*Chapter 1*

I Meet the Cowman

Hey everybody, my name is Julie Davine and we are all about to die so listen up. The truth is, this is just a recording.

[Vincent says that I got to hurry up]

Before everything, let me introduce myself, you all know that I'm Julie. I'm 12 years old. I have a-not-so-awesome brother called Vincent Davine. He's 10 years old. Well… How do I say it?

It all started when I met Cowman.

Who is Cow man? Ill tell you later

It was just a typical sunny day here in New York. My two best friends were playing with me and Vincent. Jazz was a 12-year old student like me. She had jet-black hair, tied into a pony tail and sea-green eyes. She wore a T-shirt that said I love New York. And also wore pants. She always wore a necklace that had an "X" sign. Katie was a red head and wore ratty jeans and a T-shirt that said Ghostbusters.

Me? I just wore a typical T-shirt and a pair of pants.

We all played the computer.

[Katie says I should hurry up again]

We were all watching the "Disaster Movie"

Never heard of it? Well poor you.

We were all laughing when the girl from the "Enchanted" movie hit a car.

Suddenly, Jazz tensed. She started murmuring.

"Jazz what's wrong?" I asked

"Get out" She said "Now"

"Where are we-?" My voice faltered. Outside through the window, I saw a humanoid shape. It was a man. He was 13 feet tall and had huge biceps. He wore this chainmail and carried an axe. He was heading towards the house. Most of all, he looked like a cow.

Are you joking? You would say but he did look like a cow. With those pure dark eyes and big nostrils, he looked like a killer cow ready to defend his kids.

"Out. Now." I didn't need encouraging. Katie and Vincent looked through the window and their mouths fell open. I would have taken a picture and post it on facebook but I was too scared to move even a muscle.

"Who is that?" Vincent's voice were full of fear.

"Cowman" I said.

"What did you say?" He asked

We ran down the stairs and exited on the back door.