Digimon Frontier Truth or Dare

Since he didn't know the others very well, Koichi decided to host a sleep over with Takuya, JP, Zoe, Tommy and his twin brother Koji. Koichi was busy getting everything ready.

"OK, Pizza? Check! Scary movies? Check! Mom outta the house? Check! And finally, embarrassing Teddy bear Mr. boo boo hidden? CHECK!" Koichi said to himself, making sure the pink teddy bear was hidden soundly away, out of sight.

*Knock, knock, knock*

"Oh it must be them!"

Koichi ran to the door and opened it. And sure enough, there stood his friends and brother, all carrying a backpack and sleeping bag, with the exception of Zoe, dragging a suit case behind her.

"Hi guys, uh Zoe, are you moving in?" Koichi asked, slightly laughing making Zoe glare at him.

"I told you that you packed too much" Takuya stated making Zoe glare at him too.

"I only packed an overnight bag" She defended herself.

"Wow, if that's an overnight bag I'd hate to see your week long trip bag…" Koji exclaimed.

"Lets just say, you could fit JP and a small hippo in it…"

"Why don't you guys come in."

All the kids walk in and place their bags(or suitcases) in the hallways. They all sat down on the couch or a chair. They all had some pizza and some soda. Then they all sat down and laid back.

"As I've said before… MY TUMMY, FEELS LIKA MELLON!" Takuya said laying down on the floor.

Everyone just laughed and rubbed their own tummies.

"So what do you guys wanna do now?" Koichi asked.

"I vote we play truth or dare!" Tommy suggested. "All in favour?"

"AI!" Everyone but Koji yells.

"I'm not playing, it's a stupid game!" Koji complains.

"Aw, is someone hiding a deep secret that this game could reveal?" Takuya said in a mocking tone, making Koji blush. "Come on, play or I'll do something that makes you uncomfortable."

"I'd like to see you try."

"Ok, you asked for it." Takuya then trips Koji and he lands on his stomach. "Koichi, JP, hold him down"

The Boys do as told, Koichi on his back and JP holding his arms down. Takuya then grabs Koji's pants by the legs and pulls his pants off, exposing his red boxers with black cartoon wolves on them, making Koji blush with a face so bright it could light up a moonless night.

"OK FINE I'LL PLAY THE STUPID GAME!" He yelled. The boys got up and Takuya gave Koji his pants back, which he quickly put on. "Just for that, I get to go first!"

"OK, lets play!"