Sinful Obsessions: Drabbles for Ruby & Bela

Title: Not for Real, Afraid to Feel

POV: Bela's & Ruby's

Song: Default's 'Wasting My Time'

A/N: Here it is, moving on from the events of the last few chapters. Hope you enjoyed the last.

"I want you to fight, Bels."

Her nickname, the one she once loved so much, too much. She shakes the thought away as she ducks her head just in time to avoid the sharp knife the demon holds tightly in her grasp. Maybe she should be shocked, maybe any normal person would be freaked out and long since imagined that it would never come to this. She suspected it though, a little, knew Ruby wouldn't always put up with her bullshit.

All she's doing is trying to hold herself together and it's a day long struggle. Ruby, on the other hand, just wants a second chance. She feels terrible that she can't find the strength to give her one.

"I don't want to fight you, Ruby."

"Then do something!" She screams, lunging forward again and managing to knick Bela on her right side, enough to draw blood. Bela presses her hand there, looks back up into the demon's eyes. The human isn't quite sure what she wants to project, she's hit a wall here, though Ruby has just made it perfectly clear that there's no turning back.

Something has to change.

"Stop acting like a goddamn zombie, Bela, and tell me something! That you hate me, that you don't want to be with me anymore, that sometimes you just want to kill me so much you can't stand it!"

Bela stands there, exasperated, the blood still dripping to the ground now out of mind as her hand falls to the side and she steps forward to take the demon's hand in her own. Ruby doesn't know what's happening until she does it, then she takes a step back, allowing her hand to slip out of Bela's.

She doesn't know if it's a mistake or the right thing.

"I could never stop loving you, Rubes."

Ruby has an urge to let the blade slip to the ground. The sun is glaring high above her, even her hair feels hot as sweat drips down from her hairline, scolding the both of them for their childish antics. She drops the knife, clenches her hand, looks down at the ground.

The next time Bela takes her hand, she doesn't make a move to hold on but refuses to back away either.

"I'm going to try, even if it kills me."

And this time, Ruby thinks she just might believe her. "Me too."

To be continued...