowing his blue eyes to those alien violets.

"Yeah... I'm tired... OF YOU!" Alfred shouted, pulling the switch. Automatically, the glass cover slid away by itself, and Alfred followed with a strong, swift kick to the chief scientist's chest. The astronaut put as much strength as he could put in his legs, to at least knock down the tall scientist. The human enthusiastically hopped out of the pod.

"Nhh..." The astronaut's movement was rigid at first, and he nearly fell to his knees from a lack of mobility for so long. But man, it felt so good to move again!

The freed human looked over at Ivan, before squatting down next to the fallen alien and quickly patting his coat for something… a security card, anything. Thankfully Alfred found what looked like a keycard. "Sorry, buddy. I'll just make my way out!" The blonde chirped in a southern drawl with a wild smile, before he made a run for it. Score one for the human! Creepy aliens, zip!

The astronaut did not want to stay and face Ivan, and he immediately headed to the door. Unfortunately it was locked… The human stared at the complex tech, unsure to make heads or tails, but... Maybe, hopefully it was a scanner that could be activated with the card in hand… It'll work.

It did. The scanner flashed green, but the next few moments took away any hope for escape.


Oh no. Alfred's face broke. A password? So close!

The panicked astronaut tried to press something… Anything? None of them worked.

Alfred felt his heart beat faster as he looked over his shoulder. Somehow that told the human, that Alfred F. Jones was officially screwed. "Dammit!" the astronaut growled in frustration and kicked the door, only to hear a computerized voice.


Uh oh. That did not sound good.

Alfred stepped back, his blue eyes widening as he saw a laser beam flashing in front of him. "Lasers?! OH. SHIT."

The first shot whizzed just past Alfred's head. The second shot hit the human in the back. The astronaut let out a sharp yelp, before his body simply collapsed on the floor. Alfred's first escape attempt ended in complete and utter failure.

"Oh… my…" Ivan chuckled softly, taking a step towards Alfred. "Please, do not try that again. I do not want my precious specimen to get hurt!" The scientist crouched down next to the human. The poor, stupid – yet strong – thing…

Alfred had to learn he couldn't escape. The human wouldn't try to run away again after that foolish attempt, right?

Well… Ivan wasn't 100% sure. Hopefully, this particular specimen would have at least a tiny bit of common sense... "Are you alright, Alfred?" he cooed gently, running his slender fingers through the blonde's soft, curly hair. "Come on. The outside world is still not safe for you. You need your rest."

He wrapped his arms around the fainted human, before lifting him up.

Ugh... He seemed rather heavy... "Alfred?" Ivan repeated, his lips just centimeters from the specimen's ear. "Little one? Are you alright?"

"Ow..." The stunned astronaut laid on his back, still reeling from the laser, his eyes closed as he took slow breaths. Alfred could barely move his arms and legs. Note to self, the lab has security lasers that hurt like hell and you are not getting out this way, the blonde half-heartily scolded himself, trying to ignore the heavy footsteps from the alien scientist.

Why would the scientist even call him "precious?" The guy had other experiments? Not that Alfred planned to give up just... yet. But the human felt so exhausted from overexerting himself, especially after sleeping for so long.

Some rest wouldn't kill him.

Just play dead, Alfred. Maybe he'll go away… The American thought, still trying to ignore Ivan and his... soft, strong touch running though his wheat blonde hair.

It felt rather nice. Alfred momentarily relaxed as he felt himself being lifted up, unaware of a fluttering noise as the photo tucked in the collar of the human's space suit slipped away, falling to the floor near Ivan's feet. He rested his head against Ivan's solid chest; and was close to dozing off until he felt the pale alien's breath in his ear, sending a strange feeling down his spine. "Ngh..." The blonde momentarily shuddered and opened his eyes. Whatever Ivan was trying to do, it did the trick.

"Yeah, I'm fine... Ivan," the human murmured. The astronaut opened his eyes, but spared the alien a glance, before childishly turning away as if nothing happened between them.

Alfred truly was adorable. Perhaps one of the cutest humans the scientist had ever seen. "Good, good," Ivan whispered, keeping his valuable specimen close to his chest. "Forgive me if I come across as… overprotective," he laughed, not noticing the astronaut's photo on the ground. He started to head towards a nearby hallway. "You see, Alfred, you are…"

Ivan paused. Should he really tell him? Probably not… Not only was Alfred strong and reckless (or at least, he thought he was) but he acted just like a child…

"You are… very valuable to us Zoa," the alien quickly finished, giving his usual, kinda 'warm' smile down at the human. "Ah, and 'Zoa' is the name of our race, Alfred," the scientist explained, as he walked up to one of the metallic, sliding doors. /Open,/ Ivan commanded in his native language. "By the way, is there anything from your life-support pod you would like me to get for you?"

What was up with this guy? Ivan had a very strange personality. The American's face flushed a little as Ivan hugged him close, as if he was a child or a stuffed animal. Somehow, he wasn't far from the truth…

Alfred held a hand to his bangs, brushing them away. "Well... I half expected you guys to start probing my brain or something. No offense." The astronaut answered offhandedly, with a weak laugh to show that he was just joking. "So, you're a Zoa, Ivan? That's a cool species name," he added. So that was the name of the aliens here?

Humanoid; although more advanced than humans, with a different language… Maybe Alfred was thinking about this too much, and settled to let Ivan talk, occasionally nodding in agreement. The researcher did seem to come off as rather protective, compared to the other three he saw earlier.

The American tilted his head, raising an eyebrow to the Zoa scientist's words. "Valuable?" So he meant that much to them?

However, Ivan's smile made the young man shudder and back down. There was a new question on his mind; and not just why would the Zoa need a human astronaut?

Alfred wanted to know about the other human subjects that Ivan mentioned earlier. "So Ivan, how did you guys find me? Did something happen to the shuttle, or did I somehow crash land on your planet?" As the two exited out of the room and into the hallway, the door closed behind them.

"Not really... But I think I stashed a change of clothes somewhere inside the thing," Alfred replied. It was just something to change into when he woke up from his hypersleep. As far as he knew, the photo was still tucked away in his suit. Before he could check or think even further, the all too familiar sound of his stomach interrupted him.

The alien scientist couldn't help but burst out laughing. Humans were simply precious when they were hungry! "Haha! I suppose you would like something to eat?" Ivan asked cheerily, setting Alfred down on the bed. It was a rather large and comfortable bed, with soft, black blankets and pillows. "You stay here, little one. I will get you something, alright?"

Humming to himself, Ivan walked over to a large, floating box at the other end of the room. He still had plenty of human food in stock, right? It had been a long, long time since he needed to feed any humans… He should still have some food left.

Even though his previous experiments ended, and humankind on Earth was reported to be extinct… Ivan refused to give up on finding one last human specimen.

And sure enough, a miracle called 'Alfred' happened.

"Yes. There had been reports of a container, which held a strange 'alien creature' that crash-landed on our planet," Ivan answered, taking out a small bag of M & M's. Humans seemed to adore sweet foods… In fact, the scientist typically used candy as a reward for his specimens after… well, surviving an experiment. "I immediately ordered my three assistants to send you to me. Have you seen them? You may call them 'Toris', "Raivis', and 'Eduard'." He ruffled Alfred's soft, messy hair, and handed the bag of candy to him. "Here you are, Alfred. If you want anything else, just ask. I have plenty of food here."

"What? The shuttle really crash landed?" Alfred was surprised of the circumstances. "Eh, sorry about that, then!" Maybe the autopilot went bad while the astronaut was hibernating, and went off-course from his original destination. "Then… that makes me the alien here! Weird."

After a few moments of contemplating, the human astronaut shrugged. "Well, I make a cute alien." He grinned at the thought, once Ivan's back was turned. The human sat up on the bed and checked his collar, where he hid the photo. Except… it was gone…

The wheat-blonde felt the color drain from his face, and he started to search for it on the black bed. Of all things that had to happen!

Oh wait-!

Alfred quickly snapped out of it, gratefully accepting a certain yellow bag of candy offered to him by Ivan. It helped eased his worry – Alfred had a weakness for those, like hamburgers. Food had a habit of grabbing the boy's attention.

"Yeah, those three?" Alfred nodded, hugging his knees. He remembered the brunette, the shy curly blonde, and the goggle-wearing Zoa; who the human briefly spoke to. Strangely, those three were kind of timid though. Why? He did not know. Were they afraid of him? "Toris, Raivis and Eduard," the astronaut repeated, opening the bag and popping a candy piece in his mouth. No doubt, Alfred would see the trio again.

Don't freak out... You probably just dropped it, or it's in the pod. Nobody else is going to pick it up... right? Alfred thought, with a thin frown. He looked away from the researcher… who was trying to warm up to him, or the other way around…

That photo of his brother and friends was very important and personal to the human. It was the reason why the young astronaut was reluctant to ask Ivan if he saw it, or if he could find it for him. Funny... What would the guys back home say if their cheeseburger-loving astronaut friend were to tell them about his situation? That Alfred was stuck in an alien lab...

Well, Arthur would smack the back of his head and tell him to stop being a git; Francis would ask if the alien race was attractive; Kiku would agree; and Matthew would quietly say something, probably concerned about his brother's mental state.

The blue-eyed American snapped out of his daydream and looked back at Ivan, still contemplating whether to ask or not.

"Right, thanks again... Well, I might need some more food later on. I'll take anything you guys offer!" Alfred said, but was caught off guard when the Zoa ruffled his hair. "Oh, stop that!" the human protested, and lightly pushed back at Ivan. All at once, the human seized up the moment a certain hair strand was touched. "Nghh...!" The reaction was instantaneous.

The wheat-blonde blushed and let out a pleased moan and shudder, like a cat petted in the right place.

"A-Alfred?" Ivan was extremely confused at the human's reaction. Seriously, all he did was touch his hair! Alfred was moaning, so… That either meant he was in pain, or… something else.

The alien scientist immediately pulled his hand away. From his research, he discovered humans commonly let out noises expressing pain, even if they were feeling… 'pleasurable sensations'. Ivan wanted to discover the reason why. However, it was quite difficult to distinguish those 'pained moans' and 'pleasured moans'…

It… It couldn't have been a moan of pleasure. That was only a result of stimulating a human's reproductive organs. At least, that's what he discovered in several of his experiments…

The scientist knew for a fact, that a human's hair couldn't be a reproductive organ! Granted, there was a certainrace on another planet that reproduced that way, but… Ugh.

And yet… There was certainly a difference between pained and pleasured moans. It just required a little more experimentation.

"Ah…" Ivan placed his hands on Alfred's hips, pulling him closer to his chest. Humans tended to let out more moans of pleasure, if they weren't under stress. He had to make his precious little specimen feel comfortable. Hopefully he would cooperate… "Alfred, let me know if this feels good," the alien cooed, trailing his slender, pale fingers towards the human's crotch. "Just relax, little one…"

There were no words to express how much Alfred hated that certain hair strand, nor explain how he reacted in such a manner.

If anything, it was like someone touched a pleasurable spot in his head, it goes straight though his body, and he always gets hard from it. It must be some form of unexplained condition that affected twins such as himself and his brother. Matthew was stuck with a cursed curl on his head as well.

"I... Ivan..." The wheat blond pleaded. Not now, stupid body! He didn't want this in front of the alien! The young man face was becoming flushed, his blue eyes half-lidded, as he tried biting the bottom of his lip to hold himself back.

Thankfully, the researcher let go, along with that pleasurable feeling. Alfred let out a mixed sigh of relief. But Ivan's meddling left the poor human feeling half hard... Like right now.

Alfred shifted uncomfortably on the bed, crossing his legs. "Um... that did not just happen," the embarrassed human mumbled, pressing a hand to his face. He brushed his bangs aside and looked away, his cheeks tinged pink with embarrassment. Hopefully the alien would just leave it at that.

That was not the case.

Alfred quickly stiffened when he felt himself pulled closer against the Zoa's chest. The size difference between the pale alien and the blonde human showed.

"Ivan, what are you- Oh!" Alfred gasped and closed his eyes, steadily overwhelmed by the sensation. Ivan's strong, yet gentle hands trailed down his thigh, down to his hardening crotch. Honestly, Alfred was sure he was going to regret this afterwards… But right now, he just wanted to relieve himself.

The sound of Ivan's voice coaxed the young human to relax. For once, Alfred listened.

He placed his small, tan hands, contrasting the alien's, on Ivan's white coat. "More... please...!" Alfred answered, pressing himself to the side of Ivan's neck, breathing warmly against the Zoa's skin.

"Mm, good boy…" Ivan purred, slipping his hand down the human's pants. "Keep… Keep moaning like that, little one." He took Alfred's hot, twitching sex organ into his cool hand, giving it a teasing squeeze.

Every species needed to reproduce, and the Zoa were no exception. Although the act of sex between the aliens didn't seem as pleasurable, compared to how humans found it; it felt just good enough to encourage the Zoa to continue their species. "Your… body is… so warm," Ivan breathed down Alfred's neck, before giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

Earthling humans were seemingly obsessed with kisses. From his research, the scientist found that humans would grow a stronger urge to reproduce, simply because of that one 'romantic gesture'. "You like this, yes?" The alien nibbled at Alfred's neck, as he continued to tug on his erection.

Using his other hand, Ivan began to pull off Alfred's shirt. It was slightly awkward… "Wait a moment, little one…" the scientist mumbled, removing his hand from Alfred's pants, before taking off the human's shirt. "Sorry, it is a little cold in here!" The alien wrapped his strong arms around the honey-blonde's warm and soft body, laying him down on his side, his head against a silky pillow. "You are very beautiful, Alfred. Perhaps one of the most beautiful humans I have ever seen."

Yep. He was going to regret this afterwards; that's what the sane part of the astronaut's brain screamed at him. The other half said, Screw it, you like it! Go with the flow, Alfred!

Alfred listened to the latter, feeling himself grow warm and hard, until the poor human couldn't stand it. "Stop calling me... that!" Alfred protested, but he lost his voice as he felt something cool enveloping his warm hardness, with Ivan nibbling at his neck. "Ngh… yes…" The contrast sent another pleasurable feeling though him.

The young man let out another moan, surrendering himself to the alien's touches, as Alfred moved his hips. Soon enough, the human was a lusty mess, letting out light moans, half-formed words and pleased whimpers, as he reached a hand behind Ivan's neck to grasp his silvery locks.

He felt a familiar warmth grow in the pit of stomach, as the pale alien's hands fondled him, until... Ivan let go.

So close!

The human let out a frustrated whine, as Ivan removed his hand from his pants. The astronaut was soon striped of his suit, and forced to lie against the black sheets, revealing Alfred's light physique to his hardened manhood, completely exposed to the Zoa alien.

"Ah!" Alfred let out a surprised yelp as Ivan hugged him with his strong arms and body, trying to get more warmth from him. Ivan did feel rather cool in contrast. Were Zoa cold blooded or something? Nonetheless, Alfred shifted as his cock was teased again, now steadily dripping precum.

Blue eyes met sharp violet. They looked at each other, until the other said something unexpected. At least, to the human.

"Eh?" Alfred blinked. He wasn't great at pillow talk, and was surprised at the fact that the Zoa had a thing for him.

The American chose to return the favor by kissing the alien on the lips. The kiss lingered for a moment, before the human slyly pulled away with a cheeky smile. "Heh, you don't look bad yourself, Ivan." For an alien, Ivan was actually pretty good looking, especially compared to the human's assumption of aliens.

Funny, do the Zoa have sexual preferences? Back home, Alfred was used to the idea that he was bisexual. And he was about to have sex with an alien. The idea should be scary, but somehow... the thought was kind of exciting for him. This would definitely be a first for the human.

The human dared himself to go further by tugging on the researcher's lab coat. He trailed a hand over the buttons, undoing them one by one.

"Ivan… I want to see what's under that lab coat of yours."

The alien scientist was a little shocked. He could probably only count the number of humans who actually initiated the 'reproduction experiment' on one hand. Sure, he had once eavesdropped on a few of his coworkers talking about his good looks, but… Ivan was by no means a natural at the art of seduction. He simply knew what made humans tick, as a result of research, experiments, and hard work.

"Well, for starters…" the alien chuckled, stroking the boy's rosy cheek with his index and middle fingers. "My… reproductive organ is not that different from yours, Alfred." He allowed the human to remove his lab coat and toss it off the bed, before gently taking the honey-blonde's hands into his. "Although, it is probably bigger than a human's…" Ivan pressed Alfred's palm against the hard bulge in his pants.

He teasingly ran his hand up Alfred's warm, sleek inner thigh. "I will let you take a closer look." Smirking, the alien began to unzip his pants, revealing his erection. It really wasn't all that different from a human male's organ; at least, they were similar in both function and shape. However, Ivan's cock was indeed longer and thicker, with a faint, lavender flush around the tip.

"Even if this won't be your first time, I still have to prepare you," Ivan purred softly, reaching his hand up to pinch and twist one of Alfred's nipples.

Lube was out of the question for the Zoa. It wasn't a necessity at all when it came to sex.

Instead, the alien began to rub his thumb around the slit of his own cock. "Nnn…" He breathed heavily through his nostrils, his fingers quickly becoming coated in a slick, clear substance. "Spread your legs nice and wide, little one."

"Not that different?" Alfred asked, cocking his head in disbelief at Ivan's words. The astronaut hoped there wasn't any underlying sentence, and whatnot…

Alfred's blue eyes trailed downwards, as he tossed away the alien's lab coat to join his space suit on the floor. The researcher's body wasn't any different than his own. No tail, claws, nor tentacles.

The human scooted closer, tracing a hand against the Zoa's skin. Before Alfred could go any further, the researcher took his hand and pressed it against his hard erection. The boy's face grew hotter listening to Ivan's words on the matter, as if the alien was going through a lesson, than about to have sex… The wheat-blonde shuddered again at Ivan's touch.

Alfred swallowed thickly, staring at the alien cock. Thank god no tentacles were involved, but damn. Ivan was a tall alien, but… that's just not right.

"Are you sure that would fit in me?!" he murmured carefully, trying terribly hard not to stare as he crossed his legs again. Again, Ivan started to tease the young man's nipples, returning him to a state of mewling in pleasure.

"Ngh! Right... right... It is my first... with a guy…" the wheat-blonde admitted. He looked away, rather unsurely, almost innocently. Yes, Alfred had a few relationships in high school. Most were flings, and with girls.

But later, Al's love life was put on hold; due to his rigorous training and the numerous times he was in space when he was at NASA. So in a way, Alfred was a virgin in the male/male sex category. Obviously, there was no turning back. What would come from this?

At least, Alfred could take the comfort that there was no way he could get knocked up from any of this.

"Right... Wait. Prepare me with what?" the blue-eyed human questioned. Wouldn't they need lube or something for this part?

But Alfred saw his answer. The human inhaled sharply, watching Ivan breathing heavily, while he coated his fingers with liquid from the slit of his cock. Was the Zoa making his own?

Whatever it was, it was turning on the both of them even more. "Uh-huh, you got it… Ivan," Alfred agreed, as he laid back against the sheets, closing his eyes to relax. He willingly spread his legs open to the alien.

"I... I'm ready, Ivan."

"Good, good… My Alfred."

He looked down at the human, a gentle smile on his face. The alien scientist continued to rub circles around the boy's erect nipple, in an effort to distract him from the pain he would likely experience in a moment.

Of course, being penetrated for the first time wouldn't be nearly as brutal as the bodily change he just underwent, after taking the pill of alien chemicals… But Ivan didn't want to see his little specimen in pain.

At least… not in too much pain.

"Take a deep breath, love," Ivan whispered gently into Alfred's ear, as he slowly slipped one of his wet fingers inside the young man's entrance. Immediately, the human's warm insides quivered against the intruding digit. "You are very tight…" the grey-haired alien hummed, stroking Alfred's sunny-blonde hair to comfort him. "Oh… you are going to feel so good, little one. Both of us are."

With a little resistance from Alfred; the scientist eventually managed to press a lubricated second finger inside the human's virginity. "Just like that, Alfred… Spread your legs just a little wider…" He continued to murmur gentle little encouragements, occasionally nipping or licking at the boy's soft and flushed neck, cheeks, and ears.

Ivan didn't actually mind spending so much time on preparing Alfred for his first time. It was unbelievably easy for the Zoa aliens to their control sexual urges. Yes, they believed it was necessary to partake in such acts to continue the species, but it was far from a major priority.

The scientist began to thrust his two fingers upwards, in an attempt to find the boy's prostate. "Just stay relaxed, little one. Let me know if you want more lubricant." Ivan planted another quick kiss on Alfred's neck.

Alfred nodded and laid back down on the sheets. He closed his eyes, taking shallow breaths to try and relax, despite hearing his own quickening heartbeat in his chest. The human didn't like the idea of looking nervous, or like a crybaby, even if he was a virgin.

This was weird beyond belief, especially after everything that happened today. But… he can handle this. He was the hero.

The young man reacted positively to Ivan. The Zoa researcher's touch was strangely comforting and not perverted, almost clinical. It was kind of welcoming, in a way. Too bad it won't mean much afterwards. Alfred should be aware of this fact, but the human chucked his reasoning out the window.

Alfred mewled at his bedmate's touch, instantly keening for more. His small hands curiously trailed and explored around the Zoa's body.

The human – simply being sexually devious – kissed up Ivan's collarbone, before nipping and suckling on his soft flesh, leaving behind a love bite. Followed by a quick kiss on the red mark.

It was obvious that humans were the complete opposite of the Zoa. They were driven by emotions, and enjoyed the emotional pleasure of sex, instead of simply for procreation.

The wheat-blonde wrapped his arms around Ivan's broad chest, holding the alien close for all he's worth. Alfred winced as he felt something slick enter inside him, his insides instinctively clutching around the invading digits. He shifted a little, moving his legs a tad wider, while breathing though his nose to remain relaxed.

This wasn't so bad, just… weird. When the second finger was slipped into Alfred's entrance, the boy's breathing hitched. He resisted again, his nails racking across the pale skin of the alien's back.

"Ah!" Alfred's blue eyes flew open as he gasped, arching his back and bucking his hips forwards. The alien's finger touched something, sending a wave of pleasure, shooting past the pain. Oh god! He assumed girls only had a g-spot or something!

"There! D-Don't stop!" the blonde pleaded, kneading his hand in the silver hair, until a third finger made its way inside him, slowly beginning to spread his hole open. That's when the pain began to set in again. Alfred held back a whimper, burying his head against Ivan's chest, before looking up at him with teary blue eyes. "Ivan... Are we doing… this… right?" Inexperience was catching up to him. The human wasn't sure how much he could take of Ivan's treatment.

"Shh… of course, love…" Ivan hushed, wincing slightly at the rather prominent bite Alfred gave him. Although, the heat radiating from the hickey was actually kind of pleasant, making his neck feel warmed. "Just leave everything to me. I know how to make humans feel good." Alright, so maybe that sounded a little like bragging…

He continued to slowly open and close his three fingers, attempting to stretch the boy's virginity as much as he could without tearing him.

The alien wondered how human males could possibly have pleasurable sex with each other. They didn't have the ability to produce their natural lubricant… without it, wouldn't sex be rather uncomfortable? Ah, well. They somehow managed.

"You should be ready by now," the platinum-blonde whispered, pulling out his fingers. "Please, let me know if I am hurting you, alright?" Holding onto the base of his erection, the alien gently pressed the wet, warm tip of his cock against the boy's entrance. "Stay still." He thrusted his hips just a tad forward, pushing his thick cock inside Alfred.

Immediately, Ivan let out a heavy groan, tears forming in his violet eyes as the human's hot, tight insides squeezed around the tip of his cock. "O-Oh! Alfred, Alfred…" he panted out, grabbing onto the blue-eyed boy's hips. "So warm… oh, you feel so nice and warm…" He looked down at the honey-blonde, waiting for him to relax.

"Right..." Alfred made a childish face. How could Ivan remain so calm during the whole thing, while the young man was a sweating, horny mess? It was starting to get a little creepy. The alien must be holding back or something. The wheat-blonde gulped at the thought, but stubbornly nodded his head, showing that he was ready.

Alfred felt the alien's fingers slip out of his hole, before being replaced with something else entirely.

Something wet and wide was pressing against the wheat-blonde's ass. The virgin hissed as the alien pressed his cock past the ring of muscle. Alfred cringed, shuddering at the feeling of Ivan's cock.

He dug his heels into the sheets; surrendering his innocence to the violet-eyed alien holding him down.

"Ngh! It hurts!" Okay, Alfred had to admit it hurt. The intrusion stretched his insides so fully. He felt Ivan push forward into him, little by little, pressing their sweating bodies together. Moments passed, until the human felt Ivan sheathed inside him, claiming the rest of the blonde's virginity.

"I… feel full…" Alfred murmured. It felt so weird, a deep heat settling in his stomach, which dulled the pain from the penetration.

The sunny-blonde shifted to take a peek, looking down inbetween his legs where he and Ivan met. "Oh wow, what do ya know? It fits!" The human closed his eyes, snickering for a moment to laugh at himself for worrying earlier. "Heh, you feel good… Ivan…"

Apparently, by the look on the Zoa's face, Ivan must have felt great, too. "Dude, don't worry. I'm good... Nmm…" The former virgin took a few deep breaths, to relax himself and accommodate such a massive object now throbbing inside him.

Alfred reached up and cupped Ivan's cheek, before planting a chu on the alien's large nose. He shifted his hips upwards, as a signal for Ivan to get moving.

Ivan instantly felt his heart swell at the little kiss. "Ah, Alfred…" he breathed heavily, holding onto the boy's hips as he leaned down and pecked him on the cheek. "You are so sweet."

The human's (admittedly precious) whimpers of pain worried the scientist at first; but he was relieved when Alfred let him know everything was fine. "Alright. I will start moving now." Ivan let out a low grunt as he thrusted his hips backwards, pulling out just a few inches of his cock, before roughly slamming back inside Alfred.

"A-Ahh… Nnn…" the grey-haired alien breathed, running his cool hands up and down the honey-blonde's hips and legs. "Haah… you feel so nice, little one…" Gradually, Ivan began to pick up the speed of his thrusts; still taking care to not move too fast and hurt Alfred. "Mmm, my precious little rabbit…"

The pale-skinned man wrapped his arms around the young human's body, his breath hot and heavy against Alfred's soft neck. "So… So cute," he panted, teasingly licking and nipping at one of the boy's earlobes. Human's ears were very small and round…

Holding onto the astronaut's body with one hand, the Zoa slowly wrapped his fingers around Alfred's warm, hard erection. "You like that?" he cooed, licking the human's cheek. "Your body feels so hot. Mmm... I love it, little one. You are simply precious. H-Haah…"

Another powerful surge of heat rushed through Ivan's body, causing him to let out a loud groan in pleasure. "Ohh, you feel amazing! Nnnmm!" He thrusted as fast as he could, his cock slamming hard into Alfred's prostate.

The painful pressure steadily left, leaving behind only pleasure. Alfred felt like he was dying, the sensation of the alien's cool body pressed against his burning hot skin. (But… why was Ivan comparing him to a rabbit?)

They were not lovers; but no doubt, the astronaut could call Ivan a friend. It was a little embarrassing… But the human couldn't think much at the moment.

The wheat-blonde shifted a little, hooking his legs around Ivan's waist and pushing the grey-haired alien closer into his body, hitting his sweet spot over and over.

As the two became more familiar with each other's bodies, they fell into a rhythm, thrusting against each other. The beautifully tan human loosened, his jaw relaxed, arching his back as his hips moved in synch with the grey alien's.

Ivan pressed deeper and built up speed, whispering sweet words in Alfred's ear as he nibbled on the edge, pulling on the lobe with his teeth. The blue eyed human mewled, wanting to release – and he needed it now.

His other arm still hooked around Ivan's neck; he trailed one of his hands down to wrap it around his neglected cock, only to be lightly smacked away as the older male took hold. "Ivan! Fuck, I... Ohhh!" Alfred whined. "Oh! Yes, yes!"

Alfred felt the familiar hot coil growing in the pits of his stomach, feeling so close now. "Ivan… I… I…!" Before the human could finish his sentence, the young man's hold broke with a shuddering cry.

He spilled his white seed on the alien's hand and across their stomachs. "Ha…haa… Ivan…" The astronaut panted and laid his head to the side, half-lidded blue eyes glazed over, as he watched Ivan with the same goofy smile on his face.

It won't be long now.

The platinum-blonde let out low, throaty groans of pleasure, thrusting harder and faster into the young man's tight warmth; before letting out a loud, unrestrained gasp of ecstasy. Alfred's climax bringing Ivan to his. "A-Ahh!" /My… My little precious!/ Not thinking very clearly himself, the older man switched to his native alien tongue.

Like that mattered in the heat of the moment.

"Ohh…" The taller man wrapped his fingers tightly around Alfred's hips, squeezing his eyes shut as he rode out his orgasm to the very end. "S-Sorry… we… Zoa…" Ivan panted heavily, licking his dry lips. "Stay inside our… m-mate… for a while… after sex… to ensure they get… pregnant…"

The scientist couldn't help but burst into a fit of wheezing chuckles at the honey-blonde's – absolutely adorable – confused expression. "O-Of course, t-that does not apply to human males!" His expression tensed, as he shot nearly an entire pint of hot, sticky cum inside of Alfred. "Nnnn-!" Ivan lowered his face as close as he could to the human's, before pecking the young man on the cheek.

"You feel… So nice…" the alien repeated, finally feeling comfortable enough to slowly pull out. "Mm… That was…" He let out another soft chuckle. "That was quite possibly… the best sex I have ever had." He gave Alfred's flushed, warm cheek a small lick.

Of course, that round wouldn't get the young man pregnant. But… No. Stop it, Ivan.

"Hah, you seemed to enjoy it, too…" Ivan whispered, collapsing into the blankets next to Alfred. "I am… actually… rather fond of you. You are definitely one of the cutest humans I have met." His chilly hand slithered up the boy's thigh.

The absolutely adorable look on Alfred's face was badly misinterpreted. Panic flashed across the boy's sky-blue eyes at Ivan's comment, as he squirmed to avoid impregnation.

Then, he burst into chuckling fit. "Y-You ass!" The blonde yelped. The astronaut was just about tempted to whack that creep's head with a pillow.

He felt the alien's cock twitching inside, before being invaded as something shot inside of him. "Ah!" Alfred let out a gasp, shutting his eyes with a pleased hiss. The human curled his toes, immediately learning to love the sensation of the thick, foreign liquid filling him to the core…

The sunny-blond returned the compliment. "Uh-huh... you were fun... too... Ivan," he whispered, bumping their noses in affection.

The two bedmates rested from their post-sex high, tangled together, until the Zoa slowly pulled out of the former virgin.

"Yeah... loved it, big guy…" The human reached his hand downwards, coating his index and middle finger in the thick, teal-blue substance. Zoa semen. Alfred rubbed his fingers together, testing the texture, and without a thought; the human licked his fingers clean in front of his friend. A slight bump curved the human's abdomen from the amount of alien seed inside of him.

The embarrassed blonde shuddered, crossing his legs and trying to distract himself from thinking about the alien semen trailing down between his inner thighs.

"Yeah..." Alfred shifted with a tired sigh, brushing away his damp bangs out of his face. The exhausted human wanted to just sleep things off, and curled against the older male, fully content like a cat.

However, Ivan's comment about his fondness for the human, saying how he was cute (duh, heroes have the right to be cute!) stirred the American's ego… But further stirred more questions.

"Question. You keep saying you met humans before me. How did you met us anyways? So... Does this mean...?" Alfred pointed out, propping himself up on his elbows and looking over at the platinum-blonde alien.

After a moment of thinking, the sunny-blonde bounced on the bed with enthusiasm. "Does this mean we finally did it? People can travel freely in space now?"

Childlike hope glimmered in the human's baby-blue eyes, expecting an answer from the Zoa. The astronaut remembered the year before he left Earth and went into hyper sleep. People were putting so much effort into leaving for the stars, due to the crisis back on Earth. It was like the space race all over again.

"By the way, what year is this anyways? Or do Zoas have a different concept of time? Last I checked it was 2081."

The planetary station was the first of such projects to survive in space. Okay, Alfred still questioned the lab experiments… He didn't like that one bit, but the American was just keeping his options open.

The astronaut wondered if he slept into the future. Humans finally went into space, visiting other planets and bumping into aliens like the Zoa. So maybe, humans finally figured out things out and everything was awesome now, right?

Ivan stared down at Alfred, a slight blush spreading across his pale cheeks as he stared at the pretty young man. The boy's stomach was slightly bulging out with his cum, almost making him look expectant…

The scientist quickly snapped out of his hazy, aroused state. "Yes. We Zoa have an entirely different method to measure time. It is quite difficult to compare our planet's measurements of time to Earth's." Of course, there was an extremely complicated 'Earthling-time to Zoa-time' formula that could give a rough estimate. But it was simply easier to treat Earthling-time and Zoa-time as two completely different sets of data.

"It is simply a result of our planets residing in separate universe planes!" the alien explained, ruffling Alfred's caramel-blonde hair. His amethyst eyes widened in astonishment at the human's comment. "Last you checked… it was 2081?" he repeated, glancing down at Alfred. "Oh my… I checked Earth's year not too long ago. It was 2137…"

Ivan smiled down at the human. "You have been asleep for quite some time, yes?" He laughed, giving Alfred's inner thigh a quick rub. "Humans certainly accomplished many feats within those fifty-four years…" The tired smile on the Zoa's face slowly turned into a concerned, disappointed frown. "But…" He let out a quiet sigh. "Last I checked… the pollution levels were unbelievably high. Same with the epidemics of disease…"

He darted his eyes away from Alfred, trying to focus on something else in the room. "I… doubt there are any humans remaining on Earth…" And there were definitely none in the surrounding space stations and space hotels, either.

The alien had no idea of the impact of those words.

"Uh-huh…" Alfred made himself comfortable, picking up a nearby pillow and hugging it his chest. He listened intently at the Zoa scientist's explanation. "Separate universe planes? As in… another universe?" Alfred stammered, obviously surprised and confused by the term. Just how far did the shuttle drift off course?

The wheat-blonde yelped when Ivan's broad hand ruffled his hair. "Nnn! Stop that! You're touching it again, Ivan!" Alfred protested, pulling his head away and making a face at the grey-haired alien. The young American was a cute mess, blonde hair ruffled into a bed-head.

The sex was fun, but his ass was not up for a second round.

"Yeah, that's what I said. Did you guys find the black box? It has all my space log data in it, my last entry was in that year. Y'know, in case something happened to me." Alfred explained. Thank goodness, if one thought about it. It was surprising for someone to survive for this long in space, especially with the crash and all. But the major shock; was that the alien said today was the year of 2137.

"Fifty-six years?" A grand accomplishment indeed. The twenty-four year old astronaut sitting next to Ivan barely aged a day since he went to sleep. Not to mention, after adding up the math in his head. "Ivan, I've been sleeping for fifty-six years?" Alfred repeated again, awkwardly pressing a hand to his face, checking if there any changes.

Nothing, not even a single grey hair. "Wow. That would make me eighty years old." The seemingly ageless astronaut gave a shy smile. "But I still look good for my age, right Ivan?"

"Ivan?" Alfred's smile broke, watching the sudden change of the Zoa's expression. The American listened to the sad report from the researcher. Alfred's blue eyes looked away from Ivan, staring down at the bedsheets. "But then that would mean..." A moment of silence fell between the two, as Alfred took everything in. "'Earth has become completely inhabitable." The astronaut whispered. The light in Alfred's blue eyes dimmed at the words, just loud enough for both of them to hear.

But in the back of his mind, a small voice said there was more to it – but the human refused to believe such a possibility.

Humanity can't be snuffed out overnight, even though global warming bit them in the ass hard. So maybe the guys thought just leaving their home planet to recover was the best option?

But the hard truth still remained that the Earthling probably will never be able to set foot back on Earth, ever again.

That hurt. Then again, being stuck in another solar system, on an alien planet, hitch-hiking back home seemed to be a very difficult task. "At least, everyone is still out there. I wonder... Mattie…" Alfred accidentally slipped his brother's name from his lips. He wondered, how were his twin and their friends doing during those years? Did they stay behind or move on?

The poor human's mind wondered endlessly, until exhaustion caught up with him. The blonde yawned loudly, falling back on the sheets next to Ivan's side. "Thanks for the information. It means a lot to me." Alfred whispered, gratefully nodding his head. "Well... Good night."

His blue eyes growing heavy, the exhausted human fell asleep.