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Jessica walked down the hallway on her way to class. She was late, as usual, but it wasn't her fault. It was actually her locker's. Plus, her homeroom was all the way across the school from her English class. She sighed, there was no way Mrs. Greenwalt was going to accept another excuse. Jessica had already told her ten, she was doomed this time around. As she walked on, she passed the principal's office.

"Correction, Mr. Crenshaw. You draw pictures during Mrs. Carlson's science class when your supposed to be paying attention," The school's principal, Mr. Metzger, lectured on.

Jess stopped in her tracks and looked in through a crack in the open door. Inside, she saw who Mr. Metzger was talking to. It was Sean Crenshaw and Patrick Evanston.

"Wait," Patrick interrupted. "I just want to say one thing. Mrs. Carlson is a nice teacher and all, but she's boring and has an odd shaped head. That's why Sean and the guys call her Meow Mix..because her head's shaped like a cat head. But I don't sir, because, how rude."

Jess giggled quietly. It was true, Mrs. Carlson was boring and her head did resemble a cat's, but she had to get going to English so she kept her pace and walked on.

After class, Jess began to walk towards the front door so she could go back home. But, as luck would have it, she was walking behind Sean and Patrick.

"I smell like the 40's," Patrick complained, lifting up his shirt collar to sniff it.

"I mean when they send you to school, why don't they tell you about the homos and the people with cat heads?" Sean said, looking back over his shoulder at Patrick. But, in his distracted state, he ran right into Mrs. Carlson.

"Sorry Mrs. Carlson," Sean said, getting don on the floor to pick up the books Mrs. Carlson had dropped all over the floor.

Jess walked a little faster, just to make sure Sean didn't run into her next time.

Out in the courtyard, a bike pulled up to a fight going on between Fat Kid, as he was known as from around school, and E.J, the most annoying person alive. Rudy, the school's badass, who she had shop class with, was perched on top of the bike and was just lighting a cigarette. His leather jacket and black hair made him look even more badass, which was probably why people thought he was one.

"Hey Rudy," E.J said nervously as he released Fat Kid from his tackle and stopped slapping him.

"E.J," Rudy started as he moved his sunglasses to the top of his head. "I see you've met my friend Horace." He said, referring to Fat Kid's real name.

E.J's face grew into a terrified expression.

Rudy glanced over at a tear coated Horace. "You ok?"

Horace nodded and Rudy turned back to E.J.

"Rudy, I-" E.J stammered to say, but he was cut off.

"Shh," Rudy shushed him. "You dropped your candy bar E.J."

It was then that Jess noticed the stepped on candy bar near Horace, who was now watching as Rudy explained to E.J he had to eat it and he would call it a day.

E.J kneeled down an picked up the candy bar, taking one last pleading look at Rudy as he stood up and looked cautiously at the chocolate. He closed his eyes and bit off the top of the bar, leaving Horace with a look of satisfaction on his face.

On the way home, Jess saw Fat Kid run up to Sean, Patrick, and Sean's little sister Phoebe, just as they all passed the German Guy's house. Living right across the street from Sean, it was pretty often she saw him walking home around the same time she did.

"YOU GUYS MISSED IT!" Fat Kid shouted, scaring all three of them. "Rudy saved my life. So you think we could talk him into joining the Monster Club? Can we?"

Sean and Patrick exchanged a quick glance.

"Huddle," Sean said and they all formed a semi circle and began debating about Rudy joining the club.

"Sean, he's in junior high," Patrick said.

Rudy was up against a tree next to his bike, clearly listening to what they were saying.

"I heard he killed his dad," Phoebe said.

"Get outta here Phoebe the pheeb." Horace told the little five year old.

Phoebe gave a puppy dog lip face and walked away from they guys.

"Ok you guys," Sean started once she was behind them. "We should let him in on one condition..."

"Monster Test," All three of them agreed.

'Monster Test? I could pass...' Jess thought as she walked off to her house.

This is for all the Monster Squad fans. It is definelty one of my favorite movies.

I tried my est to match up the scenes correctly and the lines...everything. Hope you enjoyed! I'll be updating this ALOT!