So I am still up in the air about some of the DC 52s, I have decided I love the Teen Titans#1 and I got my hands on Superboy#1 as well. Awesome stuff. I am a little sad that the epic friendship between Kon and Tim has been erased from history, but on the bright side, I am certain DC will do a good job bringing it back. And if they don't, well I will just have to write it myself (Which is what I am doing here anyway.)

Anyway, this is sort of a sequel to my one-shot 'Hunting the Red Robin' Feel free to go and check it out if you are interested in where this is coming from.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything related to DC, espically since I hate creating my own characters. However, if I did own anything in DC, you can bet this story would be a comic. And incidently, so would my other stories in the DC verse.

Tim supposed it had to happen eventually. It was the basic laws of escapism. The more people you surround yourself with made it easier to fight, but harder to run. And all Tim and his friends had been doing was running, running for their lives.

The attack on the abandoned apartment building which had become the temporary Headquarters of the Teen Titans had started early in the morning. Red Robin, still reacting to his training under the Dark Knight, had been working on the team's next move, trying to come up with a plan to aid the escape of a young girl known as Miss Martian as the giant computer flashed in front of him. Behind him on mats on the floor, the rest of the team slept soundly. The last few months had been tough as Red Robin had travelled around the country, recruiting the young metas. First Wonder Girl, then Kid Flash had joined. Skitter and Bunker had also fallen in with the team. And there were many more out there, kids who had been saved by Red Robin and his friends, who were now acting as allies across the world. Now the name Teen Titans was starting to spread, to be whispered around whenever a teenager found themselves in trouble.

The sudden noise as the security alarm was tripped had jolted the whole team awake and distracted Red Robin from his work.

Even as the team stumbled from their beds to the computer, Tim had silenced the alarm and began pulling up the camera images, piecing together what was happening. He left his stomach knot as he recognised the uniforms of the men captured on the cameras. N.O.W.H.E.R.E. had finally found them.

No one spoke as the whole team registered what was happening. Then slowly, Cassie stepped backwards.

"Oh no." She muttered. "No, no, no!"

With a glare which could rival that of the batfamily, she turned her blue eyes on Tim.

"You promised they wouldn't find us Red!" To add to her comment, she pointed a finger accusingly at Tim.

It was a very different reaction from the one Tim had experienced when he had first rescued Cassie from the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. agent many months before. But then again, Cassie hadn't experienced the hostility of N.O.W.H.E.R.E then. Now she had. Now she knew what the organisation was capable of, and what they wanted to do to her, to all of them.

"I made a mistake." Tim muttered, trying to ignore Cassie as he calculated the agent's numbers. There were a lot of them. More than Tim had ever seen before. And leading them through was none other than their leader Zaniel Templar, the very same man who had come for Tim so many months ago and started up this whole thing.

Even as Tim watched the screen, the man turned his head to look up at the camera. Although his eyes were still covered by the silver glasses, Tim felt the distinct impression that Templar knew he was being watched. The man smiled at the camera before turning and continuing into the building. Even from their hiding spot, the teens could hear the thud of heavy boots from the floors below them.

Behind Tim, Bart began to shake. The fastest boy alive was a recent escapee from N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and could still remember his captivity.

"Weneedtogo! Gogogo!" he stated, bouncing on the balls of his feet, his speech speeding up as he began to panic.

Dropping the security feed, Tim began rapidly typing.

"They have all converged at the front of the building. If you go now, you should meet minimal forces by the fire escape. Wonder Girl and Bunker can fly everyone from there.

The team nodded and began to turn away, all too frightened to question Tim's order. Well, all except Cassie.

"Wait Red. What about you?" she questioned. The rest of the team stopped for their leaders answer. Tim bit back a groan. They didn't have time for this.

"This computer has all my work stored on it. All the information I have gathered on the metahumans in this country. If N.O.W.H.E.R.E. gets their hands on this, its game over for all of us. I have to destroy it." He replied, continuing to type.

"Can't you just blow it up?" Cassie asked, looking at the door nervously.

"It's a bit more complicated than that." Tim replied.

He looked over at his friend.

"Cassie, I will catch up with you. I promise." He said.

Cassie nodded.

"GO!" Tim ordered.

With one last glance, the team turned and broke into a run, heading towards the exit. Tim turned back to his work. When he had first started this project, he had incorporated a computer virus into his work. The virus was designed for one purpose. To strip the computers harddrive, destroying all information stored there.

Typing in the correct commands, Tim activated the virus, watching as the computer wiped itself. Stepping back, the Teen Wonder quickly reached for his belt, pulling out several explosives. Although Cassie had been right about blowing up the computer, Tim knew there were ways to retrieve information from the wreckage and had decided to play it safe.

Securing the devices, Tim quickly set them. If he was very lucky, N.O.W.H.E.R.E. would...

There was a crash as the door was kicked in and heavy feet ran into the room. Red Robin froze as the green lasers of the agents guns swept through the room like a swarm before settling on him. Slowly, he turned on his heels to face the agents, leaving his back to the computer.

"I believe I already told you, it is rude not to knock first." He said pointedly as he mentally began to count.

Several of the agents crowding the room moved to the side, making a clear path for their boss as Zaniel Templar stepped closer.

"It seems that once again I look at a problem and find Red Robin at the bottom of it." The man sneered, stepping closer as his agents slowly surrounded their prey. Tim stood his ground, glaring through his mask.

Behind the man, a dark haired teenager stepped forward. The teen was wearing a black and red jump suit. Tim quickly dismissed the new comer.

"Don't bluff." He growled at Templar. "You have been hunting me for the last few months."

Templar smirked, knowing he had Red Robin cornered.

"I have to admit, you have continued to impress the Organisation. Therefore the offer is still open, despite our last meeting."

Tim slowly formed his hands into fists.

"And what makes you think I have changed my mind?" He challenged. The countdown in the back of his mind was becoming critical.

"Why do you do this boy?" Templar asked. "You are not a meta and owe no allegiances to these freaks. N.O.W.H.E.R.E. can protect you, train your remarkable intelligence and help you become something great."

"And all I have to do is give up my soul." Tim shot back.

Templar shrugged.

"People have given up more." He replied. "Your answer?"


Templar smirked.

"Well, that is a shame. It is truly a pity that I forgot to mention that you don't have a choice."

Slowly, Tim turned to look at the explosives hooked up to the computer. Then he turned back to the group, well aware that his actions had caused the devices to be noticed. Slowly, Tim allowed himself to smile as the agents around Templar started to panic.

"N.O.W.H.E.R.E. A powerful, all knowing organisation. Fooling you once was a joy. Fooling you twice? It's a privilege."

Grabbing the edge of his wings, Tim raised them over his head and crouched down as his mental countdown reached zero. The explosions echoed through the room. Although this time the blast was not powerful enough to kill anyone, several agents were knocked off their feet, leaving them dazed. Even Templar was stunned, falling backwards as he faced the explosion.

Rising to his feet, Tim pulled out his bow staff and quickly got to work, taking down and disarming the agents as they slowly regained their senses. But even as he fought, he knew his chances were small. There were too many agents here, too many possible hits. They only had to be lucky once. Tim had to be lucky a million times.

Still the Red Robin fought on, lashing out at anyone who got too close, dodging the weapons. A girl with white hair and two swords ran at him. Tim knocked her back into her fellow agents, letting the confusion do its work.

But then, just as suddenly as it started, the fight stopped, the agents backing away from Red Robin. Tim tried to catch his breath as he caught sight of Templar. The man was standing next to the teen Tim had dismissed earlier, whispering something into his ear. Slowly the teen stepped towards Red Robin, raising his fist.

Tim immediately tried to block the punch but the other teenager must have had super strength. The force of the punch sent Tim flying across the room and landing in a heap on the ground. With a grunt of pain, Red Robin slowly rolled to his side as Templar's voice echoed across the room, ordering his agents to hold their position. Looking up, Red Robin saw the other teen jump, flying towards him.

Quickly, Tim rolled away, the other teen's knee missing him and imbedding itself in the stone floor. Red Robin tried to grab his bow staff but the weapon flew into the air suddenly, held by unseen hands. Flipping out of reach as the teen made another grab for him, Tim threw out several birdarangs. They had no effect, bouncing off the other teen's chest. Tim mentally cursed. Who was this guy?

The meta continued advance on Tim, forcing the young hero to dodge punches and kicks, his own attacks ineffective against the almost Superman like powers. Tim tried to regain his breath, his body aching from the attacks. However, it was this moment of weakness which the meta took advantage of. The teen lashed out, hitting Tim in the middle of the chest with enough force to send Tim flying once more, this time into a group of agents. He landed in a heap on the ground.

His whole body screaming, Tim tried to raise himself to his knees. Several hands grabbed his shoulders, forcing him back to the ground. Another pair of hands grabbed his wrists and forced them behind his back while even more grabbed his legs, pinning him in place. Tim tried to wriggle out of the grips, to escape the agents holding him down even as he heard footsteps draw closer. Finally managing to look past the agents, Tim tried not to shout as Templar drew closer, a syringe in his hand. The teenage meta was following him, almost like a dog following its owner.

Tim continued to try and fight as Templar knelt down beside him and grabbed his hair, pulling his head up. The needle was jammed into Tim's neck, the plunger forcing the serum into the young hero's body.

Pulling the needle free, Templar let go of his victim's hair. The young heroes head dropped to the floor. Slowly, the agents released the teenager.

Tim's whole body felt like lead, his arms unresponsive even as the agents released him. His head was swimming and he was no longer able to process his surroundings. It was becoming a fight to remain awake. In front of him, Templar turned and shouted orders at his agents. A pair of hands grabbed Tim and lifted him off the ground. The teen Wonder tried to look around even as everything started to go black. Finally, the young hero stopped fighting and let himself drift off to sleep.

Sitting in the shadows opposite the abandoned building, Kid Flash and Wonder Girl watched silently, hoping to catch a glimpse of their friend. Skitter and Bunker had already moved on, going to the next safe house to make sure it was still secure. Red Robin had drilled these procedures into them all a hundred times in case N.O.W.H.E.R.E. ever did find them. But Cassie wasn't willing to follow orders and leave until she was sure Red Robin was safe, so Bart had volunteered to stay with her.

The explosion in their former base had surprised them, and although Bart had pointed out that it was probably the computer, the two were still frantically watching for Red Robin, praying that he had escaped even as they kept a watchful eye out for any agents who could stumble too close to their hiding spot.

Across from their hiding spot, a door opened up on the roof. Two agents walked out and placed something on the ground before backing away. Silently, the two teenage heroes watched as the device flashed. There was silence for a few more minutes before both teenagers noticed a noise.

"Helicopter?" Bart whispered to Cassie. The former thief nodded, still watching.

The sound grew louder and louder until both teenagers could see the helicopter, the air shifted around them, forced downwards by the blades of the aircraft as it flew over them and hovered over the building. Softly, it landed.

More agents poured out of the door and onto the roof, several climbing into the helicopter. One man, dressed differently from the rest, stepped out of the door and walked over to the chopper, a teenager dressed in a strange jumpsuit following him. The two stood by the helicopter as an agent stepped forward. The agent had something dark resting on his shoulder, a body. It didn't take a detective to recognise the body.

In seconds Cassie had risen to her feet, shouting out to her friend. Using his speed, Bart grabbed her and pushed her back into the shadows, holding his hand across her mouth as her shout was lost over the noise of the helicopter. Peeking out of their hiding place, Bart held his breath, hoping that no one had seen them. Most of the agents were transfixed, watching as the agent carried Red Robin over to the helicopter and placed him inside. However, the strange teen was looking around. For a moment, Bart was sure the teens blue eyes met his own, before the boy looked away, scanning his surroundings. The man beside him said something, drawing the teen's attention away. Then, with a quick nod, the boy turned away, throwing himself off the roof. He hovered for a moment before shooting into the sky and disappearing into the clouds. Bart felt his eyebrows rise in surprise, but the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. agents seemed to ignore it, instead slowly making their way off the roof as the strange man climbed into the helicopter. The blades spun faster, pulling the great machine into the air. The helicopter rose, climbing out of view and taking Red Robin with it.

Scratching and kicking, Cassie fought her way out of Barts hold and climbed to her feet.

"I'm going after it." She shouted.

Bart grabbed her hand, preventing her from flying away.

"You can't. That kid is out there."

"I can take him!" Cassie shouted back, almost lifting Bart off the ground in an attempt to make the speedster let go.

"No you can't!" Bart shouted back, tightening his grip on Cassie. "Whoever that guy is, he is clearly working for them. We can't let them find us or else all of Red Robin's work to protect us is wasted."

Cassie seemed to deflate slightly. Bart let out a sigh of relief as she lowered herself back onto the ground.

"Then what do we do?" She asked. For the first time since meeting her, Bart noticed how scared she sounded.

"I don't know." Was all he could say.

Ok, I have no idea of the personalities of Skitter and Bunkers (Who are real characters. I didn't make them up!) they will only be mentioned until I can get more informantion on them. All I know is their names and a small idea of what they look like. I got from the cover of TT#1 that Bunker can fly.

And no, I didn't steal any quotes from Doctor Who. Why do you ask? (Looks shifty)

Anyway, anyone interested in another chapter? Or am I just doing this for myself (The answer is yes, I am doing it for myself. But thats beside the point.)