As the group went back to the town they noticed the whole town was destroyed as they walked up to town square seeing Freddy

"Krueger put down the book"

Tyrone yelled as he opened it

"I don't think so"

Freddy replied

"Please Krueger, you can't handle the power of X's book, no one can"

Mist said as Freddy shot a ball of fire setting Mist's robe on fire as she shot out a white bolt giving Uniqua her powers as Freddy opened the book as the pages formed a demonic eye staring at Krueger as it turned red

"Now prepare to die"

Freddy said to the group as the book started turning red melting as it set Krueger on blaze as all the flesh burned right off his bones killing him as his skeleton fell over into dust.

Next the other killers started attacking the group as the captured the group

"Now do yourselves a favor and just give up"

Ghostface said as they group as tied up


Pablo responded slowly in fear


Uniqua replied

"Does my decision affect if I live or not?"

Austin asked

"No, I kill you anyways"

Ghostface replied

"I'm with her"

Austin said turning to Uniqua as Ghostface walked up to them as UberJason grabbed Uniqua holding her in an arm-lock

"You are one feisty little bitch"

Ghostface said pulling out his knife grabbing Uniqua rubbing it on her chest as she turned and slipped out of Jason's grip but Ghostface's Knife left a cut in her side as it ripped off her dress walking to her looking very mad

"Now… Die!"

Ghostface replied stabbing the knife at Uniqua as she closed her eyes in fear opening them again she realized she wasn't in Viejo California but lying in a bush in her backyard

"Whew, it was just a bad dream"

Uniqua said as she noticed her clothes were gone as there was a wound on her side

"Or was it"

Uniqua replied