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Edmund Pevensie elopes with Hermione Granger the week after she turns eighteen.

She wears a simple green dress and pins a daisy into her hair, and he wears a simple white shirt with dress pants and has a matching flower tucked into his front pocket. She invites her friends Harry and Ron and he brings his siblings and the whole thing is small, comfortable and intimate.

It's a far cry from the first time the two parties met, back when the wizards thought the royalty couldn't be trusted, and vise versa. Ron had been fiercely protective of Hermione when she'd brought Edmund around, and Susan had sworn that Hermione couldn't be trusted. Both sides had reminded Edmund and Hermione that they'd been at war once, the Narnians and the Wizards, but neither one of them had paid them any mind. Edmund had loved his bride since the Granger family had moved in next door to the Pevensies when they were both just children, and Hermione only turned her nose up at the notion of a war, as if something trivial as that would stand in the way of her wedding. It had happened centuries ago, she'd insisted. Far too long ago for anyone to pay it any mind now.

Susan is much kinder towards Hermione now, and tells her that she's proud to call her a sister, and Lucy pulls her aside to tell her that she's always thought of her that way, and then she kisses her on the cheek and plucks the flower from her hair before she flits off to stand by her brothers.

Ron, ever stubborn, still gives Edmund a bit of a stony reception but he's gracious enough to force a small smile, and he gives Edmund a congratulatory slap on the back. Harry, of course, is the glue that somehow manages to hold the entire party together. When they depart the tiny church and step back onto the street, he takes the bride by the hand and spins her around, kisses her cheek, and then swoops down and presses his lips to Susan's.

Edmund and Peter nearly have a stroke at the sight, of course, but Harry promises to buy them all drinks down at the pub- with a bit of confounding, the tender won't even question their age!- and all is forgiven by the boys. Peter even goes as far as to call him brother, and Hermione nearly blinds them all with her responding smile.

This is her family now- her little rag tag group and her husband.


Her husband!

It seems like such a silly, preposterous notion but when Edmund- sandwiched in between Peter and Harry with an arm slung over both- glances back at her over his shoulder and smiles, her insides all but take on the consistency of melted butter. Besides her, Susan giggles and Lucy, anxious for someone of her own, pouts.

Yes, this is her family now; the sisters and the brother she has by marriage, and the brothers she has from fate. So different, and yet so alike- Ron and Edmund with their stubbornness, and Lucy and Harry with their unquenchable curiosity, and she and Susan with their strength.

They've seen so much between them, and they've lived through so much, and it makes Hermione proud to know that they're all in this together now.

Harry's promised pub is just around the corner now, and as they approach she reaches one hand out to clasp Ron's arm and stretches out to brush her fingers against Edmund's with her other.

Nestled against her wrist beneath her sleeve lies her wand and her wedding ring is a comfortable weight on her finger, and now she's truly united with the things that she loves the most.