Fay: This is another Fayfic.

Jess: *shakes head* She wrote it in like 10 minutes.

Fay:..because I'm a genious! :D

Jess: That's not the term I had in mind.

Fay: D:

I looked up from my little black book. There he stood. His tall silhouette against the window. He was staring out at the rain, a picture perfect moment. Then again...he's perfect. I turned back to my little black book, which I secretly sketched in. I began to draw this scene, so I could look at it whenever I wanted to. Mori was all I ever wanted. Quiet, strong, dignified, mysterious, and sexy...I wanted him so bad, but no one could ever know that. Ever. It would ruin my reputation.

"Kyoya!" I heard that sad excuse for a club president yell. I sighed and shook my head, "Come quick!" What could he need now?


Kyoya walked away fast, not realizing that he dropped his little black book. I opened my mouth to say something, but he was to busy getting to Tamaki, who had just found a new commoner's candy. Sometimes Tamaki insulted me, but...he's too dense to notice, so I just let it go. I looked around. This wasn't like me, but I was really curious to know what Kyoya had to hide in that little black book of his.

I picked it up. What I saw will forever be etched into my brain. I will never be able to see Kyoya the same way again. There right before my eyes was a detailed sketching of Mori. He was hand cuffed to a bed post with tears begining to swell within his eyes. A few slashes were on his shirtless chest. I looked away too soon to see anything else, but Kyoya had obviously taken time on this.

I felt the vomit coming. I attempted to hold it back. I just couldn't. I made a b-line for the nearest bathroom, dropping the little black book of Kyoya's black secrets...never wanting to know what else went on in the mind of the Shadow King.

Jess:... ._. gross.

Fay:Art is not gross. It's beauty.

Jess: That's not the term I had in mind.

Fay; Who asked for your two cents?

Jess: You sound like an old person

Fay: Your face sounds like an old person!

Jess:...*shakes head*