It was another night in California as the sun went over a desert town as librarian Uniqua was working checking her inventory as she walked to a book shelf checking boxes off on her clipboard as she reached a box uncheck titled "The Book of X" as she finished she went to her desk checking the checkout dates shocked at seeing it was overdue

she carefully looked around seeing no one as she pressed a stamp pad in a complex pattern as it slid on the floor as she walked down a secret passageway. Uniqua wasn't any Liberian, she was also a masked retriever, no one knew who the masked retriever was rumor had it when a library book was overdue he would show up and it would disappear the rumor refers to the masked retriever as a he because no one would ever suspect Uniqua

In her secret cave she took off her dress changing into a black shirt and pants complete with a cape a black fedora a mask over her eyes and a belt buckle which doubled as a stamp as she got on her horse "Tornado" riding off after she checked the list

"The Book of X was checked out last by a man named Erik Garlic who was interested in dark arts" Uniqua read as she and tornado snuck up on a hill as she got off Tornado sneaking up to a hut seeing Ace holding a knife up to some animal tied up

"Hey Erik what you are up to now"

A man said looking at him

"I told you Locust I'm sacrificing this wolf to the gods as a token for mercy"

Erik said lowering the blade

"Erik that wolf is dead"

Locust said

"I know its dead, considering the fact it's gutted and doesn't have a head"

Erik said running through the body chanting some magic chant

"Locust, get me the 5th book of X"

Erik said as Locust walked to the table seeing the book was gone with a black check mark on the table

"Erik we have a problem, it's gone"

Locust said

"What if we don't do the spell by midnight we're screwed find it"

Erik said