Ta-dah! Here you go guys, Chapter 2! This chapter's a bit more angstier (and sexier) than the last, with some dub-con... but without giving away too much of the plot, I hope you enjoy ;D

It was early morning.

Alfred was still sleeping in the bedroom where he dozed off yesterday, while Ivan had woken up and gotten out of bed sometime around midnight.

The violet-eyed alien sat down at the desk in his study, and carefully read through each entry in the human's space log. He couldn't help but chuckle fondly at Alfred's silly musings. With vivid detail, the boy proclaimed "the awesomeness of freeze-dried ice cream sandwiches", or lamented that "he couldn't bring his video games with him. And that sucked."

Alfred was such an interesting creature… And friendly, too. The scientist couldn't remember any other humans taking an immediate trust in him, if they did at all.

Yes… That naïve, feisty attitude of his was truly adorable. Just like a rabbit…

"Matthew…?" Ivan murmured to himself, reading a log entry detailing Alfred's personal relationships. He apparently had a twin brother named Matthew, and quite a few friends as well. His closest friends seemed to be three older men, named Arthur, Francis, and Kiku.

Then… The realization hit.

At that moment, a subtle noise was heard from the chief researcher's door, interrupting Ivan from his train of thought.

/Permission to enter, sir?/ A polite voice was heard though an intercom, in the same alien language. However. the visitor's voice was laced with fear, for disturbing Ivan in his study. 'Toris', he goes by as his human name, stood by the door trying to calm his nerves. The green-eyed Zoa was one of Ivan's assistants and most experienced out of the trio. He was part of the lab's first Human Research team.

However, Toris – while a little more empathic than Ivan when it came to research – was skittish around close contact with humans, after a firsthand encounter with the flu virus from a human subject. Toris survived, barely… and still suffered from stomach aches every now and again.

The brunette's slightly pointed ears drooped a little, holding a set of files in one arm, and in his hand was a closed letter capsule marked with the symbol of the Zoa Federation; their planetary government. He was going to ask about the status of the human specimen who was saved from the crash site. Toris gave a sad sigh, thinking about the lively American, his naïveté in all of this.

The chief scientist placed the astronaut's log on his desk, before reaching over and pressing a button on a nearby control panel. /Yes. Come in, Toris,/ Ivan replied, glancing over at the closed door. Hm. Well, the alien did have to start recording his observations of the human… That was always tedious and boring. But if he didn't keep a record of each experiment, he couldn't call himself Professor Ivan, after all. But… Perhaps he could ask one of his dutiful, respectful, obedient assistants to handle the paperwork.

The door slid open, and the brunette Zoa stepped into the study. He hugged the file and capsule close to his chest.

/G-Good morning, professor,/ Toris greeted with a nervous smile, as he approached Ivan's desk, not meeting the older male's gaze. /These arrived this morning... Here are the results from the last project, and a message for you from the Federation. / The meek researcher held out the file and placed it on Ivan's desk, along with the capsule.

The Zoa felt his natural curiosity pique, trying hard not to take a look at the screen. Damn his curiosity!

Toris averted his eyes and stepped back. Ivan was what you'd call... Intimidating. For a good reason. If you don't do your duties with the proper results, make a mistake, or question their superiority, you get punished. Of course to Toris, what scared the younger alien more was the chief's interest – or borderline obsession – to find one last specimen to continue human research.

Nobody questioned him or the Federation's pursuit for an ideal hybrid. Still, if the professor kept pushing his subjects mentally and physically…

No, he shouldn't think too much about it. The human subject will be fine, maybe Ivan will lighten up on the blonde human… Alright. Don't say anything else and leave the room calmly, Toris thought to himself, repeating the words in his head as he turned to leave.

/Stay here, please!/ The chief scientist ordered, giving a friendly smile towards his younger assistant. He glanced down at the file and letter capsule Toris had brought him. Ugh, he'd go through those later. It was probably a message from the higher-ups, demanding to know if he planned on continuing the Human Research Project with his latest specimen.

Of course he did. But…

Worry plagued the Zoa's mind. What if Alfred didn't have the particular gene? Only a few of his previous human specimens had it, which resulted in the births of half-breed Zoa. However, if his newest human specimen didn't have the gene… There wouldn't be much to experiment with. And there goes his career.

A troubled look spread across Ivan's face. He was so surprised by the human's benign attitude towards him that he didn't even accomplish the most necessary experiment yesterday. /Toris, I…/ he began, glancing at the brown-haired alien. /I will definitely need your assistance today. You are now dismissed./

Toris instantly froze just a few paces to the door.

The young Zoa shuddered, but turned around, obeying the order. /Yes, sir?/ He murmured, a little relieved, but still felt uneasy by the smile on Ivan's face. He must be in a good mood, better not spoil it… Toris assumed, carefully listening to the chief researcher's orders for today. /Yes, Professor... The physical testing with the human subject?/ He quivered a little as the rest of the sentence slipped out.

Before either of them could answer, there was a loud thump from one of the walls. Toris raised an eyebrow, looking for the source of the noise. /What was-/ There was another thump, before the door to the study opened. A person fell unceremoniously, landing on his face.

A shirtless blonde, clad only in his pants.

"Oww!" the astronaut groaned out loud, pushing himself up. Not a smart idea, but Alfred was starting to feel rather trapped. He was sick of being stuck in a white room with no windows; with a few objects floating that he guessed was furniture. The human had tried to look around the building for any signs of a bathroom, to take a much needed shower. He felt pretty uncomfortable and dirty.

Alfred stood up and looked around the study, then to Ivan and his assistant. Wrong room.

The astronaut half-expected to end it in the hallway. "Oh... Ehehehe... Good morning?" he said, with a small chuckle. However, Toris looked rather petrified at the human's sudden appearance. He turned to Ivan, and began to talk in a shaky voice.

/I-Ivan, sir? Isn't the... the... subject, supposed to be under quarantine?/ Toris stammered out, as he started to shake. His paranoia spiked up from being in the same room with a human without any protection. So far, he was concerned for Ivan's health, if Alfred was still carrying any Earthling germs that weren't flushed out yet by the pill.

Ivan smiled warmly at his beautiful specimen, completely unconcerned with the assistant researcher's anxiety. "Ah, good morning, Alfred!" He chirped, beckoning for the honey-blonde to come closer. Today… He would start the first experiments. And he would discover that Alfred indeed had the gene. No worries.

The grey-haired alien glanced over at panicky Toris. /Say anything more, and I can ruin your chances at getting another job!/ he giggled, tapping his slender fingers on his desk. "Anyway, Alfred, it is still quite early." Ivan gave a genuine, non-threatening smile at the young human. "There is much we have to do today. So if you are still tired, you may rest for a while longer."

"Is he okay?" Alfred asked, being the only one to notice the Zoa assistant's anxiety. The human felt a little hurt by that. He was never feared by anyone before.

However, Toris seemed to calm down a little when Ivan said something. The human thought he saw a flicker of pity in the meek Zoa's eyes, before Toris turned around and left the study. Leaving Ivan and Alfred alone in the room.

"That was 'Toris', just now, wasn't it?" Alfred said out loud, pursing his lips and staring at the door where the brunette alien had fled. He then turned back to Ivan, and approached the desk idly. "It's early? Sorry if I'm bothering ya then, Ivan," the wheat-blonde apologized. It was obvious that the human was more comfortable with the grey-haired alien researcher.

Alfred cringed at the scientist's words, but didn't show fear on his face. But it did remind the human that he was in the lab as a test subject. A subject about to undergo tests... today. Even worse, he still hadn't found a way out. Actually, since last night, Alfred wasn't even sure escaping was even a good idea in itself. "Nah, I sort of slept long enough already," the American replied, shaking his head.

However, his eyes spotted a certain love bite peeking out from the researcher's collar. The young man's cheeks reddened at the memory. He quickly looked away in embarrassment, and just stared at the desk's surface instead. Some capsule with... Well, it looked important though, and a file, both written in Zoa language. Lastly, was the astronaut's log.

"Were you reading my log?" Alfred asked awkwardly. How much did Ivan read? The Zoa researcher must have thought weird thoughts about his… 'latest subject.'

It was mostly just silly stuff written by a very bored astronaut. There were details about talking with NASA, a file on his brother and friends, a made-up survival guide on 'What to Do If You Encounter a Xenomorph, Predator, or Both?', and a list of complaints about missing the taste of hamburgers.

Ivan nervously scratched the back of his neck. "Well, I… yes, I was reading your log," he answered, not looking directly at the honey-blonde. "I-I hope you are not offended..." The violet-eyed alien cracked a small smile. "I just wanted to learn more about your personality. Most of our knowledge about humans comes from what they have written."

"Nah, it's fine, Ivan," Alfred said nonchalantly, shaking his head. He crossed his arms and moved to the side of the desk, leaning against the side lightly. However, the astronaut seemed to be squinting his eyes now and again at the document while rubbing his eyes.

Alfred was a bit far-sighted without his glasses, but more importantly, there was no sign of his photo. The astronaut was still berating himself for losing it. Hopefully he could find it today.

The researcher let out a bubbly, childish giggle. "You are quite a humorous individual, Alfred. Even the entries where you express negative feelings made me laugh." Ivan subconsciously tugged on the collar of his uniform, trying to pull it up. "I find it very interesting how Earthlings portray what is extraterrestrial life to them. It is almost accurate… to a degree."

He pointed to a page of Alfred's 'Survival Guide'. "What you humans call… 'Xenomorphs'," the scientist explained, giggling at the crude stick-figure of the alien species in question. "They are similar to a certain species on our planet. These… Xenomorph-like creatures fulfill the niche on our planet that carnivorous animals, such as wildcats, have on Earth."

Ivan looked up at Alfred, obviously trying (and failing) to hold back a giggle as he noticed the petrified look on the human's face. "Oh, Alfred! Unlike those silly Earthling movies, these creatures only implant their young in their natural prey. They do not actively hunt more intelligent species." He ruffled the boy's messy hair. "Such as Zoa. Or humans."

"Huh?" The pale look on the human's face said it all. Holy fuck. There was actually something that is, or resembles, those creatures, and they're on this planet?

The young man cringed at the thought of what the Xenomorph-like creatures do to their 'prey'. "Well... umm... good to know," Alfred muttered under his breath, listening to the grey-haired alien.

"Ahha!" Again with the hair? Alfred stiffened. He held up his hands and pushed the Zoa away from his already messed up head – that one hair stand still sticking out among the rest. "Anyways... mind if I grab my spare clothes from the lab? And do you know where the showers are? Seriously, I reek." With that, the young man stuck his tongue out. Fifty-six years of no shower (and yesterday's activities) made the human feel dirty.

The grey-haired alien shrugged in response. "Well, I would have asked you if I could read your log, but you were sleeping!" He shook his head, still keeping his slight smile. "Still. It provided much information about Earthling behaviors…"

At least, when Earth was still a relatively healthy planet.

"You see, Alfred…" Ivan began, his violet eyes staring into the human's sky-blue ones. "To us, learning about Earth is like…" He paused, thinking for a moment. "Hm, it is like feeling around in a dark closet. We can receive information about Earth's climate and weather conditions through cross-universe plane radio signals, along with transmissions of human activity, but so far… " The scientist swallowed heavily, his mouth twitching slightly. "I… do not believe there is a Zoa who has ever seen Earth up close..." And that was quite troubling, considering the current state of the planet. "But now that we are friends, you should tell me more about your life on Earth sometime!" The grey-haired man added, seeming to cheer up.

Chuckling softly, the alien rose from his seat. "So about that shower! Luckily for you, I don't think our showers function too differently from showers on Earth. At least, I hope!" He stepped around his desk, before casually taking Alfred's hand into his. "Come along, little one. Perhaps after you get cleaned, I should give you a tour of my laboratory!" Ivan closed his eyes in happiness, as the two stepped out of his room through the automatic door.

Alfred stared back, feeling those alien eyes boring into him. The confused astronaut listened to the researcher's explanation. "Oh... wow." The boy's eyes widened, he was quite bewildered. "So… that would mean… you guys were getting info about humans without even us even knowing it." Damn. Who would have thought that was even remotely possible, especially with the distance between the Zoa planet and Earth.

But never seeing Earth up close?

Alfred felt a little sorry for the researcher. "Earth is a really nice place, even with climate change and all. But still, the sky was always blue, and the grass was green!" Alfred paused, his smile breaking a little. The human didn't mean to blurt it all out loud.

Earth was nice back then, yet, this was from what the Earthling remembered. Now that he thought about it, the astronaut was scared. Was his home planet even the same anymore? The sunny-blonde snapped out of his trail of thoughts, shoving it all to the back of his mind behind a cheerful smile.

"Yeah, friends!" Thank goodness, Ivan was being understandable. The pale alien was helping the astronaut cope through all this.

Maybe he wasn't so bad after all. (But still kind of creepy.)

"Ah…" The alien could only let out a quiet mutter in response, trying to picture the human's home in his mind. But it was quite difficult, when one has lived on a cold and rocky planet for his entire life. "Well, it certainly sounds interesting! But if I were to see Earth for myself, I would probably think it looked very strange!"

"For you, it would. But it would be fun! Earth has a lot of different terrains. There's no set climate, but it's a little more humid around the equator. Plus, there are seasonal changes all year long. Hmm… does this planet have something similar, Ivan?" Alfred asked. He and Ivan shared the same reactions, as they tried to picture each other's home planet.

Alfred moved forward willingly, following Ivan into the hallway. Every now and then, the blonde's eyes would scan one of the lab windows, trying to peek inside.

The chief researcher gave his precious specimen's hand a quick squeeze. "Well, here we are," he smiled, pointing to the metallic automatic door leading to the bathroom. /Open,/ he commanded.

The bathroom in question was quite large, clean, and well-organized, just like the bedroom. "Alright! So… the left handle is cold water, and the right handle is warm water. There is soap, but try not to use too much. Your body might be able to handle the elements in our atmosphere, but I have no idea what the chemicals in the soap might do to your skin!" His soft, pretty, peach-toned skin…

The platinum-blonde alien stood by the shallow tub and shower, still staring into Alfred's lively blue eyes. "You may hand me your clothes when you are done undressing," Ivan offered politely, holding out his hand.

Okay. This is what an alien bathroom looks like? Or maybe the researchers crafted most of their equipment to resemble familiar objects for other subjects. Either way, Alfred stared awkwardly at the shower handles and oddly labeled bottles. "Okay... I think I got all that, thanks," Alfred said, only to find Ivan staring again. Seriously, what's with the staring? The human unconsciously took a step back.

"Wait, don't tell me… You're not gonna examine how the soap affects me while I shower, are you?" Alfred half-assumed, his cheeks reddening at the idea of undressing in front of Ivan. Then again, the alien researcher already saw the full map of his human anatomy. There was an awkward moment.

The embarrassed astronaut stared back at Ivan with an annoyed pout, but within a few moments, he gave in. He swiftly turned around, away from the Zoa's violet gaze, and started to remove his pants and boxers.

"Here. Try not to stare, buddy!" The honey-blonde teased, handing over his clothes to the grey-haired alien, before stepping into the shower and closing the curtains. Alfred fumbled a little, turning the shower handles. "S-Shit! Hot!" The human let out a sharp yelp as he turned the water too hot, followed by a few more fumbles with the handles, finally settling on the right temperature.

"Ohhh... Yeah, that hits the spot..." The water felt so good against his tensed body. For a moment, Alfred completely ignored Ivan and started to clean himself.

Beyond the curtain, the alien could hear the occasional moan and mewl from Alfred, before settling to a pleased hum.

"Ohh… my," Ivan muttered to himself, placing his hand over his lips. Yes… those were definitely those sweet moans of pleasure. Silly Alfred. If Zoa didn't naturally have a typically low sex drive, well… the human should've been more careful, letting out naughty little mews like that.

And Alfred's adorable innocence certainly wasn't helping matters.

The violet-eyed man began to neatly fold the human's pants. They were still so warm… Seriously, Alfred was a perfect, constant source of heat. And after last night's bout, apparently in more ways than one. After setting the article of clothing aside on a nearby shelf, the alien began to fold Alfred's boxers.

He raised an eyebrow. If he recalled correctly, the human's underwear was patterned similarly to the flag representing the Earthling landmass, The United States of America. "Huh…" Ivan mumbled, subconsciously stroking the fabric of the underwear. Wasn't wearing such an article of clothing a tremendous disrespect to his nationality? The alien couldn't even imagine wearing underwear suggesting any reference to The Federation…

Ivan couldn't help but take a quick glance through the clear shower door. Alfred truly had a beautiful body, somewhere inbetween muscular, lean, and just a little chubby… "Ha, so cute!" The scientist giggled to himself, immediately darting his eyes away – to avoid being caught sneaking a peak.

Alfred closed his eyes, just enjoying the feeling of water running down his body.

He hummed to himself as he scrubbed his hair and cleaned his lean, muscled figure. The American was proud of his body, and frequently took care of himself throughout his training. Still, Alfred had to admit he ate his share of junk food. Alfred often claimed that he had a high metabolism, so he couldn't possibly be fat!

The human winced, while cleaning the lower part of his body. God, his ass still hurt from last night... The boy's cheeks reddened a bit, before he made a face. The fuck? Why was he thinking about that?

The sunny-blonde's head snapped up, upon hearing a giggle. He swiftly turned around, just missing the Zoa who peeped at him. Alfred swore under his breath. Moments later, the shower was turned off, a hand reaching out to take a nearby towel hanging from a rack.

"Much, much better…" Alfred sighed, drying himself off and contently stepping out of the shower with the towel warped around his waist. The astronaut looked very pleased with himself, before turning to the Zoa alien holding his 'hero boxers'. "Err... Ivan, what are you doing with my shorts?" Alfred asked out loud, with a strange look on his face.

The alien stuttered for a moment, his slender fingers nervously kneading the soft underwear. "I-I… was just…" Ivan's lips twitched, still refusing to make direct eye-contact with Alfred. "I was just observing your clothing. That is all." He let out a nervous giggle. "Ah, quick question. Is it normal for humans to show their patriotism to their native landmasses with… their undergarments?"

Ivan smiled down at the slightly shorter man, resisting the growing urge to yank on that unusually sensitive hair. "I think it is strange how you Earthlings pledge allegiance to different landmasses, each with separate governments and languages." He gave a small shrug. "Isn't that just confusing? Well, I suppose since Earth is a bigger planet than ours, you humans require multiple government systems for each section of the world…" The researcher laughed. "I find it simply confusing."

Alfred cocked his head in confusion, as he watched the nervous Zoa researcher stammer in front of him, still touching his boxers. "Er... might be a little odd for some. But it's just an expression. No harm done." The American admitted he was rather patriotic towards his country, especially since he came from a military parent background.

However, the nervous giggling was enough for the young male to step back cautiously. Alfred hoped that the perverted alien didn't have plans to take him in the shower. Actually that would be kind of... No!

"Eh? I never thought about it. I mean, it's been that way since forever," the blonde answered with a nonchalant shrug, one hand holding up the towel on his waist. "Well, that's what makes traveling fun, being able to see other cultures and whatnot. Everyone thinks differently and does their own thing. I mean, we tried a United World Government gig. But it was a big… Pffft!" That summed it up quite well. It was a failure from the start.

It was an attempt to get all the major world leaders to actually come up with ideas during the past decade or so. But people didn't settle on one thing, each leader wanted to come out on top and leave the others behind, and almost everyone flat out hated the plan.

So in the end, international governments became separate once again.

"Huh? What is this planet anyways?" Alfred asked, listening to Ivan and his confusion about Earth governments. Understandable. The human wondered, as he pursed his lips, if Zoa even follow a similar form of democratic government, or follow a social hierarchy instead. Or perhaps something entirely different? This was getting a little awkward. "Sorry, can we go over this a little later? I wanna get changed in my other clothes. Isn't it a little odd to be talking about this stuff in the bathroom?"

"I think I understand… at least, a little bit," Ivan replied, giving a small nod. "Of course, I still find many aspects of human behavior and society quite… puzzling." The researcher laughed quietly, as he crossed his arms. "Ah, well. That is to be understood. More to learn, yes?"

The pale-skinned, amethyst-eyed alien truly wanted this. To be able to have a meaningful conversation with Alfred – who, in his eyes, was the alien – and discover aspects of human life a Zoa could never comprehend. The humans collected before this special one were nothing more than specimens for breeding experiments.

Failed breeding experiments.

And no matter what Ivan told himself, Alfred was no different than his previous human specimens. Alfred was an alien. An Earthling. A member of a weak and unintelligent species. But the chief researcher desperately wanted to see the human in a different light.

Why? Why did Zoa have to view aliens as objects to be probed, dissected, and impregnated? It was possible to learn about another's life, not through experiments, but through diplomatic conversation and friendship.


Ivan breathed through his nose, trying to wipe those depressing thoughts from his mind. "Well… I am… not exactly sure how I can say our planet's name in a human language…" He thought for a moment, tying each Zoa letter to a pronounceable, English one. "Ep… er… ay… elle." The Zoa alien turned towards Alfred, before repeating the planet's name. "Eperraelle. Eperraelle is the name of my planet."


The troubling thoughts came rushing back. Along with those seemingly constant threats from the higher-ups. No matter what he wanted to think, Ivan had a duty. He was the Chief of Human Research. Those experiments had to be done today. There was no getting around it.

"Uh-huh." The human nodded in agreement, but pouted a little. "This would be a lot easier if I had an atlas or something. I can only explain so much..." Alfred murmured to himself. Sadly enough, he was the only one here who had first-hand experience with human society – at least, the years during his life, and basic knowledge of history, but certainly not everything.

The sunny-blonde wished he could give better information to the curious alien. "Well, let's just keep exchanging info for now! Your stuff about the Zoa is great too, Ivan," Alfred replied with a playful laugh, patting the older male's shoulder.

It took a moment for the human to repeat the researcher's syllables, as he mimicked the words quietly with the alien. "Eperraelle? That's a very pretty name for a planet." The young man smiled gratefully. "Maybe, if possible… Could you show me around outside the lab sometime?" The astronaut was unaware that his casual words were a painful knife into his friend's thoughts. "Ivan?" The lack of response was a little worrisome. "Did I say something weird?"

The grey-haired alien remained quiet, his face void of all emotion. After a few unsettling moments of silence, Ivan finally spoke up. "No." He clenched his large hands into a pair of trembling fists. "I-I'm sorry, Alfred. I am terribly sorry." He clenched his teeth, darting his eyes away from the blonde human. "It is not safe outside the lab. And… And to tell you the truth, you are not safe here, either."

In less than a second, the larger man grabbed onto Alfred's shoulders, before forcefully shoving him against a wall. "I'm sorry… I'm sorry… I'm sorry…" Ivan apologized repeatedly – almost madly – yet provided no explanation for what he was sorry about. His specimen didn't need an explanation.

"I'm sorry, but… it is my job," the Zoa breathed, crashing his cold lips against the human's warm, soft ones. It wasn't one of the gentle, loving kisses he and Alfred shared last night. Those were stupid human emotions. This was a kiss of betrayal. "I told you that I had to experiment on you today. Because… all you are truly worth to me… is…"

He couldn't say it. And yet, he had to admit the truth to Alfred. But admitting that truth would ruin the one pure friendship he ever had. His assistants weren't his friends. The Federation authorities weren't his friends. This one human was his friend.

"A-All you are truly worth to me is a specimen. Nothing more, Alfred."

"Ah!?" The clueless human barely let out a yelp, as the alien suddenly shoved him against the wall and held down his wrists. Alfred gritted his teeth, locking eyes with Ivan. "Ivan?" Alfred tried to pull away, but the larger man's strength held him down. The human's blue eyes were filled with confusion, uncertainty, and a flicker of hurt in response to the Zoa researcher's apology, before fading to anger.

Alfred's towel fell to the floor, as he began to struggle again, helplessly trying to kick the broad alien away from him.

"Uh-huh, yeah right! You – mfft!" The angry blonde hissed, but the struggling human's efforts ceased when Ivan, his alien friend, crushed his lips against Alfred's. The hapless human seized up and shuddered.

This kiss on the lips was a first. Cold lips, as if kissing a corpse. Alfred whimpered in protest, trying to resist and pull away. He gasped for air once Ivan pulled away, speaking the truth and the reality of the astronaut's situation.

A trapped specimen.

"Why am I not surprised, Ivan?" Alfred muttered sarcastically, lowering his head and lightly chuckling at his own irony. That was all Alfred could answer, really. Really, now. How could he be so stupid? It was just a facade after all, and he just fell for it. Hard. Maybe it was the isolation that finally got to the poor human's head?

The alien let out a low growl. "I'm glad you understand, specimen," he hissed, his voice cold and acidic – not at all glad. And he wasn't glad in the slightest. He was furious, upset, and remorseful. Ivan had to choose whether to disrespect his so-called human friend, or disrespect The Federation. Only one of these was more important in the long run.

"But do not worry, little one. I still think you are beautiful." The researcher let out a hollow laugh, not at all like his usual childish (if somewhat unnerving) giggles. "A beautiful breeding vessel. Isn't that nice? I actually find you worthwhile!" Ivan trailed his cold fingers up Alfred's damp thigh. "But first, you have to prove yourself to me. That is what the experiments are for." He laughed again, lightly brushing his fingertips against the human's warm, exposed genitals.

The alien licked his lips, giving a dangerous smile down at the caramel-blonde. "Come along then, my little rabbit. You want to prove yourself to me, yes?" He yanked on Alfred's wrist, pulling him away from the wall, and practically dragging the naked boy out of the bathroom. "To my laboratory."

Ivan was only doing his job. A job that the Zoa researcher seemed to love doing to poor saps like him.

The sound of Ivan's hollow laugh screamed crazy to the helpless human. But it was the least of the astronaut's worries. Alfred could feel his blood run cold at those words. Breeding vessel? Oh god, this was a nightmare. Hell, Alfred desperately wished this was all a really porny nightmare.

"Fuck that! Go find a real date, asshole!" The younger male's body stiffened. He bit his lip at Ivan's cool touch from his inner thigh to his dick, desperately ignoring the creeping pleasure up his spine. "I don't need to prove nothing. I'm the freakin' hero for Christ's sake! I'd rather die than go through this shit!" The stubborn blonde ranted angrily, not caring whatever nonsense he was spurting out his mouth. "And I'm not your 'rabbit', either!" Alfred began to struggle against the Zoa researcher, digging his heels into the floor and clinging to the nearest bolted down object in the bathroom.

But the naked blonde's hands could barely cling to the edge of the doorway, before it slipped though his fingers, as he was forcibly dragged into the hallway.

Fuck, Alfred thought miserably, trying to ignore the fact that he was still exposed. Blue eyes glared at Ivan's broad back. He tried not to ponder if the man spoke the truth, or was just getting on his good side. But Alfred really didn't want to think about anything, other than getting away from this guy now. He looked at the pale-blonde's hand, before attempting the next best thing.


The American bit into the pale skin of his captor's hand, digging his teeth to try and get Ivan to let go. Maybe pass on some Earthling germs for good measure, for using him all this time.

Throughout the hallway, the sounds from the struggling subject did not go unnoticed to the assistants of the lab. Toris was in the same hallway near the laboratory entrance. The brunette looked up from his charts, hearing approaching footsteps in his direction.

"But you really are like a rabbit, Alfred!" Ivan chirped in a disturbingly sing-song voice, stepping closer and closer to the entrance of his lab. "That is what all alien specimens are! They are pets that must be tamed!" The chief researcher let out a pained grunt, as the stupid test subject bit his hand. Hard. "O-Oh! Maybe you are more like a puppy, then!" He didn't cuss or show anger at Alfred's vain attempts to fight back. Ivan couldn't. Such emotions and worthless words were frowned upon.

A productive member of society would never let an unruly specimen ruin their job.

/Oh, Toris!/ Ivan called out, noticing the younger Zoa standing by the door. Such a dutiful assistant… /What a pleasant surprise! I knew I would need you today./ The horribly dissonant smile remained on his face. /My specimen is behaving terribly. He just doesn't seem to grasp the importance of the experiments…/ The alien let out a heavy sigh, his grip nearly cutting off the circulation in Alfred's arm. /You have the leash prepared, yes? Go get it, Toris. Now./

Alfred's blue eyes narrowed at Ivan, and tried to bite harder to express his point. He was starting to lose feeling in his right arm from the alien's sheer grip.

Why was Ivan spouting that nonsense? Was it really necessary to take advantage of the human last night? Couldn't the Zoa researcher just test the astronaut while he was still doozy from out of stasis? Why did it matter now? The naked human shuddered, as the bitter taste of blood welled up in his mouth. Alfred tried to hold on, to be more of a thorn in Ivan's side, but the sunny blonde had to let go. "Urk!" Alfred coughed miserably, spitting out drops of Zoa blood onto the floor.

Today was not Toris' day. Why couldn't he just stay and check up on the lab rabbits? /Huh?/ The meek Zoa yelped, looking up to his superior and...

The assistant's face instantly paled, noting the human specimen. So… Ivan was starting the first round of experiments… Oh no, poor human… Toris thought. It was just a matter of time. Maybe if Ivan explained it all to the human, instead of outright forcing it, the human could have been better off? /That's... unfortunate, sir,/ The brunette replied, barely above a whisper. Unfortunate for Alfred, that is.

Toris hadn't assisted with an experiment on a live human in "years". But, The Federation wanted results from the astronaut today.

The main difference was how the stubborn blonde specimen wasn't begging for mercy, like most of the first human subjects. But without a doubt, the human was going to make things difficult for the both of them… although, mostly for himself.

Maybe, if this one was truly lucky, he won't be positive for the gene.

/The leash? I mean… r-right, the leash is charged and ready, sir,/ the green eyed alien affirmed. Why the leash? It was one of their strongest tools for taming experiments. A little too powerful for even a human, but Toris' fear of his looming superior overcame his sympathy for Alfred. /Um... Y-Yes, Professor Ivan…/ Toris answered quickly, lowering his head to avoid looking at the human as he turned and went back inside the lab.

A minute later, the brunette came back with a small black box in his hand. With a mere touch, the black surface folded itself, revealing a collar. Reluctantly, Toris passed it over to Ivan.

/Thank you,/ Ivan giggled, holding the metallic collar and leash with his right hand, and keeping his grasp on the rabid human with his left. "Come along, Alfred!" The researcher snapped, switching back to English. He jerked forward, forcing the sunny-blonde through the doors to his laboratory. "If you would stop fighting and cooperate, this will be much easier for the both of us."

The platinum-blonde let out a slightly frustrated huff as the human stubbornly dug his heels into the floor, preventing him from dragging his subject any further. "This is not a game, specimen," the older Zoa growled, quickly clipping the collar around Alfred's neck before he could attempt to fight back. "There." He couldn't resist smiling gleefully at the young man's fright. "You won't act like a bad boy now, yes?"

"The hell it ain't a game! And don't expect me to believe anything you say!" Alfred spat defiantly, to get his point across to his "friend". No, really. Alfred wasn't in the mood to believe any more of Ivan's lies.

Alfred suddenly froze when he heard a soft click. The moment the collar was attached firmly around his neck, his blue eyes widened in horror. "N-No!" Alfred winced, expecting an angry bolt of electricity. He glared at that smiling bastard and raised his fist. Instantly, the astronaut felt a tinge in the back of his neck, then his entire body, before suddenly going limp. The young man's body paused and staggered, before the cold feeling ebbed away.

The leash makes a subject's body feel pins and needles every time they try to do excessive, stressed movements. It interrupts certain brain signals to prevent the victim from struggling or hurting themselves. Most animal subjects are tamed after a single dose. However, humans literally try to kill themselves when exposed to this painful treatment.

Still, this was a much better method than the cliché shock treatment.

Toris shuddered, seeing Alfred reduced to a helpless dog. He watched the subject try again, his body unable to respond correctly.

"W-What are you going to do to me?" Alfred asked, lowering his head in defeat and exhaustion. Mentally and physically. Is this what happened to the other humans?

"Well... This procedure is physical testing. Professor Ivan will be extracting genetic samples from you," the assistant explained calmly, holding back a wince of pity towards the poor subject. Was he mentally broken already? He hoped not. Toris was only an assistant, it was his job to monitor the subject's status during the procedure. "So... any questions?" The brunette added, by habit. His green eyes looked at Ivan nervously, fearful of punishment.

There was a short silence from the victim. "Just one." The wheat-blonde was silent for a few more moments and stared at the floor. "Is this going to hurt?"

"That is right, Toris!" Ivan answered to his assistant's explanation, dragging Alfred behind him as he stepped into his lab. At least, the Zoa called it a laboratory. To the human, the unearthly white room must have looked more like one of those hardcore torture dungeons.

There were a number of blinking, humming, floating machines, giving the room somewhat of a genuinely medical atmosphere. However, on closer observation, there were numerous long, phallic-shaped objects, all casually scattered on a nearby table. That definitely didn't look like typical laboratory equipment, alien or not.

The grey-haired man let out a husky grunt, finally pulling his specimen close enough to an inclined metal chair with stirrups. "Here we are," he sighed fondly, keeping his grasp on the leashed human. Yes… Despite the innate brutality of it all, human experiments were actually rather interesting. Coupled with beautiful little Alfred, well… This was certainly going to be a good day.

Ivan just hoped this wouldn't all be for naught. He couldn't let those stupid, distracting thoughts get to him, but… He sincerely prayed that Alfred had the gene. He couldn't think about what would happen to both him, and Alfred, if the gene wasn't found.

Showing just a touch of sympathy, the tall alien ran his hand through Alfred's golden-blonde locks. "I cannot promise you it won't hurt. The best you can do for now is to be a good boy and take it. Just go with what feels good." He let out another totally sane giggle. "Come now. Onto the chair, specimen."

To Alfred, the whole atmosphere felt similar to a warden leading an inmate to the death chamber.

The leashed human looked at the tools and machines. None of them were like what he expected. The human subject mentally gulped at the reality of the situation. There were no tools that could cut him open, but seeing the phallic-like tools made Alfred wonder if Ivan was more of a pervert than a researcher.

Yep. Alfred was good as fucked.

Alfred stared at the chair, and tried to step back. He shuddered and glanced away, refusing to look up at Ivan or Toris.

However, the wheat-blonde felt a hand on his head and momentarily relaxed, only to flinch at Ivan's "sympathy". Blue eyes turned to a glare of disbelief at the Zoa researcher. "Just go what feels good? Oh, lucky me!" Alfred replied, with heavy sarcasm. The human subject was very reluctant to step even a foot closer.

Eventually, the stubborn astronaut was sat in the chair, thanks to the leash.

The Zoa assistant pulled out a pair of gloves and a medical mask to cover his mouth. His face was emotionless, as he picked up three small disks. He attached them to the subject's chest and wrists. Toris then walked away to a nearby computer and started to type instructions, showing Alfred's current status. /Vital signs are normal, Professor./

/Ah, very good!/ Ivan replied, casually taking hold of Alfred's thighs and spreading them a bit wider. /From our previous experiments, you should know that a human's heartbeat and blood flow rate increases as a result of arousal. Be sure to record his initial statistics, yes?/

A scheming grin on his face, the platinum-blonde alien delicately brushed his cool, gloved fingertips against Alfred's stomach. "Don't try to hold anything back. And don't be scared. You might like this!" He inched his fingers just a tad closer towards the young man's flushed chest, intent on seeing a reaction from his specimen. "Relax, little one."

"J-Just get this over with…!" Alfred countered, regretting how his voice sounded so small, so weak. The human shivered – not from the cold steel of the chair, but the sick look on the researcher's face. Alfred's cheeks went pink at Ivan's words of "encouragement". The sunny blonde lied back, taking a deep breath, before closing his eyes and trying to concentrate on something else.

Think happy thoughts, happy thoughts… Alfred mentally chanted, to prepare himself for what was to come.

The human subject jumped, as he felt a cool touch against his warm skin. Despite his better judgment… it felt good. The blonde bit down on his lower lip. His breathing hitched, his heart beat a little faster, and he craned his neck as Ivan's hand moved closer to his chest.

The older male couldn't help but chuckle at the human's obvious arousal. It was so amusing, how just a few little touches could reduce Alfred into an adorable mess of whimpers and shivers. /Toris, are you getting an increased reading? Are you recording the data?/ Ivan asked, lightly flicking one of the honey-blonde's erect pink nubs. "Does that feel good, my little rabbit?" The alien giggled lightly, switching from his professional jargon to cruelly teasing the human. "You get so hot and bothered when your chest is touched. And when your hair is touched, too! You truly are a strange specimen. I… I like that, very much."

The chief researcher quickly and abruptly pulled his fingers away from the boy's nipples. It wasn't intercourse, for crying out loud, it was an examination. "Keep those legs spread!" The violet-eyed alien commanded, rather harshly, as he picked up one of the elongated objects, before placing it on a small table closer to the examination chair.

Ivan couldn't help but crack another cold smile at Alfred's look of fear. "Ha, but don't worry. We always use lube during physical testings!" He swiped what appeared to be a small, glass bottle of the substance from another nearby table. "Just stay relaxed, just like that…" The older male continued to whisper little phrases of encouragement, as he popped open the bottle and poured a generous portion on his index and middle fingers.

The alien paused, his expression quickly turning solemn. Just pretend it's me, Alfred, he wanted to say.

/Y-Yes… Subject Jones' heart rate is rising quickly, s-sir,/ Toris responded, carefully recording the data being processed. Toris looked away from the screen, confusedly watching Ivan toy with the subject, as he kept saying strange obscure things that had a very strong effect on Alfred's vitals.

By now, the human male was beginning to whimper, showing signs of heavy sexual arousal. But what was the chief doing…? The assistant immediately snapped out of his little daze and glued his eyes back on the screen, praying Ivan didn't notice.

Alfred let out a gasp, squeezing his eyes shut as blood rushed to his rising dick. He shifted slightly and crossed his legs. He tried not to think about last night.

How Ivan touched him, held him, how they fucked like rabbits.

"Nnnn..." He didn't want to think about that bastard alien. The same guy who tricked him, and was about to do all sorts of shit to him. Thankfully, Ivan's sudden command was like a splash of cold water. His blue eyes snapped open. Without thinking, Alfred spread his legs for the researcher. The human shuddered again, watching Ivan hold the tool. This time, fear gripped him, almost causing his erection to go soft.

Alfred mutely nodded, laying his head to the side. His breathing hitched at Ivan's encouragements. He then noticed the solemn look in the alien's eyes. "Ivan?" He asked, without thinking. The two looked at each other, until the blue-eyed human sighed. He slowly closed his eyes, preparing himself for the physical test.

"Hush," the alien responded, his eyes fixated on Alfred's lower regions. "Don't hold anything back. Scream if you have to." Without another word, Ivan thrusted his lubricated index and middle fingers inside the human's resisting entrance.

He wasn't trying to aim at Alfred's prostate. /Toris, record his current vitals,/ the researcher ordered, scissoring his two digits to roughly stretch the human's ass. The specimen's pleasure wasn't a concern at the moment. That would come later, after this particular trial. "Ha. Even after our… experience, yesterday, you're still quite tight…" Ivan commented to himself, not caring at all if Alfred overheard or not.

The alien tried not to let the honey-blonde's groans of pain bother him. Those humans before him suffered through several early (and very uncomfortable) methods of physical testing. Alfred shouldn't be treated as a special exception.

/Recording, professor,/ the assistant replied, wincing now and then. Trying to tune out the human's cries of pain, and the occasional curse.

"AHH!" Alfred bucked up, trying to push the alien's invading fingers out of him. Even lubricated, it still hurt like a bitch and none of it felt right. "Ngh..." The tortured blonde squinted his eyes, looking between his legs as the pale alien did his work. "Fuck...!" If he didn't have that stupid leash, Alfred wouldn't mind planting his foot in Ivan's face.

Taking another stroke of pain, Alfred winced and bit the lower part of his lip to stifle another scream. Was the researcher doing this on purpose? Was that even necessary for whatever Ivan had in mind next? Either way, he just wanted the pain to stop.

"I told you to relax," Ivan reprimanded, feeling Alfred's insides clench and squeeze around his fingers. "Just settle down. Don't try to stop me."

The alien didn't even realize how threatening that statement sounded to the human. His mouth curled into a slightly devious grin. "Stay still," he ordered, before lightly prodding the human's sensitive gland with his index finger. He wanted to see Alfred beg. Beg like… like a puppy. Perhaps the most obedient and naïve Earthling creature.

The researcher continued to roughly thrust and scissor his fingers after giving the blonde that one jolt of pleasure. He wanted to see its effect on his psyche.

"Nngh!" Alfred coughed hoarsely at the taste of blood in his mouth, trickling down his lip from biting down so hard. He didn't want this. The subject tried so hard to resist, but the more Alfred did, the worse it got. He tried not to give any satisfaction to the researcher stretching him, but the boy's inner muscles steadily gave in to the pain, relaxing bit by bit.

"Hah... ahh…" The human shuddered again, hearing the cold threatening sounds ringing in his ears. Just how sick could the Zoa alien get? Maybe, if Alfred was lucky enough, he could simply pass out on the table and not wake up.

The subject felt a shock though his system.

"Ivan!" Blue eyes flew open at that moment of pleasure, before it faded away. The human bucked his hips involuntarily against Ivan's fingers, hoping to feel that little spark again. Alfred's face went red at what he had done, but his arousal was becoming pretty evident as he felt his dick growing hard.

Ivan was painfully patient, contrasting the young man's resolve and sanity.

"Please..." Alfred let out a quiet whine. He wanted this pain to stop. "Ivan..." He wanted to get a move on, or make it better. He wanted to get this over with. "Just fuck me..."

There. The defeated blonde said it. The self-proclaimed hero hated admitting every moment of it.

Ivan couldn't help but laugh uncontrollably at Alfred's plea. "Oh, my naughty little specimen," he sighed, pausing the movement of his fingers. "That was yesterday. Now, you are just an experiment. I am sorry." He chuckled softly, giving the human's rosy inner thigh a sharp pinch with his other hand. "But don't worry, you lewd thing. I think you will get what you want."

Slowly, the researcher pulled his fingers from Alfred's hole, smirking a little as the boy's anal muscles squeezed around his digits. "Just stay still," he whispered again, picking up one of the phallic objects from the table.

He gave the thick sex toy (could it be anything else?) a squeeze, causing it to let out a low hum and start vibrating. "You should be wet enough. Don't worry." The grey-haired alien lightly pressed the tip of the object against the Alfred's quivering entrance. He giggled quietly as the human stretched around the toy, almost struggling to take in just the head.

"S-Shut it! That came out the wrong way!" Alfred stammered with a loud groan. It was just the wrong word that came out of his mouth. This was a fucking nightmare. "Just get a move on... asshole." Great, now the alien was making fun of the poor human. Could this get any worse?

Actually yes, it could.

The wheat-blonde raised an eyebrow as he heard something vibrate. Then, Alfred could feel something press against his hole.


It's just part of the procedure, Toris repeated to himself, recording Alfred's sudden spike in his vitals when Ivan introduced the vibrator. There were sudden shouts from the human, accusing Ivan of being a 'sick-ass pervert', or 'This is not science!' A set of moans filled the room once the phallic tool was pressed further inside.

What was wrong with this human? Still, Alfred was holding off better in Toris' standards, compared to the prior subjects.

"Shh…" Ivan pushed the vibrating object as deep as he could inside Alfred. As his pale lips curled into a slight smirk, he jabbed the thing right into the human's sensitive bundle of nerves. That would definitely evoke an interesting reaction.

He couldn't hold back an unsettling chuckle as Alfred pleaded for him to stop. "Of course it is science," the alien replied calmly, wrapping his fingers around the base of the vibrator, before thrusting it harshly against the honey-blonde's prostate. "It even fits the universal definition of science. I have formed a hypothesis, and I am testing it."

The poor, naïve human didn't have to know what exactly his hypothesis was. /Toris, pay close attention to his stats,/ Ivan ordered. He pulled his hand off the toy, and let it sit and vibrate, lodged deep inside Alfred's stretched hole.

"Ahh!" Alfred let out a sharp gasp when Ivan shoved the vibrator further inside him, right into his sensitive spot. The human shut his eyes tight, his body shuddering like a leaf. "AHHH! More like you're… trying to… ngh!"

Alfred winced. He did not want to look, but he could feel something dripping between his legs, most likely blood from that particularly rough thrust.

What hypothesis was Ivan going on about? How long could the human last with this thing inside of him? Alfred wanted to reach down and pull out the stupid object, but he just lay there, panting heavily and looking like a sweaty, horny mess. The way the vibrator buzzed inside him, setting his nerves on fire though the pain, hurt so much and felt so wrong, but... ugh.

His wheat bangs were sticking to his face, his cheeks flushed, and he was sweating all over as his member started to drip precum. He shuddered, feeling the familiar hot coil in his stomach almost ready to snap... Now, Alfred was reaching his limit.

/Sir? The subject's heartbeat and blood pressure, he's showing signs of an upcoming-/ Toris said, watching the heightening stats after that initial thrust. Before the brunette could continue, there was a sharp, needy whine from the subject.

"Ngh! I can't take it anymore!"

/…orgasm,/ Toris finished with a deadpan voice. The poor human. Must they always be this loud? At least it was a sign of progress, meaning it won't be long now.

"Oh, oh!" As soon as Ivan's specimen appeared to reach his peak, the researcher snatched an important item off the table. It wasn't another phallic object, but it was a glass vial, somewhat resembling a test tube. The tube had a wide neck, and measured a little over ten inches in length, with a large, spherical-shaped chamber at the base.

Streams of off-white liquid began to splurt from Alfred's member, signaling his heavy climax. Ivan hurriedly slammed the tube over the human's throbbing, ejaculating sex organ, trapping the fluids he was releasing in his orgasmic state. "There… there we go, let it all out…" The researcher cooed softly to his subject, breathing against Alfred's inner thigh. "So much is coming out… that is excellent…"

Alfred let out a groan as he released his seed, not caring at all about the device placed over his dick. "Mmmm..." The human obeyed for once, relaxing his tensed body, shuddering every now and then.

The vial eventually collected a suitable amount of Alfred's semen, about an ounce or two. That amount pales in comparison to a Zoa's, but more importantly, the researchers had collected a vital item – the astronaut's DNA.

The experience left Alfred completely spent. "Ugh..." The human whimpered, opening his eyes, shuddering again at the feeling on his thigh. Alfred shifted, trying to get more comfortable now that his sexual high was over. The subject was left with a sense of disgust, and the item in his ass was not helping. "Just get it out of… me… please…" The subject's voice broke, as he referred to the vibrator that was still buzzing inside of him. Ivan got whatever he wanted from him. Alfred just wanted the experiment to end now.

The researcher ignored his specimen's pleas, and glanced over at his assistant. /Do you have everything recorded, Toris?/ Ivan questioned, as he slowly and carefully pulled the transparent tube off of Alfred's softening member. /I believe our experiment is complete./ As soon as the vial was in his hands, the alien grabbed a cork off the table and pressed it inside the hole of the vial, keeping the reproductive fluids trapped inside.

Ivan set the glass tube on a nearby rack, before roughly yanking the vibrator out of Alfred's entrance. Then, he looked at Toris again. /Will you lead the specimen back to its room? I need to stay here and cultivate the sample as soon as possible./

/Yes, uploading the recording to our archives,/ the assistant answered, checking the computer and the data twice.

Alfred let out a sharp yelp, as Ivan removed the vibrating tool out of him, ignoring the steady dribble of blood from his abused hole.

For Alfred's sake, Toris hoped the human was not a carrier. Painful as this was, it was all necessary for the possible revival of the Earthling species.

The Zoa held back a shudder at the thought of touching the human. Hopefully, he wouldn't catch anything, so he did his best to gently help the exhausted blonde out of the chair. Alfred bit his lip, wincing in pain and leaning against the younger Zoa for support. Toris could see the anger and hurt in those blue eyes, directed at Ivan, who barely noticed.

Toris left the laboratory with Alfred after the completion of the experiment, leaving Ivan to his research. The brunette was tasked to clean up the poor human and dress him in his spare NASA uniform.

All the while, Toris kept his wits to himself. He feared that the wheat-blonde would try something.

Oddly enough, Alfred chose to keep to himself, rather than lash out at the other researchers. Eventually, the assistant left the human alone to rest.

As of right now...

The astronaut just wanted to die.

Alfred curled into a ball on the black sheets, hugging his knees and trying to forget the memory of last night's events. "Fuck… fuck… god, what did I do to deserve this?" he cursed to himself.

Despite what happened, the American did not grudge against the other aliens. Most of his anger and hurt was directed at the head researcher. Alfred never felt so violated in his life. He felt like a complete idiot for falling for Ivan. That asshole of a researcher. Though, Alfred felt rather bad for snapping at Toris when the assistant eventually returned, bringing a tray of food and some medicine that remained untouched on the table.

Worst of all, Alfred felt so alone in this place, in this room, and it was eating him up. Hell, couldn't they at least place the astronaut in a room with other human subjects?

Even his missing photo would have brought him comfort.

/Stupid, stupid boss…/

The youngest of the three Zoa researchers, a curly-haired boy who looked no older than a 15 year old human male, grumbled to himself as he operated a simplistic craft that resembled a vacuum cleaner. /Geez, the one time I wanna help in his lab, he scares me away!/ The dirty-blonde alien let out a disappointed huff and began to clean the walls. /Maybe I should just quit…/

Raivis' violet eyes widened as he stepped on a slippery object. Ugh, was there a chemical spill or something? /Gah!/ Tossing the cleaning instrument aside, the clumsy assistant attempted to steady himself before he crashed to the floor.

He shot an accusing glare at the object in question. However, his expression softened as he took a closer look. /Hey… wait a minute…/ It wasn't a spilled chemical at all. It was a piece of paper. A picture of humans.

/Woah, is that the specimen?/ Raivis crouched down and picked up the photograph. At least, one of the humans in the picture resembled the specimen they had awoken yesterday. There were four others smiling and posing next to him. And they all looked downright weird.

Something clicked in the young Zoa's mind. /What if the boss needs this?/ He thought for a moment. If Ivan did need the picture, for whatever reason, Raivis could make himself useful for once! On the other hand, Toris did tell him that Ivan was extremely busy. And when Ivan was "extremely busy", you did not want to distract him. At all.

/Wait… Maybe I could return this to the specimen instead!/

Raivis confidently nodded and held the photo in his grasp. Okay… Now, where did the specimen live, again? Ivan usually kept humans in a place called the 'Guest Room'. Until he took them to his lab… The short Zoa held back a shudder. /Uh… it's… this way./ Still holding onto the picture, Raivis headed down the hallway leading to the Guest Room. It was a long walk, though, and he could have used warp panels. Problem is, the youngest assistant had no idea which panels lead to what floor, which would only cost time.

Finally, the curly-haired boy reached a door, marked with letters that indicated it was the Guest Room. /U-Um…/ He cleared his throat and knocked on the door. /R-Raivis here…/ Oh! Alfred was a human, and humans couldn't understand the Zoa's language. Dammit!

"Um… uh…" The alien stuttered quietly, trying to think of what to say. Eduard was the most fluent in American English, right behind Ivan, whereas Raivis… well… "Uh, you! Human! I… have… thing!"

When he heard a knock on the door, Alfred sat up on the bed and wiped the bead of tears from his face. Not that he was not crying, mind you.

"Go away," the human answered, but it was a quiet mumble. At first, Alfred did not want to answer. He was tired and not in the mood to see anyone right now. Unless it was Ivan. The astronaut wouldn't mind sharing a few words with him... and a punch to the face.

However, curiosity took hold over his sense of caution. What if it was Toris? If it was just him, then Alfred should at least make the effort to apologize to the shy brunette alien.

The blonde tilted his head in confusion, hearing a handful of alien language – Zoa language, from which Alfred could not make heads or tails, before it became scrambled English. "Coming!" Alfred got up from the bed, ignoring the pain in his rear as he walked to the door.

Though, the human half-assumed the researcher would open the door, since Alfred knew it was locked. "Well… the door's kind of locked, so…"

The moment Alfred placed a hand on the door, the steel door suddenly slid open as if... it was unlocked this whole time. Alfred just stared, obviously surprised, only snapping out of his stupor when he looked down at Raivis. "Oh, hey."

As soon as the tall human stepped out of the room, Raivis instantly locked up, like a frozen computer. "U-Um… uh…" A multitude of worried thoughts were running through his brain. "Uh, here!" His eyes squeezed shut, the young alien held a shaking arm out at Alfred's eye-level. The photo was forced right into the human's face. "This… you?"

Oh great, the specimen was looking all confused. Or, even worse, angry. Tears began to brim in Raivis' violet orbs at the thought of being yelled at. Even though it was nothing new to him.

Alfred did have thoughts of escape. To push the aliens aside and escape, if it weren't for two things. Firstly, the obvious pain in his lower backside, and secondly, what Raivis held in his hand. "Is that…?"

It was.

The photo Alfred had thought was lost. The human felt terribly sorry for the trembling alien. "Hey… it's fine, I don't bite." Oh wait. The human did bite Ivan, earlier… He squirmed at the thought. Great, the other aliens probably thought the astronaut was some kind of rabid, untamed animal.

"U-Uh, uh, uh…" Now, the little alien sounded like a sound stuck on repeat. "You! Take!" Following his broken-English command, Raivis practically flung the photograph at the human, before dashing down the hallway as fast as he could.

How hard could it be for Eduard to stop bossing him around and teach him another language for once? Geez...

Before the astronaut could say anything else, the frightened Zoa had already thrown the photo at his face. "Umm… Thank you?" Alfred caught the photo with ease, about to thank Raivis, but the little assistant was already gone. The steel door slid in front of his face, locking into place.

Well. That went well.

Alfred let out a bittersweet sigh, leaning his forehead against the door. Yep. The others were definitely fearful of him.

Again, he was alone. Nobody to trust in this alien world. He looked down at those smiling faces of the past. Ignoring the beads of his tears landing on the paper. "Wherever you guys are... I hope everyone is better off than I am. But don't worry..."

The blonde breathed deeply, with a determined, yet unsure smile.

"I will get out of here. They can't cage the hero in, right?" Alfred held the photo against his chest, closing his eyes, murmuring these words to himself. The astronaut had no plans yet, and no idea what to expect if he was lucky enough to escape the lab walls.

But fuck it. The blonde was more than willing to try, instead of sitting around, toyed with by Ivan, and whatever else the scientist had in store for the human specimen.

"Wish me luck, guys. I'm going to escape one way or another, even if it kills me."