So I haven't seen a story like/about this on this site yet, and if there is already one then I apologize to the person who authored it. The story is about Miyako starting a band, and I think I'm going to tell this story from her point of view. I haven't written from her perspective, and I suppose this is practice. I will be continuing it, but I don't know if this will be something extremely short or adequately long. Who knows it all depends on if people want to read. You may find this uninteresting, and this may be a failed tiny little project on my part, but hopefully you'll enjoy it. Also the name of this story is the name Miyako comes up with for the band. I used a random band name generator and chose the first option I got.

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As Miyako stood in the crowd of yet another Teen-age Wolves concert she, like so many of the other girls in attendance, had a starry look in her eyes. Every single time she went to a concert, no matter the genre or quality of music, the same thing always happened. She would hear the strum of a guitar, the beat of the drums, or even just listen to the lyrics of a song no matter how corny they were, and she would instantly become entranced. Many bands had mistaken Miyako for being a new fangirl of theirs because of the dreamy looks on her face, but honestly the only reason she went to all the concerts that she did was for the simple reason of loving music. It was her secret obsession.

Most of the money Miyako earned by working at her family's convenience store actually went to buying tickets to a show or new CDs, with the exception of her special savings which she refused to dip into, but lately she was actually starting to feel more empty inside. Music had always been the thing to rejuvenate her when she felt down or bad, and now that all the music she listened to didn't seem to do the trick, Miyako knew exactly what she had to do. She had to make music of her own.

She had been practicing with an old electric guitar that her father used to play with when he was in high school, and Miyako personally considered herself pretty good at it. She thought that she needed a new one though, and she found one that caught her eye in a music shop that was located in Tokyo the last time she went shopping there with her sisters. She knew that once she had enough money saved up that she would buy that gorgeous lavender masterpiece.

"Miyako-san let's go."

Taken out of her trance by her friend's talking Miyako turned and looked over at Hikari who had accompanied her to the concert. Miyako furrowed her eyebrows at her younger friend since she had interrupted the best part of the last song of the night. A half second later Miyako decided to ignore Hikari, and after shushing the girl she closed her eyes, and went back to enjoying the music. She grunted when Hikari tugged on her arm.

"Come on."

Miyako sighed as she grabbed Hikari's arm and began dragging her to the entrance of the small stadium that they were at. She wasn't sure if Yamato and his band were going to do an encore, but Miyako somewhat hoped that they didn't since she was about to leave. As she and Hikari left she caught the melody of Yamato's voice as he sang the last line of the song. The words were cheesy, but he had such a pretty voice.

"You better have a good reason for wanting to leave early."

They were now walking down the street from the stadium in the direction of Hikari's apartment, and Miyako debated whether or not she was going to spend the night at the girl's home. If she did she was most likely going to enjoy herself, but then she wouldn't be able to practice with her father's guitar. Since the day her father let her use it, it had been Miyako's routine to practice for at least two hours a day, usually more if she had the time, in hopes that one day she, like Yamato, could play music for waves of adoring fans. She needed all the practice she could get, and if she just sat around with Hikari all night then she was never going to be as good as she needed to be.

"If we waited until later, then it would have taken us a long time to get out of there."

Miyako rolled her eyes since Hikari was a terrible liar, and instead wondered on what kind of band she would join. Who would she play with? What genre of music would they play? Would she join an existing band? Or would she go out and start her own?

It always seemed to be at night where Miyako would let herself have more glamorous thoughts about life, and if she had to be honest with herself she always figured that her getting into music was more fantasy than anything else. That life was her dream, a secret dream that she hadn't shared with anyone else yet, and she didn't want to disappoint herself by ending up as the next owner of her family's convenience store. She didn't see anything wrong with inheriting the store since she actually enjoyed working there herself, but she wanted to do something bigger than that. Besides, Chizuru had already called dibs on taking the store when their parents died or retired.


Miyako snuck a glance at her friend, and noticed that she looked like something was on her mind. She would have to ask her about that to see if everything was okay, but she figured that that could wait until later. When the younger girl didn't seem to hear her, Miyako decided that she was going to repeat herself, but she stopped when Hikari responded with an 'hmmm'.

"Can you play any instruments?"

Hikari looked at her oddly, and Miyako didn't really know what compelled to ask that question out of nowhere. Maybe she was subconsciously being proactive about what she really wanted to do, but she didn't mind seeing as maybe finally she was actually going to get into music. She frowned when Hikari gave a small giggle as if her question was something that was completely ridiculous.

"No, I'm not good at stuff like that."

Well it was worth a try. It would have been fun to play with a friend instead of finding a band of strangers to join, but if Hikari didn't know how to play, then finding strangers would have to suffice. Although having a close friend to start a band with would force her to stick with playing music; it would force her to stick with her dream.

"Does your brother still have that bass guitar that Yamato-san gave him?"

Yamato giving Taichi a signed bass as a birthday present was something that was a miniscule event, and the only reason Miyako remembered about it was because Jun wouldn't stop talking with Momoe about how lucky Taichi was. Frankly it had been annoying at the time, but now Miyako was glad that Jun was best friends with her older sister. She watched Hikari think for a moment and grinned at what the younger girl said next.

"I think so."

The grin only grew larger from there as Miyako knew what she was going to do. She hoped she was a good teacher; she didn't even take into account that the bass guitar only has four strings.

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